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Updated: Feb. 20, 2014


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Pairings and Hole Assignments are now posted! 

1pm Shotgun Start on Sunday be there by noon we can go early!!!!

Name Flt Hole
 Arnold, Nathan A 06B
 Ashmann, Paul A 07A
 Aussicker, David B 8
 Autrey, Jared E 01B
 Ballew, Mark A 3
 Barron, Dean B 12
 Bass, Gene C 14A
 Beach, Jack A 07A
 Beatty, Bob D 13A
 Bender, Bill D 13A
 Benguche, Jason B 10A
 Biffle, Jeff D 18
 Birtner, Scott C 15
 Bollenbecker, Terry D 18
 Boone, Richard A 04B
 Boyd, Justin B 12
 Brandenburg, Michael A 3
 Breedlove, Jason A 06A
 Brenner, Peter C 13B
 Bridges, Don A 04A
 Cain, Scott C 15
 Cantamessa, Jim A 04B
 Chambers, Tom A 06A
 Cox, James A 06B
 Crates, Matt B 10B
 Cruse, Jim B 12
 Daniels, Steve C 13B
 DeVenney, Charles E 01A
 Diehl, Harry B 09A
 Dockery, Perry C 13B
 Dyson, Jobe E 2
 Edmond, Clabie A 04B
 Elenz, Nolan B 10A
 Ervin, John A 2
 Evans, Jon A 06B
 French, Steve E 2
 Gambrell, Tim A 07A
 Gantt, Bruce A 04B
 Grant, Mike B 10B
 Greene, Brad B 07B
 Grigg, Scott C 14A
 Hagen, Allen B 09B
 Hagerman, Chad A 3
 Hendon, Matt A 5
 Hill, David D 13A
 Hinson, Larry C 14A
 Hodges, Randy A 04A
 Hudson, Keith B 10A
 Hunt, Dewitt A 06A
 Hyjek, Al A 04A
 Ide, Scott A 5
 Idol, David B 09B
 Iverson, Allen B 12
 Jackson, AJ A 2
 Janse Van Rensbu, Marc A 5
 Johnson, Adam A 07A
 Johnson, Vince D 17
 Kim, Joo C 16A
 King, Eric E 01B
 Larkin, Ryan C 16A
 Lawrence, Vic B 10B
 Leak, Bradley D 17
 Lesnick, Mike B 09A
 Lewis, Joe B 09B
 Luce, Chris C 16A
 Malone, Jeff E 01A
 Martin, Michael D 17
 McCormac, Dennis E 01A
 McCoy, Greg A 06A
 McGowan, Brian E 01B
 McIsaac, Jon D 17
 Mines, Charles B 13A
 Moreland, Robert C 16B
 Morgan, Clif B 10A
 N-Plotnicki, Stefan C 13B
 Nutting, Glen C 16B
 O'Connor, Patrick B 11
 Oms, Harry B 8
 Osborne, Mark B 09B
 Page, John C 14A
 Paione, Ernie C 16B
 Pharr, Tony C 15
 Pounds, Glen A 07B
 Quis, Randy B 8
 Ramsey, Patrick C 14B
 Reames, Dennis A 04A
 Richards, Chris C 14B
 Salcedo, Allan D 18
 Schmidt, David E 01B
 Seibert, Eric C 15
 Shannon, Patrick B 10B
 Sherrill, Gregg B 11
 Sikes, Mark C 14B
 Smith, Geof B 07B
 Smith, Tim E 01A
 Stanwick, Eric A 06B
 Stone, Mark D 18
 Sult, Cliff A 07B
 Tatge, Kirk B 09A
 Torres, John B 09A
 Upright, Terry B 8
 Vangeersdaelen, Phil A 5
 Waldier, Phil C 16B
 Willoughby, Rod B 11
 York, Jerry B 11
 Young, Chuck C 16A
 Young, Ken C 14B
 Zabrecky, Joe A 3

Irish Creek Tees 

Champ Flight:  Gold (Championship Tees) 6799 yards

A, B Flight:        Blue (Back Tees) 6489

C & D Flight:     White (Middle Tees) 6000 yards

For those of you new to the tour majors mean double the prize pool, double points and your National Championship paid for if you win your flight!

Irish Creek Prize Breakdown:

Champ A Flight B Flight C Flight D Flight

1st 550   550       550         550        350

2nd 250  250       250         250        250

3rd 200   200       200         200        200

4th 100   100       100         100

    $1050 $1050   $1050    $1050    $900

Note: First place in each flight will be your $375 National Championship Fee paid and a $175 gift card.

          D Flight we be paid top 3 spots $350 Champ Fee, 2nd $250, 3rd $200

Golfweek Amateur Tours will donate a year end check to Stand up to Cancer at the Tour Championship. To date we have raised over $120,000 around the country with Team Charlotte is getting ready to support the cause. 

For those of you new to the tour we started are SUTC Team as a tribute to loosing one of our own Tour Directors at age 40 in 2008. Roger Mitterling had been a director for 12 years and when he got diagnosed with cancer he was gone in less than 2 years. Also, I lost my mother at 51 to Lymphoma and I know many of you have been touched by this terrible disease.

Charlotte Stand Up To Cancer Raffle $20

Raffle Tickets are $20 each and you can buy as many as you want. There will be a button on the credit card payment page for easy payment or bring check or cash to any of the tournaments. You do not have to be present to win so please at least give one ticket a chance for the cause. 

Prizes include: 

Free weekday Foursomes to all the courses we have played this year!

Carolina Lakes, Edgewater, Cowans Ford, Salisbury, Northstone, Stonebridge, Rock Barn, Charlotte National, Peninsula, River Run and Irish Creek.

Saturday only will be the usual 50/50 raffle for $10 a

ticket which half the pot goes to the winner and the

other half to SUTC pot.

Rule 14-3

Wearing Headphones or Earplugs During Stipulated Round

Q.May I wear headphones or earplugs while playing in the state amateur?


The use of headphones or earplugs to eliminate noise or other distractions is prohibited under Rule 14-3.

Decision 14-3/16 covers listening to music or some other broadcast during a round. Here is the text of that Decision:

Rule 14-3a states that a player may not use any artificial device or unusual equipment that “might assist him making a stroke or in his play.” Listening to music or a broadcast while making a stroke or for a prolonged period might assist the player in his play, for example, by eliminating distractions or promoting a good tempo. Therefore, the use of an artificial device to listen to music or a broadcast, whether or not through headphones, while making a stroke or for a prolonged period of time during a stipulated round is a breach of Rule 14-3. However, it would not be a breach of Rule 14-3 for a player to listen to a device briefly, for example, to obtain the results of another sporting event or traffic information, while walking between the putting green of one hole and the teeing ground of another hole.

There is no restriction on listening to music or other broadcasts while practicing (whether on the practice ground or on the golf course, and whether by oneself or while playing with others), although club rules and disciplinary codes could apply in such circumst


Dennis McCormac
6914 Lourdes Court
Charlotte, NC 28277

    To all Charlotte Members all information on Regional event at Kiawah, sign up ASAP as only 6 spots open.  Great deal as Ocean Course alone cost $350.

    128 maximum field


    Registration: Open now!  Register here


    Courses: Ocean Course & Osprey



    Cougar Point 


    Skins game on Friday July 8th @ Cougar Point  - 12pm Tee Times - $95




    Ocean Course - Osprey 


    Tee Times: Shotgun start on both days.  

    Saturday July 9th @ Osprey - 9am Shotgun

    Sunday July 10th @ Ocean Course - 9am Shotgun 


    Tournament Fee is $375


    Tournament Fee includes

    • 2 Rounds of golf (1 round on Osprey and 1 round on The Ocean Course)
    • Carts for each round - optional caddie for The Ocean course at $70 per player
    • Warm-up Range Balls
    • Flighted Prize Pool (Visa gift cards)
    • Double points Major Tournament
    Please make your caddie request through the Ocean Course Golf Shop at (843) 266-4670 or email the Caddie Master Brandon Woods ( Players pay in advance to ensure that the course has enough caddies available.

     Kiawah Island Accommodations


    One Bedroom Scenic View Villas $245 per night plus taxes and resort fees

    Two Bedroom Scenic View Villas $375 per night plus taxes and resort fees

    Houses also available but on limited basis (Usually weekly rates apply here)


    Please call 843-768-2736 to make reservations and use the Code:

    Golfweek Amateur Tour, booking number 13253



    Practice Round Rates

    Practice rounds are available to all Golfweek members and (Only available for tournament week):


    Osprey: $75 plus tax

    The Ocean Course: $125 plus tax



    Joe Japsers, John Ervin, Allen Iverson, Chuck Young and Toby Strickland all win at River Run!

    Champ Flight:

    Joe Jaspers’s fires the only under par round of the day a one under par score of 71.  Brad Curren from the Hilton Head tour tied 2 others at 75 and grabbed second place money on the card playoff.  Michael Bailey wound up third and Jay Barnes was 4th.

    A Flight:

    John Ervin won for the first time on tour but only by one shot as his 75 held up for the victory. Joe Zambrecky continues to improve this year and finished solo second at 76.  Bruce Gantt was third with 77 and Todd Mozingo rounded out the top four spots at 79.

    B Flight:

    Allen Iverson wins by one shot at 80 followed by David Johnson with 81.  Kirk Tatge cashed for the first time all season in third at 84 and Terry Upright beat out a host of players at 85 on the card playoff.

    C Flight:

    Chuck Young wins by 2 with 86 and Joe Lee beat out Ken Young at 88 on the card playoff for second place.  Stefan N-Plotnicki and John Page both tied at 91 with Stefan winning on the card.

    D Flight:

    Toby Strickland wins by one shot with 94 over David Hills 95.  Mark Stone was solo third at 96.

    Special note as many of you know Edwin Watts will not be reopening in Charlotte after it burned to the ground a month ago.  I have purchased gift cards for the entire month of June so after that we will go to VISA cards from then on.


    Be at the course by noon for 1PM shotgun so we can go early!


    Day One Results:

    Pos Flt Name       Total
        Gold Par        71
        Blue Par        71
        White Par        71
    1 A  Brandenburg, Michael       72
    2 A  Hagerman, Chad       73
    3 A  Zabrecky, Joe       76
    3 A  Ballew, Mark       76
    3 A  Hyjek, Al       76
    3 A  Reames, Dennis       76
    7 A  Bridges, Don       77
    7 A  Hodges, Randy       77
    7 A  Gantt, Bruce       77
    10 A  Edmond, Clabie       78
    10 A  Cantamessa, Jim       78
    10 A  Boone, Richard       78
    10 A  Janse Van Rensbu, Marc     78
    10 A  Ide, Scott       78
    10 A  Vangeersdaelen, Phil       78
    10 A  Hendon, Matt       78
    17 A  Jackson, AJ       80
    17 A  Ervin, John       80
    19 A  Hunt, Dewitt       81
    19 A  Breedlove, Jason       81
    19 A  McCoy, Greg       81
    22 A  Chambers, Tom       82
    22 A  Cox, James       82
    24 A  Evans, Jon       83
    25 A  Arnold, Nathan       86
    25 A  Stanwick, Eric       86
    25 A  Johnson, Adam       86
    28 A  Ashmann, Paul       87
    29 A  Beach, Jack       89
    30 A  Gambrell, Tim       91
    31 A  Sult, Cliff       94
    32 A  Pounds, Glen       101
    1 B  Upright, Terry       81
    2 B  Oms, Harry       82
    2 B  Quis, Randy       82
    2 B  Aussicker, David       82
    2 B  Tatge, Kirk       82
    6 B  Torres, John       83
    6 B  Diehl, Harry       83
    6 B  Lesnick, Mike       83
    6 B  Idol, David       83
    10 B  Osborne, Mark       84
    10 B  Hagen, Allen       84
    10 B  Lewis, Joe       84
    13 B  Morgan, Clif       85
    13 B  Benguche, Jason       85
    13 B  Elenz, Nolan       85
    16 B  Hudson, Keith       86
    16 B  Grant, Mike       86
    18 B  Crates, Matt       87
    18 B  Lawrence, Vic       87
    20 B  Shannon, Patrick       88
    20 B  Sherrill, Gregg       88
    20 B  Willoughby, Rod       88
    20 B  O'Connor, Patrick       88
    24 B  York, Jerry       89
    24 B  Boyd, Justin       89
    26 B  Barron, Dean       90
    27 B  Cruse, Jim       92
    27 B  Iverson, Allen       92
    29 B  Greene, Brad       93
    30 B  Smith, Geof       95
    31 B  Mines, Charles       97
    1 C  Dockery, Perry       81
    2 C  N-Plotnicki, Stefan       83
    3 C  Daniels, Steve       84
    3 C  Brenner, Peter       84
    5 C  Grigg, Scott       86
    6 C  Bass, Gene       87
    6 C  Page, John       87
    6 C  Hinson, Larry       87
    6 C  Ramsey, Patrick       87
    10 C  Young, Ken       88
    10 C  Richards, Chris       88
    12 C  Sikes, Mark       89
    12 C  Seibert, Eric       89
    14 C  Cain, Scott       91
    14 C  Birtner, Scott       91
    16 C  Pharr, Tony       92
    16 C  Larkin, Ryan       92
    16 C  Kim, Joo       92
    19 C  Luce, Chris       93
    19 C  Young, Chuck       93
    21 C  Nutting, Glen       94
    21 C  Paione, Ernie       94
    23 C  Waldier, Phil       96
    24 C  Moreland, Robert       97
    1 D  Leak, Bradley       88
    1 D  Martin, Michael       88
    3 D  Salcedo, Allan       91
    3 D  McIsaac, Jon       91
    5 D  Stone, Mark       94
    6 D  Biffle, Jeff       95
    7 D  Bollenbecker, Terry       96
    8 D  Johnson, Vince       99
    9 D  Beatty, Bob       101
    10 D  Hill, David       104
    11 D  Bender, Bill       108
    1 E  Schmidt, David       73
    1 E  King, Eric       73
    3 E  McGowan, Brian       75
    4 E  Autrey, Jared       78
    5 E  DeVenney, Charles       80
    5 E  McCormac, Dennis       80
    7 E  French, Steve       81
    8 E  Smith, Tim       82
    9 E  Dyson, Jobe       83
    10 E  Malone, Jeff       85









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