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Note from the Director

Birmingham Golfweek Amateur Tour Competitors,

Thank you for supporting our Tour.  Our goal is to provide a competitive tournament experience against players of your same caliber within a fun, friendly and professional atmosphere.

We play by USGA rules with some exceptions.  The Tour Manual lists a few, notably the triple bogey max for A, B, C and D flight players.  Please read the manual if you have not done so.  There are also local rules at some of the courses we play.  Additionally on the Birmingham Tour we play the tree line and high grass areas as an OPTIONAL lateral hazard.  If you are unable to find your ball (or find it and elect not to play it) in the tall grass or heavily wooded area, you may drop a ball under penalty of one stroke at the spot where it last entered the "hazard" area.  The proper drop location is determined just as it would be had the ball gone into water in a lateral hazard (think of the whole area of trees or high grass as if it were water). The drop is where the ball first crossed into the High Grass or Heavily Wooded tree line and is subject to the same regulations as a lateral ruling drop. The drop location is NOT perpendicular to where the ball lies. LIMIT SEARCH TO 3 MINUTES.

If your ball is found and you elect to play it you may proceed under normal rules by grounding your club and taking practice swings as long as that area is not actually marked as a hazard (red or yellow stakes).  Course markings trump this rule.  Consult with your group before taking action to define the heavily wooded tree line "hazard line."  The primary reason for this local Birmingham rule is for pace of play purposes in the event of a lost ball and eliminates the need for a provisional.  Under Rule 27-2 a player may not hit a provisional in the case of a ball going into a hazard.  This rule WILL ALSO apply for out of bounds (white staked areas):     UNLESS MODIFIED IN THE TOURNAMENT RULES SHEETNOTE: If you play another Tour's event ask about local rules BEFORE the round.  

Pace of Play will be monitored.  You must keep up with the group in front of you.  Groups that clear the 18th green more than 15 minutes behind the group in front of them will receive a 2-stroke penalty for slow play.

We use live scoring at our events, this is to provide real-time updates and aid in completing scoring after the round.  Both livescore and your actual paper scorecard should match as you and your group need to verify that what is on the scorecard is also in livescore BEFORE the scorecard is signed and turned in.  The actual scorecard is the official scorecard and MUST also be signed at the conclusion of the round by ALL competitors listed on the card.If you have an individual scorecard, it MUST be signed by both yourself and the marker who kept your score.  Failure to sign a scorecard or not turn a scorecard in WILL result in a disqualification or no card for the round and forfeiture of any skin prizes.    

We have a teaching pro, Nick Massey who will be assisting us at future tournaments.  He will be available to address any rules questions should you have any after the round before signing your scorecard.  He speaks for me when I am not available. 

Golf is a game of integrity and honor.  If you break a rule, take the penalty.  If you notice a rules infraction bring it to the attention of your playing partner.  Not addressing a rules infraction is the equivalent of breaking the rule yourself. Please do not do that. If you have questions or issues, bring them to Nick, me or the local pro.  We can make mistakes ... sometimes those mistakes may cost a couple strokes, but in the end we are here to preserve the integrity of the game, learn and have fun.  If you have read this far, thank you.  See you on the course.

Thank you again for supporting Our Tour.


Russ Donaldson

Birmingham Tour Director

Golfweek Amateur Tour



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