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Updated: Feb. 20, 2014


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2016 Membership is Now Available

Tournament of Champions


The Country Club at the Golden Nugget

Lake Charles, LA

February 27, 2016

Tee Times starting at 12:30pm

Champions Dinner at 6:00pm

Cost is $85.00

Image result for the country club at golden nugget

You had to win to get in!!

The Tournament of Champions was created as a special event for any Louisiana South Tour player that captured a victory in a Louisiana South Tour event in the previous year (2015).  The players will play a round of golf with opportunity to win gift certificates.  After the round, they will take part in a Champions Dinner.  The following players are eligible for playing in the Tournament of Champions:

T-Boy Hamilton
Joe Brown
Billy Aaron
Kurt Bailey
Tyler Broussard
Channing Kile
Stephen Cheramie
Geoff Berniard
Avery Gaudin
Sean Dunn
Robert Merrill
Laird France
DJ Cortez
Tommy Gaudin
Nick Longman
Mitch Sexton
Jathan Maricelli
Danny Engel
Freddie Griffin
Terrence Mitchell
Hank Shaheen
Cody Soileau
Jason Litchfield
John Mickey
Will Montz

Greg Meche
Weston Reed
Dustin Norberg

Derwin Pitre
Larry Reeves
Eric Simmons

Jeromy Stansbury
J P Tassin
David Soileau

Leonard Virdure
Grant Vaughn

Assist Directors:
Mike Carey
Jimmy Lawrence
Scott Moss
Tim Rusk


Golfballs.com Kick-off Classic


Farm d'Allie Golf Club

Carencro, LA

March 19, 2016

Image result for farm d'allie golf course

2016 Tournament Schedule with Dates and Courses
February 27: Tourn of Champions (Invitation Only) at the Country Club at Golden Nugget (Lake Charles)
March 19: Farm d'Allie GC (Carencro)
April 9: Santa Maria GC (Baton Rouge)
April 30: National GC of Louisiana (Westlake)
May 21-22: Spring Major at Lakewood GC (New Orleans)
June 4: Tamahka Trails (Marksville)
June 18-19: Regional Major at Dancing Rabbit (Philadelphia, MS)
July 9: The Bluffs CC (St Francisville)
July 30-31: Summer Major at Koasati Pines GC (Kinder)
August 20: Carter Plantation (Springfield)
September 10: Wetlands GC (Lafayette)
September 24-25: Final Major at Beau Chene CC (Mandeville)
October 8: Grudge Match at the Bluffs CC (Invitation Only)
October 17-19: 3rd Annual Heritage Cup (Hilton Head)
October 21-23: Golfweek National Championship (Hilton Head)

2016 Louisiana South Members

(as of February 11th)

Curt Arcement
B J Andrews
Billy Aaron
James Alexander
Sean Dunn
Chris Bertaut
Anthony Bercegeay
Thomas Adkins
Kurt Bailey
Kwouska "K" Lee
Sean Brown
Adam Bienvenu
Charles Badeaux
Brandon Bridgewater
Nick Longman
 Mike Carey
Nick Blady
Geoff Berniard
 Scott Buras
Dustin Norberg
Trey Coker
Herb Boasso
 Phil Berniard
 Steven Burgess
Russell Osborne
Don Duet
 Joe Brown
Jay Breaux
Depp Cheramie
Eric Simmons
David Griffin
Lee Cahanin
Tracy Broussard
Drew Daigle
David Soileau
T-Boy Hamilton
Jonny Davis
Brandon Brown
Greg Denison
Kris Hollan
Jared Fontenot
Wally Byrd
 Bob Eddy
Channing Kile
 Laird France
Jason Caswell
Larry Foster
 Kevin Landry
 Nathan Fry
Lee Cook
 Avery Gaudin
Patrick Osborne
Buddy Glass
Jake Daughenbaugh
Tommy Gaudin
Mitch Sexton
Roger Glenn
Austin Davies
J J Johnson
Cody Soileau
 Britt Guillory
 Chester Davis
Joey Landry
 Russell Wingate
John Guillory
Dennis Elfert
 Murphy Leday
 (15)Lance Halsell
Danny Engel
Nolan Lemaire
 Karl Jukkola
Ben Fontenot
Ed Leonard
  Todd Kidder
 Benji Fontenot
Jody Moreau
 Jimmy Lawrence
Darian Fuselier
 Marvin Pea
 Matthew Moss
John Granier
Eric Pelletier
 Scott Moss
Sydney Grider
 R J Perault
 Alex Mouton
David Hanson
Larry Reeves
 Bob Neal
Ernie Joiner
James Revels
 Bobby Risbourg
Jason Katchur
Jamie Shevlin
 Tim Rusk
Greg Koury
Darin Stewart
 Sam Smith
Sean "Scrap" Landry
Chet Thompson
 Gary Tucker
Jason Litchfield
Clarence Whittington
  Jim Webb
Brian Miller
 Michael Wilcox
 Thomas Willis
Charles Powell
Steve Romano
Zach Rowalt
  Joe Soileau
  Jeromy Stansbury
  Storm Swinney
  J P Tassin
  Dewey Thevis
  Paul Tranchina
  Leonard VIrdure
  Kevin Walker
   Murphy Walton
   Drake Ward
194 total members
4th largest tour
 2013 223 total members
4th largest tour
212 total members
4th largest tour
215 total members
3rd largest tour

2015 Season Recap Posted Soon

I want to thank you all for a wonderful year in 2015.  With your continued support and willingness to recommend, the Louisiana South Tour was again ranked in the Top 4 of all Golfweek Tours across the Nation for 2015.  I also want to thank my team.  With them, we are able to continue to offer a quality golf tournament experience to the Louisiana South members as well as other Golfweek Tour members and guest.  FInally, I want to thank everyone that made it to Hilton Head to participate in the Heritage Cup and the Golfweek National Championship.  I hope to see everyone and some new faces in 2016!!!

The 2015 Golfweek Amateur National Tour Championship Final Results


Left to Right: D Champion, Steve Eberly, Orlando, FL; B Champion, Deon Cook, Atlanta, GA; Championship Flight Champion, Hunter Leichner,  Arkansas; A Champion, Ken Carlyle, Central Carolina; C Champion, Nelson Sanchez, Downeast, NC

CLICK HERE to watch the video and see the 2015 Champions make their final shots

View and order photos taken at the 2015 Tour Championship HERE!



Champ and A Flight: Mike Carey    $150 golfballs.com gift certificate + $50 bonus gift certificate

B, C and D Flight: Neil McKinney      $150 golfballs.com gift certificate

Thanks to all that participated!!!

Season Final Major at Beau Chene CC
Results and Day Money Posted Soon

Congratulations to the winners:

Champ Flight: Trey Coker (146)

A Flight: Cody Soileau (156)

B Flight: Jeromy Stansbury (162)

C Flight: Avery Gaudin (179)

D Flight: Terrence Mitchell (181)

2015 Scoring Challenge

Sponsored by Cabin and Pond LLC

(Visit us at cabinandpond.com)

Final Results posted soon

List of 2015 Members as of 03/11/2015

(153 total members/32 new)

Champ Flight       
A Flight                   
B Flight                   
C Flight                  
D Flight                  
Duet, Don
Moss, Matthew
Benoit, Robbie
Castille, Vince
Lee, K
Kile, Channing*
Andrews, BJ
Adkins, Thomas*
Stewart, Darin
Armentor, Michael*
Meadows, Mike
David, Chris*
Tranchina, Paul
Katchur, Jason*
Holeton, Kerry*
Hollan, Kris*
Sassi, Al
Grider, Sydney
Tassin, JP
Montz, Will
Hamner, Bryan
Halsell, Lance
Romano, Steve
Griffin, Freddie
Sonnier, Jim
Smith, Sam*
Glenn, Roger
Shaffer, Burnell*
Deville, Stefan
Dunn, Sean*
Soileu, Cody*
France, Laird
Landry, Joey
Green, Don
Wellington, Mike
Carey, Mike
Reaux, Paul
Buller, Charlie
Cheramie, Depp
Williams, Greg
Hamilton, T-Boy
Brady, Trey
Virdure, Leonard
Foster, Larry
Simmons, Eric
Berard, Matt
Pourciau, Johnny
Parris, Bob
Alexander, James

Arcement, Curt
Guillory, Britt
Gaudin, Tommy
Reed, Weston*

Mouret, Mike
Moss, Scott
Daughenbaugh, Jake*
Revels, James

Collins, Rob
Lawrence, Jimmy
Aaron, Billy
Mayard, Kenny*

Huffman, Mick
Boasso, Herb
Cook, Lee
Bailey, Kurt*

Sexton, Mitch
Jukkola, Karl*
Joiner, Ernie
Beaugh, Tim

Simons, Patrick*
Tucker, Gary
Fontenot, Benji

Gray, Chris
Stansbury, Jeromy
Fruge, Wayne*
Koury, Greg

LaJack, Logan
Crumb, Adrian
Walker, Kevin
Badeaux, Charles*

Duhon, David T
Sonnier, Andrew
Moreau, Jody
Thompson, Chet*

Garner, Robert*
Wingate, Russell*
Primeaux, Jeremy
Melton, Chris
Bundy, Marcus
Bowser, David
Soileau, Joe
Lemaire, Nolan
Thibeaux III, BC
Kidder, Todd
Meche, Greg Brown, Brandon
Franks, Travis*
Miller, Brian
Cloud, Eric
Vaugn, Grant
Anderson, James
Miller, Casey
Davis, Chester
Eddy, Bob
  Halamuda, Jeremy Stansbury, Gary
Andreas, Tim
  Cook, Ty
Powell, Charles
Marceaux, Tim
  Vidrine, Ben
Declouet, Dell
Thibault, Cole*
  Smith, Danny*
Elfert, Dennis
Reeves, Larry*
  Fontenot, Jared
Broussard, Tracy
Thibodeaux, Charlie
  Cahanin, Lee
Gautreaux, Dan
Mckinney, Neil
  Blady, Nick
Courville, Jonathan
George, Leroy
  Martin, Chip
Russell, Darrell
Bouie, Joseph
  Grouchy, Mark*
Miles, Alvin*
Pelletier, Eric
  McDonald, Daniel*
Derbingy, Sean
Leday, Murphy
  Ortkiese, Nicholas
Jett, Dustin
Ditch, John
  Gajan, Josh
Flash, Kevin
Primus, Darryl
  Brown, Joe
Byrd, Wally
Mickey, John*
  David, Jonny
Huffman, Mike
Langlinais, Matt
  Schafer, Clint
Pitre, Derwin
  Vicknair, Tony
Melancon, Mike
    Myles, Jamey*


National's in Hilton Head, SC

October 17-19

42 Louisiana South Tour Members played!!!!

Results of Nationals
CHAMP Flight
A Flight
B Flight  
C Flight
D Flight
Mick Huffman 77,75, 76=228 (5th) Jimmy Lawrence 76, 84, 76=236 (3rd)      Ernie Joiner     84, 94, 88=266 (T57th)   Vince Castille  87, 92, 89=268 (T21st)
   Eric Pelletier   98, 93, 90=281 (T19th)
   Mike Kapp   81, 76, 83=240 (T25th)    Paul Reaux   80, 79, 81=240 (17th)    Derwin Pitre    91, 93, 92=266 (T57th)      JP Tassin      94, 89, 93=276 (T54th)  Murphy Leday 93, 98, 91=282 (T22nd)
T-Boy Hamilton 82, 78, 82=242 (T30th)    Britt Guillory   80, 84, 79=243 (T26th)   Charlie Buller  88, 93, 89=270 (T88th)   Freddie Griffin 89, 90, 100=279 (T65th) Terrence Mitchell 99, 104, 97=300 (T79th)
  Mike Carey  85, 80, 92=257 (T73rd)
 Matthew Moss  82, 78, 85=245 (T34th)     Billy Aaron     88, 93, 90=271 (T97th)     Bilal Jordan    98, 90, 93=281 (T74th) 133 total players in flight
96 total players in flight
Johnny Pourciau 88, 80, 81=249 (T55th)    Kevin Flash    88, 96, 89=273 (T114th)   Stefan Deville   87, 101, 97=285 (T92nd)

Bobby Annison 82, 82, 88=252 (T70th) Jonathan Courville 91, 91, 98=280 (T160th)  Avery Gaudin  101, 93, 96=290 (T113th)
     Scott Moss    92, 85, 76=253 (T74th)     Wally Byrd    90, 93, 99=282 (T174th)  Neil McKinney   98, 96, 96=290 (T113th)  

Michael Huffman 89, 86, 86=261 (T134th) Tommy Gaudin 99, 100, 94=285 (T192nd)   Darin Stewart   95, 95, 101=291 (T117th)

  Lance Halsell  80, 88, 96=264 (T146th)  Joseph Bouie   88, 104, 97=289 (T214th)   Leroy George   96, 98, 102=296 (T140th)

  Herb Boasso   84, 94, 90=268 (T161th)   Chester Davis 97, 94, 100=291 (T220th)  Nolan Lemaire  96, 102, 107=305 (160th)

  Chip Martin   91, 89, 91=271 (T178th)     Kent Willis     95, 96, 100=291 (T220th) 178 total players in flight

  Lee Cahanin   91, 88, 98=277 (T186th) Benji Fontenot 104, 95, 97=296 (T231st)

209 total players in the flight
251 total players in the flight




CHAMP Flight (4)
A Flight (8)
B Flight (8)
C Flight (6)
D Flight (4)
Mike Carey* Herb Boasso* Charlie Buller*
Joseph Bouie*
Leroy George*
T-Boy Hamilton* Lee Cahanin* Chester Davis* Vince Castille* Terrence Mitchell*
Mick Huffman* Jared Fontenot* Kevin Flash* Avery Gaudin*
Eric Pelletier*
Mike Kapp* Lance Halsell* Tommy Gaudin*
Freddie Griffin*

Jimmy Lawrence* Michael Huffman*
Darin Stewart*

Scott Moss*
Ernie Joiner* JP Tassin*

Johnny Pourciau* Derwin Pitre*

Paul Reaux*  


Results of all Matches

After Tuesday's AM (Best Ball Format)
Louisiana 10       Michigan 5

After Tuesday's PM (Modified Alternate Shot Format)
Louisiana 17 1/2     Michigan 12 1/2

After Wednesday's AM (Singles Format)

Louisiana 35    Michigan  24


Congratulations to the following 2014 Louisiana South's Season Final Major Winners!!!

Champ Flight: Cade Hebert
A Flight: Gary Tucker
B Flight: Greg Meche
C Flight: Freddie Griffin
D Flight: Eric Pelletier

  • Level 1: If a member refers a brand new member to the tour, the member will receive a sleeve of Pro V1 or Pro V1x
  • Level 2: If a member refers 3 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a $25 Golfballs.com gift certificate as well as the sleeves of balls in Level 1
  • Level 3: If a member refers 5 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a paid entry fee to a single-day Louisiana South Tournament as well as Level 1 and Level 2 gifts
  • To the person who refers the most new members (minimum of 5) throughout the season: that member will receive a paid entry fee to the Local Final in September at Wetlands GC as well as the other three level gifts  

*The new member must put the current members name in the "referred by" column in the Player Profile, pay the 2014 membership fee and play in at least one tournament.


Champ and A Flight: Herb Boasso

B, C and D Flight: Derwin Pitre

Both players will receive a $200 gift certificate to Golfballs.com

Thanks to all that participated!!!


CHAMP Flight

A Flight

B Flight

C Flight

D Flight


2014 Member List (172 total/38 new)
Last Updated on 04-02-2014
Curt Arcement Ken Alexander Billy Aaron James Alexander Brandon Charles*
Matt Berard B J Andrews David Abney Tim Beaugh Greg Denison
Chris Bertaut Chris Andrus* Robbie Benoit Joseph Bouie Kenny Decuire
Dustin Bertrand Herb Boasso David Bowser* Travis Boyter Dexter DuBose*
Nick Blady Joshua Borill Peter Brignac Scott Buras Billy Duncan
Keith Breazeale Les Bradley Charlie Buller Vince Castille Thomas Laudisi*
Kyle Chauvin Trey Brady* Lee Cahanin Depp Cheramie Murphy Leday
Trey Coker Joe Brown Jonathan Courville Carl Cole Kwouska "K" Lee
Gabe Coleman* Mike Carey Sean Derbingy* Lee Cook Terrence Mitchell*
Rob Collins* Stephen Cheramie Mickey Duncan Corey Cormier Will Montz
Mike deClouet Ty Cook Tim Early DJ Cortez Eric Pelletier
Chris Donaldson Jonny Davis Dennis Elfert Chester Davis* Cedric Richmond*
Don Duet Jared Fontenot Kevin Flash Paul Debaillon Richie Savoie*
David T Duhon Laird France Benji Fontenot Dell Declouet Jason Sellers*
Corey East* Roger Glenn Tommy Fontenot Stefan Deville Beau Serpas
James "T-Boy" Hamilton Chad Guilbeau Darian Fuselier* John Ditch Eric Simmons
Cade Hebert Britt Guillory Dan Gautreaux Bob Eddy Jim Sonnier
Mick Huffman Lance Halsell John Hebert Larry Foster Mike Stewart
Mike Kapp Michael Huffman* Eric Hill Avery Gaudin Coby Tabor
Jason Lewis Todd Kidder Ernie Joiner Tommy Gaudin James Tate*
Billy Loftin Jimmy Lawrence Lance LaMotte Kevin Greenup* Nick Trosclair
Mike Meadows Edwin Lee* Sean "Scrap" Landry Sydney Grider Bruce Williams
Tory Miller Chip Martin Nick Larussa Freddie Griffin 22
Robert Merrill David Martin* Greg Meche* Greg Koury*  
Jered Salazar Brian Miller Mike Melancon Matt Langlinais  
Al Sassi Casey Miller Jody Moreau Nolan LeMaire*  
Ryan Schulz Matthew Moss* Keith Perry* Tim Marceaux  
Billy Spees* Scott Moss Derwin Pitre Chris Martin*  
Tony Vicknair Mike Mouret* Charles Powell Chris Melton  
29 Bob Neal Jeremy Primeaux Nathaniel Moore  
  Nicholas Ortkiese* Ronny Richardson Bob Parris  
  Paul Reaux Frank Roberts* Kevin Ray  
  Jeff Richard* Steve Roberts Brian Reams*  
  Bobby Risbourg Steve Romano Randy Simpkins  
  Jason Roy Darrell Russell Darin Stewart*  
  Chad Shuff* Gary Stansbury Jonathan "JP" Tassin*  
  Andrew Sonnier Paul Tranchina Charlie Thibodeaux  
  Chad Smith Grant Vaughn* Melton Weaver  
  Brock Triche Drake Ward 38  
  Gary Tucker David Warner*    
  Kevin Walker Kent Willis    
  Jim Webb 41    


 Mike Carey, Britt Guillory, Scott Moss


I would like to tell you a little about myself and my team of Assistant Directors.  My name is Britt Guillory and I have been playing on the tour since 2004.  I have been the Assistant Director under Eric Simmons (The Commish) from 2006 to 2011.  In 2012, I accepted the Tour DIrector role and 2015 will be my fourth year as Tour Director.  I have three Assistant Directors on my team, Mike Carey, Scott Moss and Jimmy Lawrence.  Mike Carey has been a player on the tour since 2004 and he has been an Assistant Director for the past 9 years.  Mike has played in both the Champ Flight and the “A” Flight.  Scott Moss has played on the tour since 2006 and was an Assistant Director for Eric on the North LA Tour for the 2009 and 2010 season.  Scott has played in the “A” Flight and “B” Flight.  The newest Assistant Director to the team is Jimmy Lawrence.  He joined the tour in 2012 and he has played in the "A" Flight and "B" Flight.










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