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Updated: Feb. 20, 2014


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2015 National Championship TV Show

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Mike Bertoldo (B)

Tim Western (B)

Bill Barker (C)

Bart Watkins (C)

Fred Bryant (C)

Danny McDougal (C)

George Powell (C)

Andy Darrow (C)

Trey Horrell (D)

Richard Ward (D)





The Trophy Spread

(Season Points Champions L to R):

Vince Vaghela (D Flight), George Powell (C Flight),  Mike Bertoldo (B' Flight), & Ed McDugle (Champ Flight)

Vince again.....

Season Points Champion Tommy Warren (A' Flight)

Memphis Local Finals @ Glen Eagle & Mirimichi Tournament Winners:

Ed McDugle (Champ Flight) 

Tim  Ferrell (A Flight)

Mike Bertoldo (B Flight)

Danny McDougal (C Flight)

Jamie Ruth (D Flight)

Players and the "What if" scenarios of the day.

Stayed till the end...Great bunch of guys!

Millington, TN – After a hot, humid day at Glen Eagle on Saturday, overcast and more comfortable weather greeted the players on Sunday at Mirimichi. Both courses were in great shape!  Thanks to Bobby Cochran and the staff at Mirimichi, as well as Brandon Mendes and the entire Glen Eagle staff for a fine job for our tournament. 

Champ Flight- Ed McDugle followed his 69 at Glen Eagle with a 74 for a 143 total and the win. Alex Kupisewski finished in second.

A' Flight- Tim Ferrell took a 10 stroke lead on Saturday and never looked back, scoring a 14 shot victory. Tommy Warren recovered from an off day at Glen Eagle to grab 2nd. Cristina Robertson took third place. 

B' Flight- Mike Bertoldo came into Sundays round 4 strokes behind Ron Allen, but turned in a nice 81 to come back for a 3 stroke victory.  Ron finished in second and Tim Western grabbed third.

C' Flight- In the most competitive flight all season by far, Danny McDougal shot two solid rounds of 88 & 90 to get the trophy. Bill Barker came in second 2 strokes behind, and Andy Darrow took third one more stroke behind. 

D' Flight- Jamie Ruth shoots 89 and 91 to win his second in a row. Trey Horrell grabbed second place, and Richard Ward got 3rd.

Closest to Pins (Glen Eagle):

#4 Andy Gregory

#8 Danny McDougal

#11 Kevin Ralph

#14 Mike Ballard

Closest to Pins (Mirimichi):

#3 Richard Ward

#8 Trey Horrell

#11 Trey Horrell

#13 Richard Ward

Longest Drive #18 (Mirimichi):

Michael Ballard

Champ, A', & B Flight Skins (Glen Eagle) $:

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 2  Score:  4)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 9  Score:  4)

Allen, Ron (Hole: 14  Score:  2)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 15  Score:  4)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 16  Score:  3)

Allen, Ron (Hole: 17  Score:  4)

C' & D' Flight Skins (Glen Eagle) $:

Gregory, Andy (Hole: 2  Score:  4)

McDougal, Danny (Hole: 5  Score: 3)

Ruth, Jamie (Hole: 6  Score:  3)

McDougal, Danny (Hole: 8  Score: 2)

Bates, Bruce (Hole: 15  Score:  4)

Superskins (Glen Eagle)$:

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 2  Score:  4)

Ruth, Jamie (Hole: 6  Score:  3)

Barker, Bill (Hole: 7  Score:  4)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 9  Score:  4)

Allen, Ron (Hole: 14  Score:  2)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 15  Score:  4)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 16  Score:  3)

Allen, Ron (Hole: 17  Score:  4)

Champ, A', & B’ Flight Skins (Mirimichi) $:

Adams, Neil (Hole: 1  Score:  3)

Bertoldo, Mike (Hole: 4  Score:  4)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 9  Score:  4)

Ralph, Kevin (Hole: 11  Score:  2)

McDugle, Edward (Hole: 16  Score:  4)

C' & D' Flight Skins (Mirimichi) $:

Powell, George (Hole: 1  Score:  3)

Powell, George (Hole: 2  Score:  4)

Gregory, Andy (Hole: 5  Score:  4)

Horrell, Trey (Hole: 9  Score:  4)

Ward, Richard (Hole: 13  Score:  2)

Superskins (Mirimichi)$:

No superskins on Sunday, as all holes were tied!  

Congrats to all the points winners for each flight!  And a big thanks to all the players for playing this season on the Golfweek Amateur Tour of Memphis. Wishing all our guys good luck at the National Championships in Hilton Head! Looking forward to a bigger and better year next season! Look for early bird special on memberships, and start recruiting now! See you in 2016.


 What is the Memphis Golfweek Tour                                                                  

The Golfweek Amateur Tour of Memphis/N.MS is a Amateur Golf Tour dedicated to Memphis/N.MS area amateur golfers of all skill levels. We use some of the best championship golf courses in the Memphis area to host our tournaments.


 I want to join! Now what?  

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  • When we receive your registration and payment, you will get an email with additional information and confirmation of your eligibility.
  • You are now ready to enter a tournament! Find the one you want to play in by clicking schedule on the left hand side of this page.
  • When your entry fee and registration is received, you will receive an email confirmation.
  • You are ready to play your first event. If you still have questions, click the Tour Manual and/or Local Tour Policies links on left side of this page for more info.


 Tour Membership   


As a member of the Memphis Tour, you are allowed to play in as many or as few Memphis Tour events as you would like to. As an added benefit, you are also allowed to play in any other tour event throughout the country! 

Your 2016 Membership will only cost $85 and includes the following...
  • 2015 GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour Hat (20 Dollar value)
  • 2015 GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour Bag Tag
  • 2015 GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour Member Card
  • 2015 USHandicap Membership (Click Here for more details) (20 dollar value)
  • 1 Year Subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine ( $39.95 dollar value)
  • Opportunity to compete in National Tour Championship in Hilton Head, SC in October 2016.  

 How Our Tournaments Work   

When you sign up for the tour, we will place you in a flight based on your current USGA Index or by making a determination based on your average scores. During the tournaments, you will compete against other players from your flight in a true stroke play event. You will compete for pre-paid Visa Gifts Cards and a trophy for the 1st place winner in each flight. Prize Pay-Outs are based on the number of players in your flight. $20 per player for a Standard event and $40 per players for a 2 Day Major event make up a portion of the prize pool. 

Click to view the Prize Pay-Out Matrix



Based on where you placed in each tournament, you will be awarded points. All participating members receive points no matter what place they finished in the event. The Season Long Points Winner for each flight will be awarded a trophy and a free tour membership for the next season or other nice prizes. The top 10 in each flight also have the opportunity to compete in the National Finals at Hilton Head Island in October.

Listed below are the flight assignments and yardages..

Championship Flight: 0 to 3.9 Handicap
A Flight: 4.0 to 8.9 Handicap
B Flight: 9.0 to 13.9 Handicap
C Flight: 14.0 to 18.9 Handicap
D Flight: 19.0 and Higher Handicap


Championship flight: 6700 yards and up

-A flight: 6500-6800 yards

-B flight: 6400-6600 yards

-C flight: 6200-6500 yards

-D flight: 6000-6300 yards 

Yardages for some flights will vary slightly up or down at different courses.











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