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2019 Rule Changes and Resources

2019 New Rules Review and Resources

The USGA Rules of Golf govern all of our tournaments except where Local Rules and Policies over-rule. 

Knowledge of these new rules changes for 2019 is a very important aspect of playing in our events. We ask that all players read through and understand these changes prior to playing in any of our tournaments. Failure to follow these new rules can lead to penalty strokes or even disqualification from the event. 

We know that this will be an interesting learning curve for everyone including ourselves. While we understand that it will be hard to change some habits, breach of these rules will have to be dealt with according to what is required by the rules of golf. If you incur a penalty because you did not know or follow the rule, please understand that it is not personal nor done with malice. This will be the only way that we can enforce the new rules to make sure that everyone abides by them. However, if you witness one of your fellow competitors about to breach one of these rules, please point out that they are about to breach the rule before they do so instead, so that we all can learn to adopt these in our normal course of play. 

The below informational references highlight the majority of the changes. If you have any questions on any of these rules, please don't hesitate to send us an e-mail with your questions or ask during our events. Again, this will be a learning process and we are here to help in any way that we can to make sure that everyone understands and abides by the new rules as these are literally game changers! 

Local Rules Changes Summary 

  • Please visit our Local Rules Page to review our current local rules. You can find this page by going back to the home page and clicking on the Local Rules button on the left hand side toolbar.
  • Our previous local rule for Heavily Wooded or Tall Grass being played as an optional Lateral Hazard is still basically in effect. Just the wording has changed and incorporates a recommended local rule by the USGA.
  • The Triple Bogey Max Rule is still in effect for A, B, C and D Flights and is now an Official USGA Recommended Local Rule. Our Champ flight will not use the Triple Bogey Rule going forward
  • In the event that a player has hit any shot that lies within a marked OB area (thus deemed by the ground) that player would have 3 options to proceed:

Player hits ball into marked OB area and elects to re play last shot from same spot - 1 shot penalty

Player hits ball into marked OB Area and elects to take a drop at closest spot in the fairway in relation to the entry of the ball - 2 shot penalty

Player hits ball into marked OB area and elects to drop 2 club lengths from point of entry - 2 shot penalty

  • The USGA's Time Limit to search for a ball has been changed from 5 Minutes to only 3 Minutes. The clock begins from the time from which the shot was hit, not from when the time you get to the ball. Move quickly!
  • The Stones in Bunkers Local Rule will now be discontinued as the USGA now allows loose impediments to be removed from bunkers. Remember we ALWAYS rake and roll if it's determined necessary by the entire group.
  • One possible rule change that we are still exploring is the "Pin Rule" as it stands now - players have the option to keep the pin in while putting. This is to assist with pace of play. Players are allowed to keep the pin while putting but are encouraged to keep pace, should pace be an issue due to leaving and taking the pin in/out - we will address.



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