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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


As you know, one of the current benefits of your Golfweek Amateur Tour membership is a subscription to Golfweek Magazine.  Over the past few years, we have made continuing adjustments to the frequency of our printed magazine to better align with how advertisers value our print and online offerings and in the best interests of our long-term business.  Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our advertisers and our overall business, we have had to make even more reductions to the frequency of our printed magazine for the remainder of the year in order to keep our talented writers and support team in place.  We appreciate your understanding.


At the same time, we have invested heavily into to make it the best place for avid golfers and golf fans to get their golf news.  I encourage you to bookmark the site and to subscribe to our daily newsletters.  Here is the link:


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 


Best regards,

Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek




As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2020 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


Join The Golfweek Amateur Tour and get a free subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine!

Every member of the Golfweek Amateur Tour receives a free one year subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine. That includes both digital and print editions.

To start your subscription, you must fill out the tour application when paying your membership fees. Click here to join the Tour. .

Once your first issue has been mailed, you will receive an email from Golfweek with a link to the current digital edition.For more information on digital access, please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS here.

NOTE: Please allow 4-6 weeks for your subscription to be activated. Digital subscriptions will only be activated when there is a print issue.

See below for the 2020 Golfweek Print Schedule:


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Total Paid Members*: 217

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your name to show after payment.

ID Golfer Flight
23083  Affrunti, Joe  (B) 
16905  Alaimo, Fred   (A) 
19219  Alaimo, Fred Sr  (D) 
38612  Albino, Peter  (A) 
44522  Amos, Mckinley  (C) 
42841  Anderson, Brad  (A) 
41545  Anton, George  (D) 
26648  Ardelean, Phil  (C) 
38727  Armstrong, Jordan  (A) 
13901  Augle, Dave  (A) 
32000  Ayala, Luis  (B) 
38699  Barnes, Brian  (B) 
38001  Bennett, James  (C) 
27063  Bertalan, Logan  (A) 
21864  Bilba, Chris  (C) 
31717  Binstein, Jeff  (C) 
44702  Blaha, Chris  (Champ) 
22180  Blair-Smith, Bob  (C) 
43921  Blakemore, Brett  (Champ) 
41880  Bochenczak, Steve  (B) 
22440  Bonnecarre, Eric  (D) 
38798  Borysiak, Josh  (B) 
21525  Brannigan, Bill  (C) 
26351  Brennan, Joe  (B) 
30849  Bressner, Curt  (A) 
38851  Bromberek, Wally  (B) 
40483  Brown, George  (C) 
27829  Bunge, Larry  (C) 
22409  Bush, David  (A) 
40858  Bussell, Jackson  (Champ) 
23677  Capalnas, Adyn  (A) 
32028  Chaudhry, Nazeer  (A) 
16686  Checks, George  (D) 
42976  Clark, Dave  (A) 
37616  Cokins, Michael  (C) 
17760  Colton, Derrick  (A) 
29206  Comstock, Mike  (Champ) 
36898  Cooper, Jerry  (D) 
37766  Cox, Michael  (B) 
38706  Curran, Bob  (B) 
38722  Curran, Ryan  (A) 
44403  Cyr, Kyle  (Champ) 
36685  Czerwien, Jon  (B) 
28701  Dalipi, Zim  (C) 
43299  Dani, Steve  (B) 
38726  Davey, Elliott  (C) 
37823  DeBartolo, Richard  (A) 
42574  DeSanto, Nick  (A) 
29208  DeVogelear, Robert  (A) 
43975  Dike, Kevin  (C) 
25713  Doerr, David  (A) 
42887  Downey, John  (B) 
26959  Doyle, Michael  (B) 
34812  Dyer, Mike  (B) 
42161  Eagan, Nathan   (D) 
36229  Eastep, Danny  (B) 
43976  Ekwemoha, Jidobi  (B) 
34491  Ellis, Shep  (D) 
32964  Ericksen, Michael  (B) 
43318  Fiets, Don  (D) 
30201  Fifer, James  (C) 
36222  Fleck, Kevin  (A) 
44485  Freeman, Alex  (A) 
36114  French, Dwayne  (D) 
34814  French, Matt  (C) 
37858  Frencl, Steve  (A) 
33131  Fyfe, Tim  (A) 
35639  Gallinatti, Michael  (Champ) 
32853  Gatson, Rod  (B) 
31173  Gines, Filadelfo  (D) 
41758  Godbold, Andrew  (B) 
21907  Gooch, Derrick  (B) 
42925  Haas, Rich  (A) 
36976  Hadac, Chris  (B) 
26603  Hatten, Nancy  (A) 
38749  Hatzis, George  (B) 
44021  Hawkins, Lionel  (C) 
37249  Heilbrunn, Benjamin  (A) 
35630  Heist, Ryan  (B) 
23338  Hojnacki, Garry  (C) 
43532  Hollander, David  (D) 
41525  Horazy, Mike  (B) 
43815  Hryckiewicz, Beesan  (C) 
40220  Hsiao, En  (B) 
40922  Huddleston, DeRonne  (C) 
39638  Ignacio, Patrick  (C) 
26062  Inglot, Chris  (C) 
28955  Jo, Eugene  (B) 
34944  Johnston, Jeff   (D) 
42793  Jones, John  (B) 
42286  Jurewicz, Bob  (B) 
38544  Kaplan, Jon  (Champ) 
43904  Kaufmann, Kevin  (D) 
36364  Kelly, Patrick  (D) 
34319  Kilborn, Ben  (Champ) 
20871  Kingery, John  (B) 
21584  Kirchoff, Dean  (A) 
44862  Klingel, Jack  (Champ) 
40572  Kopinski, Brian  (Champ) 
39489  Kravitz, Adam  (B) 
26389  Lanas, Jeff   (C) 
26064  Lanas, Nick  (Champ) 
28765  Laskowski, Chet  (C) 
28826  Laskowski, Timothy  (A) 
38342  Lee, Eric  (A) 
13944  Leonard, James  (Champ) 
14023  Leonard, Jason  (D) 
31916  Lesher, Robert  (A) 
39243  Linsenmeyer, Tom  (B) 
39057  Lopez, Eddie  (B) 
33511  Lowery, Ryan  (Champ) 
42933  Lutze, Chris  (D) 
44316  Maack, Sam  (A) 
30119  Macnider, Joe  (Champ) 
13937  Mallett, Ed  (D) 
41798  Maravelias, Dimitrios  (D) 
40232  Martin, Trent   (Champ) 
38607  Mastrino, Joe  (B) 
43487  Mauck, John  (A) 
41665  McDaid, Don  (B) 
14902  McGuire, Mike  (D) 
43597  McLaughlin, Philip   (C) 
42438  Mercer, TJ  (B) 
33179  Millsap, Jim  (C) 
43486  Mitchell, Stan  (C) 
41391  Molokwu, Harold  (B) 
30880  Montgomery, Larry  (D) 
28884  Moore, Daniel  (Champ) 
40337  Moran, Gelmer  (Champ) 
40969  Motta De Castro, Marcello  (B) 
42221  Moyer, Mike  (B) 
43343  Mulloy, Darren  (B) 
43525  Murphy, Pete  (B) 
37067  Murphy, Sean  (B) 
36985  Nelson, Willie   (C) 
18829  Newman, Rich  (B) 
38859  Nguyen, Trang  (D) 
41535  Nosek, Mac  (A) 
43366  O'Neil, Andrew   (B) 
41978  O'Sullivan, Brian  (A) 
39399  Ochoa, Rafael  (B) 
44562  Ogufere, Owen  (C) 
23623  Olmedo, Lou  (D) 
40923  Omahen, Chris  (B) 
41866  Osmond, Rob  (C) 
29095  Pablo, Christian   (B) 
43616  Papandreou, Alex  (B) 
41797  Papatheofanis, Bill  (D) 
42160  Pearson, Mike  (B) 
34990  Phillips, Jeff  (C) 
38810  Piemonte, Danny  (D) 
28735  Pisarczyk, Richard  (C) 
39889  Podzimek, Rich  (B) 
28081  Pokorny, Jim  (B) 
43924  Pombert, Steve  (Champ) 
28768  Pond, Brian  (B) 
38608  Prendergast, Patrick  (A) 
37558  Prepelica, Michael   (C) 
33355  Price, TP  (Champ) 
41051  Ptak, Drew  (C) 
41691  Puccio, Anthony  (B) 
44610  Quinn, Connor  (B) 
24553  Quinones, Tyrone  (D) 
39337  Rauner, Peter  (B) 
24148  Realie, Michael  (A) 
22441  Robbins, Roy  (C) 
36196  Rodriguez, Michael   (Champ) 
37266  Rolf, Scotty  (Champ) 
42594  Rubino, Tony  (Champ) 
41851  Ruff, Alex  (A) 
27269  Ruzek, Brad  (D) 
33538  Saliba, Frank  (B) 
24650  Sandner, Kevin  (Champ) 
27070  Sardina, Andy  (C) 
43615  Satti, Azhar  (B) 
13942  Schmitt, Mike  (D) 
41947  Schwarz, Jackie  (A) 
43922  Sellers, Andrew  (B) 
42078  Shapiro, Danny  (B) 
40893  Sidor, Rich  (B) 
20634  Sigman, Lloyd  (C) 
32826  Singh, Balvinder  (B) 
37225  Skiba, Peter  (Champ) 
31101  Slaughter, Steve  (B) 
33644  Snider, Mike  (A) 
39242  Solis, Matt  (Champ) 
43414  Stephens, Eddie  (C) 
39213  Stevenson, Eric  (A) 
42920  Stoker, Rich  (C) 
23783  Stuhr, Bill  (C) 
40776  Stum, Danny  (A) 
44814  Syed, Uzair  (A) 
17124  Tatge, Ward  (A) 
27584  Teso, Fabio  (B) 
29117  Teykl, Patrick  (Champ) 
30531  Tice, Michael  (B) 
25595  Trongale, John  (D) 
20115  Tudor, Marius   (A) 
20102  Tudor, Tony  (B) 
30322  Tuite, Ron  (D) 
40474  Tully, Jim  (A) 
38109  Van Camp, Greg  (Champ) 
17194  Van Der Zel, Kobus  (A) 
41742  Vickers, Gregory  (B) 
26050  Voloch, Chris  (A) 
43418  Ward, Tom  (C) 
43104  Watson, Steve  (B) 
24260  Wawire, Peter  (A) 
29718  Wciorka, Claudia  (B) 
39573  Wells, Brad  (D) 
21068  Wendt, Wes  (A) 
44526  Whalen, Glenn  (B) 
40905  Wiig, Daniel  (C) 
30409  Wilson, Andrew  (Champ) 
41508  Wilson, Austin  (A) 
41852  Wirtas, Austin  (D) 
25506  Witmer, Mark  (B) 



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