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Updated: June. 30, 2016


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The Players Championship 7/30-31st!

The Pairings & Hole Assignments are now posted!

1:00 shotgun Sunday (Carolina Lakens in Sun City):

Scores below:

The third major of the season is at the end of the month July 30th & 31st at Cowan’s Ford CC on Saturday (1:30pm shotgun) & Carolina Lakes GC on Sunday (1pm shotgun). 

Please email me back (Yes or No) as the first two majors of the year have had waiting list early.

Practice rounds at Cowan’s Ford weekday only are just $35.

Cowan’s Ford Tees:

Champ Flight: Black

A & B Flight: Blue

C & D Flight: White

1:30pm shotgun start for this Saturday at Cowan’s Ford CC

Practice rounds at Carolina Lakes all week.

Monday – Thursday (Anytime): $35+ tax

Friday – Sunday (Anytime: $45+ tax

Carolina Lakes Tees:

Champ (Black)

A & B Flight (Blue)

C, D (White)

For those of you new to the tour majors mean double the prize pool, double points and your National Championship paid for if you win your flight!

The Players Championship Prize Breakdown:  (VISA CARDS!)

Champ A Flight B Flight C Flight D Flight

1st 525  525  525  525  375 

2nd 225 225 225 225   tbd

3rd 150 150 150 150   tbd

4th 100 100 100 100   tbd

$1000 $1000 $1000 $1000  $375 (tbd)

Note: First place in each flight will be your $375 National Championship Fee paid and a $150 gift card. 



Dennis McCormac
6914 Lourdes Court
Charlotte, NC 28277

    Day one Result from Players Championship at Cowans Ford CC:

    Pos Name Flight Gross Score
    1  Schram, John A 75
    1  Smith, Tim A 75
    1  Ide, Scott A 75
    4  Funderburk, Gene A 76
    4  Brandenburg, Michael A 76
    4  Bridges, Don A 76
    4  Beach, Jack A 76
    8  Gantt, Bruce A 77
    8  Cantamessa, Jim A 77
    8  Edmond, Clabie A 77
    11  Reames, Dennis A 78
    12  Chambers, Tom A 79
    13  Jackson, AJ A 80
    13  Ashmann, Paul A 80
    13  Breedlove, Jason A 80
    13  Nichols, Scott A 80
    13  Janse Van Rensbu, Marc A 80
    18  Hudson, Keith A 81
    18  Ronan, Kevin A 81
    18  Hendon, Matt A 81
    18  Vangeersdaelen, Phil A 81
    22  Arnold, Nathan A 82
    23  Boone, Richard A 84
    23  Sherrill, Chad A 84
    23  Quis, Randy A 84
    26  Zabrecky, Joe A 85
    27  McCoy, Greg A 86
    28  Mintz, Andy A 87
    28  Stanwick, Eric A 87
    28  Hodges, Randy A 87
    31  Williams, Scott A 91
    31  Cox, James A 91
    1  Kim, Mike B 79
    2  Diehl, Harry B 82
    3  Hagen, Allen B 83
    3  Osborne, Mark B 83
    3  O'Connor, Patrick B 83
    6  Upright, Terry B 84
    6  Iverson, Allen B 84
    8  Ahn, Sean B 86
    8  Morgan, Clif B 86
    8  Sult, Cliff B 86
    11  Sherrill, Gregg B 88
    11  Eberle, Dale B 88
    13  Barron, Dean B 89
    13  Idol, David B 89
    13  Rinaldi, John B 89
    16  Lewis, Joe B 90
    17  Greene, Brad B 91
    17  Crates, Matt B 91
    19  Torres, John B 92
    19  Willoughby, Rod B 92
    19  Buie, William B 92
    22  Lawrence, Vic B 96
    23  York, Jerry B 97
    23  Boyd, Justin B 97
    1  Daniels, Steve C 86
    2  Young, Chuck C 87
    2  Page, John C 87
    4  Nutting, Glen C 88
    5  Bass, Gene C 89
    6  Young, Ken C 91
    7  Kim, Joo C 92
    8  Larkin, Ryan C 93
    8  Seibert, Eric C 93
    8  Gibson, Rondal C 93
    11  Johnson, Cleve C 94
    11  Hinson, Larry C 94
    13  Dunovsky, Lubos C 95
    13  N-Plotnicki, Stefan C 95
    15  Waldier, Phil C 99
    16  Paione, Ernie C 105
    1  Strickland, Toby D 87
    2  Stone, Mark D 94
    3  Kemp, Derek D 95
    4  Johnson, Vince D 98
    4  Slate, Darren D 98
    4  Bollenbecker, Terry D 98
    7  Biffle, Jeff D 99
    7  Beatty, Bob D 99
    9  Farmer, Jack D 101
    1  Harrold, Greg E 72
    1  Aughtry, Jim E 72
    3  Jaspers, Joe E 73
    3  Dyson, Jobe E 73
    5  Dockins, Randy E 74
    6  Autrey, Jared E 75
    7  Jewett, Jared E 78
    7  French, Steve E 78
    9  McGowan, Brian E 79
    9  Malone, Jeff E 79
    11  Phillips, Rob E 81
    12  DeVenney, Charles E 85




    Jobe Dyson, Paul Ashmann, Nick Marinelli, Sean Ahn and Michael Martin all win at TPC Piper Glen!

    Dyson, Aschmann, Marinelli, Ahn, Martin take home 1st place honors.

    Representative from 7 neighboring tours joined the Charlotte members to tackle TPC at Piper Glen.  Not only did they battle the course, but they had to battle the weather and patience as we had to suspend play during the round due to dangerous weather conditions in the immediate area.

    Champ Flight:

    Former Piper Glen member, Jobe Dyson used his course knowledge to not only take first place shooting 75, but also take home two Flight and two Super Skins.  Jered Jewett from the Central Carolina tour took home second place winning a score card playoff with Jared Autry, both players shooting 76.  Rounding out the top 4 was Bilal Ghandour shooting 82.

    A Flight:

    Paul Aschmann took home the first place trophy shooting a great round of 74.  AJ Jackson was two shots back shooting 76.  Dennis Reames and Scott Ilowite tied for 3rd at 78, but it was Reames who won the scorecard playoff.

    B Flight:

    Nick Marinelli took home 1stplace honors shooting 82 just beating out Jimmy Gryant and David Johnson who both shot 83.  Jimmy won the score card playoff in this matchup.  Rounding out the top 4 was Lawrence Whiteside shooting 85.

    C Flight: 

    Tour Rookie, Sean Ahn took home a 4 stroke victory shooting am 81.  Chuck Young took home 2nd with an 85.  Another rookie in his first event, Jackson Rollins took home 3rd with an 86.  Tony Pharr rounded out the top 4 shooting 87.

    D Flight:

    Michael Martin shot 90 to win by 4 strokes.  Vince Johnson took home second place with a 94.  Eric Herman finished 3rdshooting 95 and Christopher Webb took home 4th shooting 97.

    I’d like to send a special shout out to Jamy Gillan (Michigan East and West Tour Director), who also joined us for the event and setup the live scoring system for our use.  As mentioned above, we had to suspend play due to lightening in the area.  Within the Live Scoring system, Jamy added a feature last year to notify all players that Play was under suspension.  We were the first tour to utilize this feature and I’m glad to say it worked perfectly.


    The Players Championship:

    The Players Championship 7/30-31st!

    1:00 shotgun Sunday (Carolina Lakes in Sun City):

    Name Flt Hole
     Ahn, Sean B 10B
     Arnold, Nathan A 06A
     Ashmann, Paul A 5
     Aughtry, Jim E 01B
     Autrey, Jared E 01A
     Barron, Dean B 11
     Bass, Gene C 14
     Beach, Jack A 03B
     Beatty, Bob D 18
     Biffle, Jeff D 18
     Bollenbecker, Terry D 17A
     Boone, Richard A 06A
     Boyd, Justin B 13B
     Brandenburg, Michael A 03A
     Breedlove, Jason A 5
     Bridges, Don A 03A
     Buie, William B 13B
     Cantamessa, Jim A 4
     Chambers, Tom A 4
     Cox, James A 8
     Crates, Matt B 12
     Daniels, Steve C 13A
     DeVenney, Charles E 2
     Diehl, Harry B 9
     Dockins, Randy E 01A
     Dunovsky, Lubos C 16
     Dyson, Jobe E 01B
     Eberle, Dale B 10A
     Edmond, Clabie A 4
     Farmer, Jack D 18
     French, Steve E 01A
     Funderburk, Gene A 03A
     Gantt, Bruce A 03A
     Gibson, Rondal C 15
     Greene, Brad B 12
     Hagen, Allen B 9
     Harrold, Greg E 01B
     Hendon, Matt A 06B
     Hinson, Larry C 15
     Hodges, Randy A 8
     Hudson, Keith A 06B
     Ide, Scott A 03B
     Idol, David B 11
     Iverson, Allen B 10B
     Jackson, AJ A 5
     Janse Van Rensbu, Marc A 06B
     Jaspers, Joe E 01B
     Jewett, Jared E 01A
     Johnson, Cleve C 15
     Johnson, Vince D 17A
     Kemp, Derek D 17B
     Kim, Joo C 14
     Kim, Mike B 9
     Larkin, Ryan C 14
     Lawrence, Vic B 13B
     Lewis, Joe B 11
     Malone, Jeff E 2
     McCoy, Greg A 7
     McGowan, Brian E 2
     Mintz, Andy A 7
     Morgan, Clif B 10A
     Nichols, Scott A 5
     N-Plotnicki, Stefan C 16
     Nutting, Glen C 13A
     O'Connor, Patrick B 10B
     Osborne, Mark B 9
     Page, John C 13A
     Paione, Ernie C 16
     Phillips, Rob E 2
     Quis, Randy A 7
     Reames, Dennis A 4
     Rinaldi, John B 11
     Ronan, Kevin A 06B
     Schram, John A 03B
     Seibert, Eric C 15
     Sherrill, Chad A 06A
     Sherrill, Gregg B 10A
     Slate, Darren D 17A
     Smith, Tim A 03B
     Stanwick, Eric A 8
     Stone, Mark D 17B
     Strickland, Toby D 17B
     Sult, Cliff B 10A
     Torres, John B 12
     Upright, Terry B 10B
     Vangeersdaelen, Phil A 06A
     Waldier, Phil C 16
     Williams, Scott A 8
     Willoughby, Rod B 12
     York, Jerry B 13B
     Young, Chuck C 13A
     Young, Ken C 14
     Zabrecky, Joe A 7









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