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2018 Tunica Four-Ball Rules


Permanent Pace of Play Policies

TRIPLE BOGEY - The maximum score on any hole is triple bogey.  Players MUST pick up their ball and help their group finish the hole as quickly as possible. 

WAVE UP PAR 3s – If your group has not removed the pin from the hole on ANY par 3 and a group is waiting on the tee box, please wave them up.

CONTINUOUS PUTTING – All players are encouraged to play ready golf and to finish their putting and not mark short putts.  Players should announce their intentions to finish and confirm their playing partner’s acceptance.

MOVE QUICKLY- All players should play ready golf and move quickly and diligently throughout the round.

WORK AS A TEAM – Rake bunkers for your playing partners, help them look for lost balls, pick up clubs, play ready golf, be positive.  Be respectful – but play when ready.

CART PROTOCAL DRIVERS of carts should DROP OFF their partners, let them CHOOSE their clubs (take extra ones if required), DRIVE to their own balls, and then get READY to play.


Matt Minder, Steve Minder, Joe Smolira

Permanent Local St. Louis Tour Rules

SCORING - If a player submits a signed card with a lower score on a particular hole than the actual score, the player will be disqualified from the tournament.  Please review your scorecard BEFORE you submit it.

TIEBREAKERS - All 1st place ties will go to sudden death playoff on the course. All other ties will be broken by a scorecard playoff.

1)       2nd Day total score

2)       Back nine total score

3)       Last  6 holes total score (#13â€Â#18)

4)       Last 3 holes total score (#16-18)

5)       #1 Handicapped Hole

If a tie remains after 5th tiebreaker, players will remain tied and split any prize amounts.

BUNKERS – Due to the condition of some of the bunkers on the golf course, you may rake and place your ball within one scorecard length no closer to the hole without penalty.


MARK YOUR GOLF BALLS – Players are required to mark their golf balls and identify them to         

playing partners

LOST BALLS & ALL WHITE STAKES – Stroke and Distance penalty


If you’re unsure of a ruling, play two balls.  Announce to your partner which ball you intend to score with, then you must hole out with both balls and announce to the Tournament Committee at scoring.

Tunica National LOCAL RULES

Pace of Play is – 4 hrs. 30 min.  All players are expected to finish their round in the allotted time or within 15 minutes of the group in front of them.



CHAMP – Gold Tees

A – Gold Tees

B– Blue Tees

C – Green Tees

D – Green Tees



Closest to the Pin at each par 3 is for all flights!



There is no hole in one competition for this event.



We are playing the fescue grass as a lateral hazard.  As long as the fescue grass is not otherwise marked by red or white stakes, you may take relief under Rule 26-1 (Lateral Water Hazard).  However, should you choose to play from the fescue grass, you MAY ground your club.



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