2017 National Tour Championship



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CHAMP Pairings Round 1

CC of Hilton Head 8:30 am Shotgun


Player ID Player Tour Group
31813 Levingston, David LOUISIANA SOUTH 01A
19681 Barnes, Jay CHARLOTTE, NC 01A
24113 Tindall, Andrew MICHIGAN EAST 01A
31680 Morgan, Will CENTRAL CAROLINA 01A
5290 Earnest, Josh KENTUCKY 01B
26330 Bailey, Randy LOUISIANA NORTH 01B
17648 Campbell, Rich COLUMBUS, OH 01B
3097 Jaspers, Joe CHARLOTTE, NC 01B
35681 Brady, Frank ATLANTA, GA 02A
16277 Allen, Jeremy INDIANAPOLIS, IN 02A
28702 Dees, Randy HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 02A
33877 Jensen, Matt SALT LAKE CITY, UT 02A
34832 Page, Jason MICHIGAN WEST 02B
34319 Kilborn, Ben CHICAGO, IL 02B
26687 Starsky, Ben ARKANSAS 02B
35207 Burke, Bryce MILWAUKEE, WI 02B
3305 Tomlinson, Craig JACKSONVILLE, FL 03
31188 Ranabargar, Corey EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 03
28370 Gusa, Jacob MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN 03
29971 Moritz, Jeff ORLANDO, FL 04A
28828 Morsinkhoff, Andrew DALLAS- FORT WORTH, TX 04A
28190 Caffee, Mark NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA 04A
13293 Vega, Jason PHOENIX, AZ 04B
28819 Brinson, Skip EASTERN NC 04B
28528 Minder, Matt ST. LOUIS, MO 04B
8893 Sparks, Randy HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 04B
24867 Kimball, Mitch MICHIGAN WEST 05
20400 Greenberg, Gary PHILADELPHIA, PA METRO 05
34741 Hawk, Brian DENVER, CO 05
17448 Barrows, Hayden KENTUCKY 05
9101 Kubik, Steve AUGUSTA, GA 06A
27568 Sanders, Lee ARKANSAS 06A
18284 Dick, Kevin CINCINNATI, OH 06A
14388 Arcement, Curt LOUISIANA SOUTH 06A
30703 Goulet, Michael JACKSONVILLE, FL 06B
3100 Aughtry, Jim CHARLOTTE, NC 06B
10548 Frank, Chad ORLANDO, FL 06B
22278 Lanning, Terry HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 06B
20234 Gregory, Jason NASHVILLE, TN 07A
30726 Kidwell, Chad EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 07A
32944 Bostic, Tony WASHINGTON, DC METRO 07A
34869 Gurley, Brandon MEMPHIS/ NORTH MISSISSIPPI 07A
26896 Pippin, Stephen CENTRAL CAROLINA 07B
35657 Isbell, Clint BIRMINGHAM, AL 07B
35530 Coffey, Jake INDIANAPOLIS, IN 07B
17931 Arnold, Joe METRO NY 07B
11357 Mellen, John MICHIGAN EAST 08A
34637 Huinker, Jon MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN 08A
22186 Ballard, Kelly ORLANDO, FL 08A
32171 Alba, Jewels EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 08B
23358 Barrett, Jody NASHVILLE, TN 08B
10109 Coker, Trey LOUISIANA SOUTH 09A
13936 Langley, Larry KANSAS 09A
34505 Rowe, Bryce KANSAS 09A
22458 James, Jonathan WASHINGTON, DC METRO 09B
20085 Kauble, Stephen CHARLESTON, SC 09B
31642 Ziegler, Trent EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 09B
14492 Poseler, Steven MICHIGAN EAST 09B
9815 Hamilton, James LOUISIANA SOUTH 10A
10554 Hammons, Jim JACKSONVILLE, FL 10A
22649 Dyson, Jobe CHARLOTTE, NC 10A
33311 Fritts, Jordan CENTRAL CAROLINA 10A
30731 Legare, Chris HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 10B
14172 Reigle, Steve NASHVILLE, TN 10B
3101 Schmidt, David CHARLOTTE, NC 10B
33190 Nicholas, Tucker LOUISIANA SOUTH 11
10680 Tuttle, Chris TIDEWATER, VA 11
32254 Seeler, Zach INDIANAPOLIS, IN 11
24460 Gentry, Mike CHARLOTTE, NC 11
20010 Lyons, Jason LOUISIANA NORTH 12A
35205 Helms, Chris DENVER, CO 12A
10499 Dillon, Tom ORLANDO, FL 12A
24703 Patnode, Scott CHARLOTTE, NC 12A
34093 Averett, Ronnie LOUISIANA SOUTH 12B
14069 McCook, Ryan AUGUSTA, GA 12B
16598 Hodges, Randy CHARLOTTE, NC 12B
10290 Chauvin, Kyle LOUISIANA SOUTH 12B
10690 Jeltema, Brian TIDEWATER, VA 13A
12900 Miller, Tory LOUISIANA SOUTH 13A
18889 Telep, Chris HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 13A
3474 French, Steve CHARLOTTE, NC 13A
11348 Cochrane III, Dallas MICHIGAN EAST 13B
28613 Moffett, Kyle CENTRAL CAROLINA 13B
19513 Duet, Don LOUISIANA SOUTH 13B
3192 Malone, Jeff CHARLOTTE, NC 13B
30121 Matson, Sean MICHIGAN EAST 14
26478 Love, Wally CHARLOTTE, NC 14
10551 Walker, Cory ORLANDO, FL 14
35919 Wauters, Vince HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 14
17286 Hill, Chris KENTUCKY 15A
29916 Jackson, AJ CHARLOTTE, NC 15A
14836 Kandilian III, William MICHIGAN EAST 15A
10687 Munoz, Roger TIDEWATER, VA 15A










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