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Updated: Feb. 20, 2014


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Day 2 now posted see you all at Piper Glen!

The 3rd major of the season is at the end of the month July 26th& 27th at Cowan’s Ford CC on Saturday & TPC Piper Glen on Sunday.  Both days are 1:30 shotgun starts and courses will be in excellent shape.

Please email me back (Yes or No) as the first two majors of the year have had waiting list early.

Practice rounds at Cowan’s Ford weekday only are just $35 & TPC is $50 also weekday only.  Both of these courses will allow practice only 10 days prior to the tourney so don't call now to play.  Also mandatory is that you registered and paid for the event to be on the practice round list.  

As always in majors I need everyone pre-paid please!

Tees: Cowans Ford CC (Saturday)

Champ Flight: Black  6878 yards

A & B : Blue 6563

C & D Flight: White 6234 yards

Tees: TPC Piper Glen (Sunday)

Champ Flight: TPC 6853 yards

A, B & C Flight: Blue 6458 yards

D Flight: White 6025 yards


For those of you new to the tour majors mean double the prize pool, double points and your National Championship paid for if you win your flight!

Players Championship Prize Breakdown:

Champ A Flight B Flight C Flight

1st 535 535 535 535

2nd 250 250 250 250

3rd 200 200 200 200

4th 100 100 100 100

$1035 $1035 $1035 $1035

Note: First place in each flight will be your $335 National Championship Fee paid and a $200 gift card.




Jaspers, Nichols, Morgan, Ashmann and Harmon all with Golfweek Major at Irish Creek!

Championship Flight:

Joe Jaspers win the second major in a row this year and did so with a pair of one under par round of 70 for a 2 day total of 140.  Scott Patnode and Billy Hall both finished at 145 with Patnode getting the nod on the card playoff for second.  Jim Aughtry finished in fourth at 150.

A Flight:

Scott Nichols and Wally Love shot the exact same scores both days 78-75 for a 153 total and sudden-death playoff.  Both pared the 18th hole and then on number one Nichols was the only one to par for the victory.  Richard Boone was the overnight leader with 71 but had a rough go on Saturday but still finished third with 154.  Kevin Ronan rounded out the top four at 155.

B Flight:

Clif Morgan won his first major ever by only two shots as he finished up with a 161 total.  Todd Mozingo the leader after day one finished in solo second at 163.  Kirk Tatge and Cliff Sult both tied at 164 with Tatge grabbing third place money on the card.

C Flight:

Paul Ashmann also hoisted his first ever Major Crystal with an impressive 2 day total of 170.  Scott Grigg tried to catch him on Sunday but came up just a bit short at 172.  John Nugent played solid all weekend and finished in third at 174 followed by David Cline at 177 who beat out 3 other players on the card playoff.

D Flight:

The biggest fields ever for a major saw Paul Harmon win wire to wire with 170.  Gregg Sherril made a push but finished 2 back at 173.  Justin UpChurch was third at 181 and Irvin Reaves cashed 4th place at 182.


Day 2 pairings and hole assifnments now posted!

Name Flt Hole
 Ashley, Chris C 16A
 Aughtry, Jim E 01B
 Aussicker, David B 10A
 Barron, Dean B 11
 Beach, Jack A 06A
 Beatty, Bob D 18B
 Bender, Bill D 18A
 Birtner, Scott B 14A
 Bollenbecker, Terry D 18B
 Boone, Richard A 06A
 Boyce, Jim A 5
 Breedlove, Jason E 03A
 Bridges, Don A 06B
 Bumgardner, David B 10B
 Burrell, James B 09B
 Cain, Scott B 14B
 Cairns, Richard C 16B
 Campbell, Darrell E 03B
 Caponi, Peter C 15A
 Carter, King B 12
 Cox, James A 07B
 Crates, Matt B 13A
 Daniels, Steve C 15B
 Delgado, Juan B 11
 DeVenney, Charles A 07A
 Diaz, Rafael C 17
 Diehl, Harry B 10A
 Dockins, Randy E 03B
 Dye, Judd A 07A
 Dyson, Jobe E 2
 Edmond, Clabie A 07B
 Elenz, Nolan B 13A
 Elia, Dominic C 16A
 Ellis, Robbie B 12
 Ewing, Daryl E 03B
 Farrow, Mark A 8
 Firestone, Adam E 01A
 French, Steve E 01A
 Fulp, Michael D 18A
 Gastineau, Jeff C 15B
 Goodyear, Derek A 4
 Grant, Ray E 03B
 Greer, Dana C 15A
 Griggs, Jordan E 03A
 Hagen, Allen B 10A
 Hagen, Mason B 10B
 Hall, Billy E 01B
 Hinson, Larry C 15B
 Hogan, Shane B 09B
 Ide, Scott A 4
 Jaspers, Joe E 01B
 Johnson, Harry A 06B
 Johnston, Josh C 15A
 Jones, Wesley A 8
 Junkins, Dave E 2
 LaMorte, Ron B 10A
 Larkin, Ryan C 17
 Lawrence, Vic B 13B
 Leak, Bradley C 14B
 Lepore, Chris B 14A
 Lesnick, Mike B 14B
 Lewis, Joe B 09B
 Long, Jason A 06A
 Love, Wally A 5
 Loye, Mike A 5
 Mack, Maurice B 13A
 Malone, Jeff E 2
 Mapstead, Robert B 12
 McBride, Mike A 07B
 McCormac, Dennis E 2
 McCoy, Greg A 8
 McGowan, Brian E 01A
 McIsaac, Jon D 18A
 Mines, Charles B 11
 Montgomery, Todd B 09A
 Morgan, Clif B 10B
 Mullis, Todd B 13A
 Nichols, Scott A 07A
 N-Plotnicki, Stefan C 15A
 Nugent, John B 14A
 Ogaro, Clifford B 13B
 Painter, Matt C 15B
 Patnode, Scott E 01B
 Pharr, Tony C 16A
 Phillips, Rob E 03A
 Reaves, Irvin C 17
 Reynolds, Pat B 13B
 Rinaldi, John B 10B
 Rinaldi, Joseph C 16A
 Ronan, Kevin A 07A
 Salcedo, Allan D 18B
 Schmidt, David E 01A
 Shannon, Patrick B 12
 Sherrill, Gregg C 16B
 Skiles, Troy A 06A
 Slate, Darren C 17
 Smith, Geof B 14A
 Smith, Tim E 03A
 Stanwick, Eric B 09B
 Stevenson, Roger A 06B
 Still, John C 16B
 Sult, Cliff A 07B
 Surratt, Robert A 5
 Swanson, Brian B 09A
 Timko, Stu B 11
 Torres, John B 09A
 Upchurch, Justin C 14B
 Upright, Terry A 8
 Vangeersdaelen, Phil A 06B
 Watson, Doug A 4
 Willoughby, Rod B 13B
 Wrigglesmith, Sean C 16B
 York, Jerry B 09A
 Zabrecky, Joe A 4










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