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Updated: Feb. 17, 2017


As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through USHandicap.com and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2017 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

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2017 Membership now available!!!


To all qualified participants for the Tournament of Champions:
The event has been moved to Sunday, March 5th.  Please look for an email soon with details about hotel room info (Saturday night) and entree choices for the Champions Dinner after the round on Sunday.

Tournament of Champions


Contraband Bayou Golf Club

Lake Charles, LA

March 5, 2017

Golfballs.com Kick-off Classic


Atchafalaya GC

Patterson, LA

March 18, 2017

2017 Tournament Schedule with Dates and Courses

March 5: Tourn of Champions (Invitation Only) at Contraband Bayou GC (Lake Charles) 

March 18: Atchafalaya GC (Patterson)
April 8: Gray Plantation (Lake Charles)
April 29-30: Spring Major at Beau Chene CC (Mandeville) 
May 13: Oak Harbor GC (Slidell)  Co-Tourn with Mississippi Tour
June 3: Tamahka Trails (Marksville)
June 17-18: Regional Major at Dancing Rabbit (Philadelphia, MS)
July 8: The Bluffs CC (St Francisville)
July 29-30: Summer Major at Koasati Pines GC (Kinder)
August 19: Carter Plantation (Springfield)
September 9: The Bridges GC (Bay St Louis) Co-Tourn with Mississippi Tour 
September 30-October 1: Final Major at The Wetlands GC (Lafayette) 

October 16-18: 4th Annual Heritage Cup (Hilton Head)
October 20-22: Golfweek National Championship (Hilton Head)

2017 Louisiana South Tour Members

as of 2/22/17

Chris Bertaut
BJ Andrews
Charles Badeaux
James Alexander
Ronald Alleman
CJ Blagrove*Ronnie Averett*Robbie BenoitPhil BerniardVan Bush*
Mike CareyTJ Banks*Geoff BerniardBrandon BridgewaterClayton Dugas*
Nathan Clark*Anthony BeslinAaron BlagrovePhil CooperBob Everard
Trey CokerHerb BoassoJason Boudreaux*Robbie CourvilleKenny Gramger, Sr*
Don DuetTodd BourgTracy BroussardDell DeclouetJoe Howell
David GriffnLes BradleyLee CahaninNorm Dupre*Kerry Keller
James "T-boy" HamiltonJoe BrownLee CookBob EddyBryson Leany*
Bryan HamnerKeith CarterDJ CortezEric FarringtonKwouska "K" Lee
Kris HollanTy CookJacob DaughenbaughLarry FosterEric Pelletier
Logan LaJackJonny DavisAustin DaviesAvery Gaudin 
Jimmy LawrenceDanny EngelChester DavisTommy Gaudin 
David LevingstonDerek FontenotShannon DyerDon Green 
Billy LoftinLaird FranceNathan FryFreddie Griffin 
Jeff LorioRoger GlennDarian FuselierJoey Landry 
Mike MeadowsCraig GonzalesDan GautreauxMurphy Leday 
Tory MillerBritt GuilloryMatt Gillespie*Nolan LeMaire 
Mike MouretJohn GuillorySydney GriderEd Leonard 
Patrick OsborneJosh HaffordWil GuidryAdam Marcantel* 
Tim RuskLance HalsellDon HerryTim Marceaux 
Jared SalazarDJ Jackson*James HopperWill Montz 
Eddie Smith*Mark JeffreyErnie JoinerJody Moreau 
Robbie Trahan*Karl JukkolaSean "Scrap" LandryRussell Osborne 
 Todd KidderJohn MickeyCharles Powell 
 Jason Louviere*Derwin PitreJohn Reed* 
 Richard Martin*Weston ReedLarry Reeves 
 David MartinSteve RomanoJames Revels 
 Brian MillerDarrell RussellDarin Stewart 
 Bob NealKain Savoy*James Tatman* 
 Tucker NicholasBrock Smith*Kenny Webb 
 Bobby RIsbourgJeromy StansburyClarence Whittington 
 Sam SmithColin Sternhall*  
 Cody SoileauDewey Thevis  
 Andrew SonnierLeonard Virdure  
 Joey SuhaydaMichael Wilcox  
 Paul Waguespack*   
 Murphy Walton   
 Russell WIngate   
 2012194 Total Members4th Largest Tour  
 2013223 Total Members4th Largest Tour  
 2014212 Total Members4th Largest Tour  
 2015215 Total Members3rd Largest Tour  
 2016242 Total Members3rd Largest Tour  


CHAMP FLIGHT: David Griffin with 4,895 points

A FLIGHT: Jimmy Lawrence with 3,156 points

B FLIGHT: Brandon Brown with 1,795 points

C FLIGHT: Freddie Griffin with 2882 points

D FLIGHT: Eric Pelletier with 2,543 points

3rd Annual Heritage Cup


Old South Golf Links

Bluffton, SC

November 7-9, 2016

Team Louisiana South vs Team Michigan

Monday: Skins Game (Optional) Tee Times starting at 12:00pm

Tuesday: AM Matches-Best-Ball  (Louisiana 8   Michigan 7)

Tuesday: PM Matches-Modified Alt Shot (Louisiana 5 1/2   Michigan 9 1/2)

Wednesday: AM Matches-Singles (Louisiana 17   Michigan 13)


30 1/2 PTS TO 29 1/2 PTS

2014: Louisiana wins (LA 35pts MI 24pts)

2015: Michigan wins (LA MI )


Golfweek National Championship


Hilton Head, SC

November 11-13, 2016

Qualifying Spots available: Ch (10), A (15), B (15), C (15), D (10)

Curt Arcement (T47:82,82,87=251)
Laird France (T50:88,83,77=248)
Geoff Berniard (T165:93,98,97=288)
Avery Gaudin (T30:91,90,90=271)
Sean Dunn (T19:107,97,91=295)
Sean Brown (T51:89,78,88=255)
Britt Guillory (T42:87,81,79=247)
Brandon Brown (T137:83,109,87=279)
Tommy Gaudin (T48:90,91,95=276)
Eric Pelletier (T79:108,106,98=312)
Mike Carey (T58:77,88,94=259)
Lance Halsell (T60:83,89,78=250)
Nathan Fry (T27:91,80,87=258)
Freddie Griffin (T27:91,93,86=270)
David Soileau (T74:104,107,98=309)
T-Boy Hamilton (T36:82,81,83=246)
Jimmy Lawrence (T20:80,84,77=241)
Michael Huffman (T13:90,85,79=254)
Jody Moreau (T69:97,88,96=281)

Bob Neal   (T70:89,87,93=269)
Brian Miller (T32:83,83,79=245)
Ernie Joiner (T146:88,95,100=283)
James Revels (T97:94,104,92=290)

Tim Rusk    (T70:89,89,91=269)
Scott Moss (T42:80,80,87=247)
Jason Katchur (T137:87,94,98=279)
Darin Stewart (T30:100,87,84=271)

Paul Reaux (T42:85,77,85=247)
John Mickey (T130:89,101,87=277)
Clarence Whittington (T58:87,102,89=278)

JP Tassin (T69:85,82,85=252)
Derwin Pitre (T60:89,87,87=263)

Murphy Walton (T103:85,87,88=260)
Steve Romano (T156:95,96,,94=285)

Joe Soileau (T144:89,96,97=282)

Jeromy Stansbury (T74:89,93,84=266)

 77 players in flight 135 players in flight 197 players in flight 128 players in flight 108 players in flight

Results from the Season Final Major at Beau Chene CC will be posted soon

Champ Flight: David Griffin (145)
A Flight: Paul Reaux (161)
B Flight: Lee Cahanin (167)
C Flight: Jody Moreau (178)
D Flight: Will Montz (174)

Saturday's Round

Tim Rusk   Birdie on #11   $510

Tory Miller   Birdie on #14   $510

Sunday's Round

David Levingston   Eagle on #16   $940

2016 Scoring Challenge

Sponsored by Cabin and Pond LLC

(Visit us at cabinandpond.com)

The Tournament of Champions

You have to win to get in!!

The Tournament of Champions was created as a special event for any Louisiana South Tour player that captured a victory in a Louisiana South Tour event in the previous year.  Any Louisiana South player that wins a Louisiana South Major will qualify for the Tournament of Champions for the next two years.  The Tournament of Champions includes the players playing a round of golf with opportunity to win gift certificates and after the round, they (and their significant other) will take part in a Champion's Dinner.  The following players are eligible for playing in the 2016 Tournament of Champions to be held in February 2017:

James "T-boy" Hamilton* (15/16) 
Laird France* (15/16) 
Geoff Berniard* (15/16)  
Avery Gaudin* (15/16)
Sean Dunn* (15/16)  
Trey Coker* (15/16) 
Cody Soileau* (15/16) 
Derwin Pitre* (15/16)  
Tim Marceaux (16)
Terrence Mitchell* (15/16)  
Chris Bertaut (16)
Paul Reaux* (16/17)  
Jeromy Stansbury* (15/16)  
Russ Osborne (16)
Dustin Norberg* (15/16)  
David Levingston* (16/17)  
Trey Brady (16)
J P Tassin (16)
Clarence Whittington* (16/17)
Cedric Richmond* (16/17)
David Griffin* (16/17) 
Jimmy Lawrence* (16/17)
Storm Swinney* (16/17)
Scott Buras (16)
Joe Howell (16)
Sean Brown* (16/17)  
Gary Tucker (16)
Jason Litchfield (16)
John Mickey* (16/17)
Eric Pelletier* (16/17)
Rob Collins (16)
Tim Rusk* (16/17)
Josh Hafford* (16/17)
Freddie Griffin (16)
Will Montz* (16/17)
Bill Land (16)
Bob Neal (16)
Todd Bourg (16)
Jody Moreau* (16/17)
Robbie Mottet (16)
Britt Guillory (16)
Lee Cahanin* (16/17)

* 2yr exemption for Major win        
Assist Directors:
Mike Carey
Jimmy Lawrence
Tim Rusk


Champ and A Flight: Mike Carey    $150 golfballs.com gift certificate + $50 bonus gift certificate

B, C and D Flight: Neil McKinney      $150 golfballs.com gift certificate

Thanks to all that participated!!!


REFERRAL PROGRAM (will be revised for 2017 season)
  • Level 1: If a member refers a brand new member to the tour, the member will receive a sleeve of Pro V1 or Pro V1x
  • Level 2: If a member refers 3 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a $25 Golfballs.com gift certificate as well as the sleeves of balls in Level 1
  • Level 3: If a member refers 5 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a paid entry fee to a single-day Louisiana South Tournament as well as Level 1 and Level 2 gifts
  • To the person who refers the most new members (minimum of 5) throughout the season: that member will receive a paid entry fee to the Local Final in September as well as the other three level gifts  

*The new member must put the current members name in the "referred by" column in the Player Profile, pay the membership fee and play in at least one tournament.






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