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Updated: Feb. 20, 2014


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We would like to say thanks to all our players for representing the Memphis tour in The Shoals tournament.  And a big congrats goes out to Joey Bridges for winning the A' flight, and Bart Watkins on winning the D' flight!!  Way to go guys!  This was a combined event between the Nashville, Birmingham, and Memphis tours.

We also need to congratulate Thomas McMurdy for his hole-in-one on #18 at Fighting Joe!!  He took home the big money for this shot!  Nice Tom!  


Joey Bridges (A) (Winner!)

Thomas McMurdy (A)

Danny McDougal (B)

Mike Bertoldo (B)

Trey Graves (B)

Shane Springer (B)

Marcus Henderson (C)

Mark Rippy (C)

Andy Darrow (C)

George Powell (C)

John Bennett (D)

Bart Watkins (D)  (Winner!)


 Our next event is the Golfweek Masters @ Dogwoods.  Get signed up today!  Bring a guest and keep recruiting!  Thank you for your support of the Golfweek Amateur Tour of Memphis.





“Limitation on Balls Used During Round: (Note to Rule 5-1)"


(i) “One Ball” Condition

During a stipulated round, the balls a player plays must be of the same brand and model as detailed by a single entry on the current List of Conforming Golf Balls.

Note: If a ball of a different brand and/or model is dropped or placed it may be lifted, without penalty, and the player must then proceed by dropping or placing a proper ball (Rule 20-6). 


Match play – At the conclusion of the hole at which the breach is discovered, the state of the match is adjusted by deducting one hole for each hole at which a breach occurred; maximum deduction per round – Two holes.

Stroke play – Two strokes for each hole at which any breach occurred; maximum penalty per round – Four strokes (two strokes at each of the first two holes at which any breach occurred).

(ii) Procedure When Breach Discovered 

When a player discovers that he has played a ball in breach of this condition, he must abandon that ball before playing from the next teeing ground and complete the round with a proper ball; otherwise, the player is disqualified. If discovery is made during play of a hole and the player elects to substitute a proper ball before completing that hole, the player must place a proper ball on the spot where the ball played in breach of the condition lay.” 


Winners: Clayton Sartain (C), Jamie Ruth (D), Blake Upchurch (A), Chad Cupples (CH), & Derrick Simpson (B)

Southaven, MS - Windchill in mid 30s, sloppy wet course, and  just a miserable day for least at the beginning of the Longhorn Steakhouse Classic @ Northcreek Golf Club.  The weather got better after about 3 hours, but most of the players games did not!  Thanks to Craig, Jeremy, and all the Longhorn Steakhouse crew that brought us the great food!

Champ Flight - Chad Cupples wins again to take the first two tournaments this season.  Cristian Serrano placed second.

A' Flight - After a long break from tour, Blake Upchurch returns to the tour for a win. Blake shoots an 82, just beating out Russell Cooks 84.  Frank Cupples gets third with an 87.

B' Flight - Derrick Simpson cards an 85 to take first place.  Shane Springer gets second with an 87, and Mike Bertoldo gets 3rd with a 91.

C' flight - New member Clayton Sartain scores a win after carding an 89! Congrats Clayton!  Second place goes to Josh Cook with a 95.  In a scorecard playoff, Mark Henderson beat out tour vet Fred Bryant for third place.  Both players shot 97.

D' Flight - New member Jamie Ruth takes the win in his first tourney with a 96.  Always a runner-up (so far) Bart Watkins shoots 97 for second place, and defending D' champion John Bennett grabs 3rd with a 100.

Our next event is The Shoals in Muscle Shoals, AL on April 12th & 13th.  Tournament will be capped at 120 players.  Next tournament after that is at the Dogwoods course.  We would like to say thank you to all the golfers that came out in the bad weather/conditions to play in the Longhorn Steakhouse Classic. Keep recruiting and spreading the word about the tour!



If you know you are playing in the Isle of Capri Regional in Tunica, please sign up ASAP.  We need to have numbers by end of April or tourney will be capped at 120 players. This does not mean you cant sign up after April, but it will be first come first serve by the paid entries.  You do not have to pay now, but will have to pay entry by June 12th. $500 for first place in each flight! Get signed up now! 


















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