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2018 Season Tour Membership $113


   Join in on the fun for the rest of our 2018 season!
You still receive all the membership perks

  •        Eligible to play in as many as you'd like of our scheduled tournaments this season    
  •        Oppourtunity to play in the Championship at Hilton Head, SC.
  •        1 Yr. subscription to Golfweek magazine
  •        Play in any AGT tournaments throughout the country
  •        Receive Golfweek Tour Hat, Golfweek Tour Card and members bag
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Come and join us for great golf at some of the best courses in the DFW area

    Tell a friend, join together

    9/16/18 - COYOTE RIDGE GOLF CLUB  
    LAST DAY TO REGISTER - Friday, Sept. 7th

      Coyote Ridge Golf Club - 1640 W Hebron Parkway - Carrollton, TX 75010 

    VOTED TOP-5 LUXURY COURSE, BEST CLUBHOUSE (26,000 square foot luxury clubhouse)
    Best Pro Shop, Grill 19 Restuarant & Bar 

    This is the next to the last tournament for the 2018 Season. Wow, Where did the time go!!

    8/26/2018 - THE GOLF CLUB OF DALLAS

    Our first ever (and hopefully last!) Split Tees Tournament began at 12:00 with sweltering August heat.   


    Champ - James Thompson - 69    A-Flight - Terry Rockwell - 76   B-Flight - Park Roach - 80 


    C-Flight - Luis Pasillas - 83       D-Flight - Fred Brooks - 86

    AUGUST 5th - Southern Oaks Classic Sponsored by Acme Auto Repair & Collision



    Champ - Jonathan Gaines - 78            A-Flight - Ethan Price - 77                 B-Flight - Travis Gillam - 78


      C-Flight - Matthew Rebello - 81          D-Flight - Nick Herndon - 89

    All winners for this tournament will be featured in the GolfWeek Magazine with first place winners pictures



                                                                                                Advancing to the next flight: 

                                                                                               Eric Newton to  A Flight
                                                                                   Conrad Mauffray to  B Flight
                                                                                              Park Roach to  B Flight
                                                                                              Robert Gamez to  C Flight

                                                                                       Congratulations on improving you game!


                                                                Champ - Sean Fenton - 78             A Flight - David Plog - 76 

                                                                                  David Berg - 84                                       Stu Dunn - 76

                                                                                     Fred Miller - 90                                       Raymond Dawson - 77

                                                                 B Flight - Eric Newton - 77           C Flight - Conrad Mauffray - 79

                                                                                  Kevin Odom - 77                                       Park Roach - 81

                                                                          Mike Hackemack - 80                              Rich Hickman - 81

                                                                                                      D Flight - Robert Gamez - 82 

                                                                                                                  Fred Brooks - 90

                                                                                                                   Robin King - 90


    July 15 - Wildhorse Golf Club - MAJOR TOURNAMENT




           Champ - Eric Robertson - 74          A Flight - Max Angell - 77

                 Sean Fenton - 82                                   Rick Collier - 77

                    David Berg - 86                                     Nick Maze - 78

           B Flight - Ray Marks - 78               C Flight - Paul Turner - 83

                  Duane McConnico - 80                          Scott Allen - 86

                   Tom Clemmer - 80                                 Tony Cates - 87

                                          D Flight - Nick Herndon - 90         

                                              Jim Miller - 90

                                               Lawrence Johnson - 92



                                                                                                   Champ - David Berg - 87            A Flight - Stu Dunn - 75

                                                                                                                   Sean Fenton - 87               Jason Fanning - 78

                                                                                                                                                                   Kiran Chitturi - 78     

                                                                                                    B Flight - Ray Marks - 77            C Flight - Conrad Mauffray - 88

                                                                                                            Duane McConnico - 80               Joel Obregon - 88     

                                                                                                               Eric Newton - 83                        Matthew Rebello - 88

                                                                                                                                   D Flight - Rick Ribble Jr. - 88

                                                                                                                                            Jim Miller - 88

                                                                                                                                               Robin King - 94

    June 3 - WATTERS CREEK

    Champ - Sean Fenton - 77          A Flight - Raymond Dawson - 77

       Erick Robertson - 81                        Rick Collier - 78

                                                                   Ryan Hansen - 79

    B Flight - Duane McConnico - 83     C Flight - Michael Becker - 86

           Kevin Odom - 84                                Tony Cates - 86

          Shane Norwood - 85                         David Medford - 88

    D Flight - Rick Ribble Jr. - 88

         Tommy Chang - 93

          Nick Herndon - 96

    MAY 20 - FRISCO LAKES: Re-scheduled for July 22nd

    We were ready.....The weather was not cooperating!!

    As we took our places on the tees to get the first ball in the air we had a rain delay and called into the clubhouse to wait it out.

    2nd attempt went off well then more rain began to flood the greens and after 4 holes the tournament was stopped and a rescheduled

    Thank you Frisco Lakes for allowing us to cancel this soggy day and replay again.

    May 6th - Tangle Ridge Golf Club

    The great Rich Hickman was in attendance along with 60 other great players ready for a day of golf!

    We had competitive but fun play with the weather finally cooperating and giving us a day of sun and warmth.  See below for todays results.


    New member, Fred Miller (76) took first place with a chip off over Eric Robertson (76).Sean Fenton (77) took third.

    A – FLIGHT

    Rick Collier (78) claimed first place with a chip off over Nick Maze (78). By way of scorecard playoff, Raymond Dawson (79) took third over Max Angell (79).

    B – Flight

    Taking first place was Eric Hereford (76) over Duane McConnico (76) by way of chip off.  Ray Marks (79) took third place over Ray Wheeler (79) winning the scorecard playoff.

    C – Flight

    Matthew Rebello (81) took first place by one stroke over Rich Hickman (82) followed by Joel Obregon (86) who took third.

    D – Flight

    New member, Brian Fry (86), took first place with a three stroke victory over Tommy Chang (88). Coming in third was Nick Herndon (92)

    Other Winners:
    CTP: #4 - Duane McConnico, # 9 - Duane McConnico, #12 - Kevin Odom, #17 - Chris Reynolds
    50/50 - Jason Smith
    50/50 - Stand Up to Cancer

    We had $1280 in skins and paid out 58 places.

    Congratulations to all our winners!

    April 15th - Hidden Creek Golf Course

    Awaiting Tee Time.....very cool today due to high winds. Players toughing it out to play a round of golf together!

    Champ - Eric Robertson - Score 81          A Flight - (Tour Director) Terry Rockwell - Score 80

        Second - Jonathan Gaines                                      Second - Nick Maze

            Third - David Berg                                                    Third - Raymond Dawson

    B Flight - Kevin Odom - Score 84                    C Flight - Scott Tribble - Score 84

          Second - Eric Newton                                         Second - T.C. Crain

               Third - Duane McConnico                                  Third - James Robertson

    D Flight - Lawrence Johnson - Score 84            

           Second - Brian Fry

                Third - Rick Ribble Jr.

    March 25th - Indian Creek Golf Course

    Champ - Eric Robertson - Score 79                            A Flight - Kevin McIntosh - Score 76

         Second - Sean Fenton                                                   Second - Raymond Dawson

              Third - David Berg                                                         Third - Nick Maze



    B Flight Marco Campos - Score 78                          C Flight - Rich Hickman - Score 82

         Second - Eric Newton                                                    Second - Conrad Mauffray

              Third - Shane Norwood                                                Third - TC Crain



    D Flight - Nick Herndon - Score 92

         Second - Fred Brooks

              Third - Michael Weston

    Our first tournament is in the bag!!


    Gathering, greeting and waiting on course directives             Warming up for a great day of golf

    Tommy Chang had a Hole-in-one on his first par 3 of the season


    Eric Robertson~Kevin McIntosh~Scott Tribble~Fred Brooks

    Not Pictured ~ Marco Campos

    Champ Flight

    Eric Robertson shot an 87 for the day taking first place over Jonathan Gaines who shot an 89 for second place


    First place was long time member, Kevin McIntosh who carded a 76. 

    Taking second by way of scorecard playoff was Rick Collier over John Hunt (LA, North tour) to take third 

    Both came in with a 78


    Coming in first with an 80 was Marco Campos

    Second with an 81 was Shane Norwood and third was new member, Charles Lovelace shooting an 83


    Taking first place by chip off, Scott Tribble along with second place winner and new member,TC Crain both carded an 88

    Following in third was Matthew Rebello coming in with a 91


    New member, Fred Brooks took first place by way of chip off over Tommy Chang both posted scores of 96 

    Third place, new member, Lawrence Johnson came in with a 98


    Close to the Pins are: 

    #4 - Tommy Chang 

    #8 - Scott Allen

    #11 - Chris Sova 

    #17 - Bobby Breed

    50/50 - Tommy Chang 

    Hole in one - Tommy Chang 

    Congratulations to all our winners

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