2017 National Tour Championship



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D1 Pairings Round 1

Arthur Hills (Palmetto Hall) 8:30 am Shotgun

Player ID Player Tour Group
28483 Dunn, Sean LOUISIANA SOUTH 01A
28959 Tessendorf, Kirk MILWAUKEE, WI 01A
21586 Zinicola, Richard CINCINNATI, OH 01A
28482 Caraccio, Anthony METRO NY 01A
20438 Chang, Tommy DALLAS- FORT WORTH, TX 01B
29010 Jacobs, James NASHVILLE, TN 01B
32521 Hudson, George JACKSONVILLE, FL 01B
5493 Benintende, Victor MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 01B
30914 Gammill, Wilson BIRMINGHAM, AL 02A
33661 Watson, Dieter LOUISIANA NORTH 02A
14715 Etters, Jack KENTUCKY 02A
25742 Chase, Aaron CHARLESTON, SC 02A
33486 Amann, Mark SALT LAKE CITY, UT 02B
26240 Stackhouse, Don WASHINGTON, DC METRO 02B
29982 Clay, Steve COLUMBUS, OH 02B
27772 Smith, Tim ARKANSAS 03
35015 McClure, Aaron INDIANAPOLIS, IN 03
14154 Mlodgenski, Bill MINNEAPOLIS/ST. PAUL, MN 03
32525 Dryden, Jamie EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 03
22544 Price, Donald ATLANTA, GA 04A
28343 Minton, Greg UPSTATE SC 04A
26559 Cannon, Nick MICHIGAN EAST 04A
25989 Harris, Mark TAMPA, FL 04A
31353 Brumfield, Kenney ORLANDO, FL 04B
16571 Varble, Donald AUGUSTA, GA 04B
25991 Greeno, David MICHIGAN WEST 04B
33385 Savaro, Brian EASTERN NC 04B
33369 McClerklin, Charles COLUMBIA, SC 05A
24796 Wannemueller, Mark INDIANA-WESTERN KY 05A
34097 Anderson , Will CENTRAL CAROLINA 05A
17825 Davis, Darrell INDIANAPOLIS, IN 05A
23692 LaFave, Bryan MILWAUKEE, WI 05B
33422 Granger, Kenny LOUISIANA SOUTH 05B
32440 Miller, Jim DALLAS- FORT WORTH, TX 05B
27933 Brown, Franklin WASHINGTON, DC METRO 05B
26389 Lanas, Jeff CHICAGO, IL 06
34200 Gillentine, Rodney MEMPHIS/ NORTH MISSISSIPPI 06
31143 Chwe, Jimmy METRO NY 06
2523 Henning, Donald MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 06
16594 Triplett, Charlie TIDEWATER, VA 07A
19811 Crossfield, Les COLUMBUS, OH 07A
28310 Monroe, Danny NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA 07A
25646 Curran, Larry KENTUCKY 07A
28914 Kelsey, John NASHVILLE, TN 07B
24715 Johnson, Vince CHARLOTTE, NC 07B
16763 Lea, Pete LOUISIANA NORTH 07B
26012 Jones, Al ARKANSAS 07B
19611 Lehman, Po TAMPA, FL 08A
30825 Shuler, Chris ORLANDO, FL 08A
22413 Schimdt, David AUGUSTA, GA 08A
32865 Driggers, Tim COLUMBIA, SC 08A
23411 Roelfsema, Bill MICHIGAN WEST 08B
9117 Thompson, Vince CENTRAL CAROLINA 08B
23693 LaFave, Roger MILWAUKEE, WI 08B
20610 Davis, Carol INDIANAPOLIS, IN 08B
26984 Sloan, Amy CINCINNATI, OH 09A
33628 Romero, Jerome EL PASO, TX/ LAS CRUCES, NM 09A
29303 Sassanelli, Dominic MICHIGAN EAST 09A
29848 Stephenson, Ty KANSAS 09A
33052 Everard, Bob LOUISIANA SOUTH 09B
26338 Lawson, Joe HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 09B
31088 Smith, Anthony METRO NY 09B
34331 Berry, Chris UPSTATE SC 09B
14911 Doyle, Shawn WASHINGTON, DC METRO 10A
6254 Davis, David DALLAS- FORT WORTH, TX 10A
24687 Ross, Ken TAMPA, FL 10A
27660 Rand, Ted ARKANSAS 10A
33953 Louth, Chris COLUMBUS, OH 10B
13937 Mallett, Ed CHICAGO, IL 10B
21271 Enriquez, James KENTUCKY 10B
21230 Lara, Hector PHOENIX, AZ 10B
29357 Stone, Mark CHARLOTTE, NC 11A
29063 Hughes, Willie TIDEWATER, VA 11A
28850 Greene, Michael JACKSONVILLE, FL 11A
26850 Eberly, Steve ORLANDO, FL 11A
17319 Dauscher, Greg CENTRAL CAROLINA 11B
28947 Cefalo, Michael EASTERN NC 11B
30591 Bley, Brandon INDIANAPOLIS, IN 11B
24384 Rodriguez, Eddie METRO NY 12A
34422 Estes, Rick WASHINGTON, DC METRO 12A
32087 Tillinger, Eddie HOUSTON, TX 12A
33986 Westbrook, Brent UPSTATE SC 12A
5098 Corbitt, Issac Ray TIDEWATER, VA 12B
26620 Geller, Joe MICHIGAN WEST 12B
27638 Hollis, Joe KENTUCKY 12B
10071 Sharber, Rodney LOUISIANA NORTH 12B
28517 Jones, Joseph COLUMBIA, SC 13
16261 Carr, Randy CENTRAL CAROLINA 13
34195 Moore, Lamar EASTERN NC 13
31541 Gamez, Robert DALLAS- FORT WORTH, TX 13
33596 Baker, Paul HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 14A
31342 Westeram, Ken MICHIGAN EAST 14A
10546 Turgeon, Dana ORLANDO, FL 14A
32150 Pridgen, Bill METRO NY 14A
35617 Flanigan, Mike UPSTATE SC 14B
32328 Pritchard, Rick HOUSTON, TX 14B
26798 Guthrie, Rachel NASHVILLE, TN 14B
5289 Hopper, Don KENTUCKY 14B
22760 Leak, Bradley CHARLOTTE, NC 15A
19928 Shockley, Tommy LOUISIANA NORTH 15A
32128 Fleming, Tim COLUMBUS, OH 15A
13481 Edwards, John AUGUSTA, GA 15A
34301 Patterson, Tyler HILTON HEAD-SAVANNAH 15B
33763 Johnson, Tristan MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 15B
9792 Gilbert, Robert LOUISIANA SOUTH 15B
30741 Martinez, Nelson ORLANDO, FL 15B
32950 Sumner, Larry NASHVILLE, TN 16A
26388 Phillips, David WASHINGTON, DC METRO 16A
28384 Strickland, Toby CHARLOTTE, NC 16A
27760 Peyton, Crys COLUMBIA, SC 16A
26336 Hedges, Gary COLUMBUS, OH 16B
33418 Bush, Van LOUISIANA SOUTH 16B
13942 Schmitt, Mike CHICAGO, IL 16B
35608 Corrado, Anthony METRO NY 16B
22426 Craighead, Jim NASHVILLE, TN 17A
22329 Barrows, Bill KENTUCKY 17A
10772 Crank, Kim TIDEWATER, VA 17A
18935 Friedmann, Chad JACKSONVILLE, FL 17A
25809 Briggs, James WASHINGTON, DC METRO 17B
25650 Graham, Sam COLUMBIA, SC 17B
24623 Bollenbecker, Terry CHARLOTTE, NC 17B
35347 Jerkins, Bobby HOUSTON, TX 17B
16686 Checks, George CHICAGO, IL 18A
33066 Dumas, Jim LOUISIANA SOUTH 18A
28249 Costa, Sal METRO NY 18A
17342 Centers, Gregg KENTUCKY 18B
34202 Taylor, Kenny NASHVILLE, TN 18B
34352 Brown, Ron WASHINGTON, DC METRO 18B



D2 Pairings Round 1

CC of Hilton Head 8:30 am Shotgun

Player ID Player Tour Group
34236 Jerkins, Tommy CHARLOTTE, NC 15B
34025 Vasquez, Mario COLUMBIA, SC 15B
32580 Dooley, Colin ST. LOUIS, MO 15B
33690 Johnson, Allen MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST 15B
30880 Montgomery, Larry CHICAGO, IL 16A
31180 Sheehan, Tom NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA 16A
8920 Guffey, Raymond JACKSONVILLE, FL 16A
33069 Steinmann, Justin METRO NY 16A
30606 Barnes, Donny MICHIGAN EAST 16B
15780 Graham, Cindy KENTUCKY 16B
32543 Tomlinson, Chris NASHVILLE, TN 16B
19103 Hutchison, Bill NORTH CENTRAL FLORIDA 16B
33443 York, Jennifer TIDEWATER, VA 17
33773 Curran, Rick KENTUCKY 17
16425 McDow, David NASHVILLE, TN 17
23179 Bailey, Brad COLUMBUS, OH 17
9076 Nelms, Ron HOUSTON, TX 18A
18404 Start, Steve ORLANDO, FL 18A
14989 Moore, Lisa KENTUCKY 18A
28389 Kindmann, Sascha BIRMINGHAM, AL 18A
31378 Owens, Jeff NASHVILLE, TN 18B
25595 Trongale, John CHICAGO, IL 18B
17215 Johnson, Will METRO NY 18B
17203 Krivak, Rick MICHIGAN EAST 18B








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