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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
107 116 -9

Flight Playing
(Champ) 16
(A) 38
(B) 26
(C) 25
(D) 11

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid
20443 Almond, Robert  (Champ)  Louisiana North  No
26330 Bailey, Randy  (Champ)  Louisiana North  Yes
28604 Engel, Danny  (Champ)  Louisiana South  Yes
12508 Green, Dusty  (Champ)  Louisiana North  No
28036 Hollan, Kris  (Champ)  Louisiana South  Yes
11828 Johnson, Mike  (Champ)  Houston, TX  Yes
9812 Loftin, Billy  (Champ)  Louisiana South  No
20010 Lyons, Jason  (Champ)  Louisiana North  No
31234 Marek, Jonathan  (Champ)  Houston, TX  Yes
25630 Martin, David  (Champ)  Louisiana South  Yes
12900 Miller, Tory  (Champ)  Louisiana South  Yes
34194 Patterson, Caleb  (Champ)  Houston, TX  Yes
31278 Rollins, Elliott  (Champ)  Louisiana North  Yes
28030 Smith, Sam  (Champ)  Louisiana South  Yes
16552 Teel, Ted  (Champ)  Louisiana North  Yes
15904 Tucker, Gary  (Champ)  Louisiana North  Yes
9986 Adkins, Paul  (A)  Louisiana North  No
33414 Albritton, Jared  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
22997 Bernard, Kris  (A)  Louisiana North  No
28037 Beslin, Anthony   (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
16699 Borden, Paul  (A)  Louisiana North  No
20283 Brown, Joe  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
29017 Buchholz, Jack  (A)  Houston, TX  Yes
22336 Carson, Ethan  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
20099 Carson, Seth   (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
10259 Carter, Keith  (A)  Louisiana South  No
20846 Crain, James  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
33415 Crowder, Bryan  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
27966 Daughenbaugh, Jake  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
25103 Fontenot, Derek  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
10050 Griffin, Tag  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
9716 Halsell, Lance  (A)  Louisiana North  No
29890 Hanson, David  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
29694 Hunt, John  (A)  Louisiana North  No
29797 Loosemore, Chris  (A)  Houston, TX  No
20656 Lyons, Brent  (A)  Louisiana North  No
31233 Marek, Randy  (A)  Houston, TX  Yes
33650 Martin, Richard   (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
30760 McCartney, Dillon  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
25548 McDaniel, Kenny  (A)  Louisiana North  No
13720 Mighton, Kevin  (A)  Louisiana North  No
15541 Miller, Phillip  (A)  Louisiana North  No
33061 Motal, Kyle  (A)  Houston, TX  Yes
14503 O'Neal, Trey  (A)  Louisiana North  No
26806 Richards, Gregg  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
16928 Scruggs, Jeff  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
22742 Smith, Hugh  (A)  Louisiana North  No
19058 Sonnier, Andrew  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
16860 Strickland, Ronnie  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
30128 Thevis, Dewey  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
22296 Tilden, Ed  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
22569 Walker, Matt  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
24259 Walton, Murphy  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
30887 Willis, Thomas  (A)  Louisiana South  Yes
21847 Cahanin, Lee  (B)  Louisiana South  No
28511 Carpenter, Paul  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
29172 Cooksey, Tristen  (B)  Louisiana North  No
10118 Duncan, Will  (B)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
24632 Ferriss, Jonathan  (B)  Houston, TX  No
9745 Fontenot, Benji  (B)  Louisiana South  Yes
33062 Goyen, Jake  (B)  Houston, TX  Yes
30418 Guillory, Danny  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
27684 Harwood, Bob  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
34119 Hebert, Kirt  (B)  Louisiana North  No
28446 King, Stacy  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
28338 Kirschenbaum, Neil  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
16792 Mims, Blake  (B)  Louisiana North  No
19641 Odom, Theabury  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
13472 Pierce, Paul  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
13306 Pitt, David  (B)  Kentucky  No
33148 Pritchard, Homer  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
19494 Reddick, Sean  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
21611 Richardson, Ricky  (B)  Louisiana South  No
33417 Smith, Brock  (B)  Louisiana South  Yes
31403 Smith, Tim  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
34034 Sutterfield, Steve  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
10073 Taylor, Dave  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
9998 Toloso, Mark  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes
25688 Vaughn, Grant  (B)  Louisiana South  Yes
21300 Williams, Marty  (B)  Louisiana North  No
22702 Allmendinger, Wayne  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
9040 Berg, Roy  (C)  Houston, TX  No
9040 Berg, Roy  (C)  Houston, TX  No
32776 Brantley, Brant  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
25982 Cernigliaro, Mike  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
34101 Clark, Bill  (C)  Houston, TX  Yes
12004 Duncan, Nick  (C)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  No
3636 Eaton, Carl  (C)  Houston, TX  Yes
11137 Ellis, Chris  (C)  Louisiana North  No
30876 Gerhardt, Walter  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
25003 King, Brian  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
19733 Kupris, John  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
31228 Liska, J.D.  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
33138 Lopez, Nate   (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
25409 Nolan, Steve  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
16471 O'Neal, Gina  (C)  Louisiana North  No
31368 Patel, Shilpan  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
21395 Payne, Elisha  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
30982 Pieper, Richard   (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
27907 Reese, Thomas  (C)  Houston, TX  Yes
10002 Rinchuso, Gerard  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
34126 Rose, Randy  (C)  Houston, TX  Yes
22773 Suire, Sanford  (C)  Louisiana North  Yes
32637 Twachtman, Ron  (C)  Houston, TX  Yes
33661 Watson, Dieter  (C)  Louisiana North  No
30194 Corleto, George  (D)  Houston, TX  No
32587 Foster, Scott  (D)  Houston, TX  Yes
19897 Kronenberg, John  (D)  Louisiana North  No
31623 Lay, Randy  (D)  Houston, TX  No
22583 Leday, Murphy  (D)  Louisiana South  No
10052 Murphy, Tim  (D)  Louisiana North  Yes
20146 Ramshur, Harvey  (D)  Louisiana North  No
10071 Sharber, Rodney  (D)  Louisiana North  Yes
24652 Simpson, Kurt  (D)  Louisiana North  Yes
31249 Smith, Ronda  (D)  Louisiana North  Yes
32087 Tillinger, Eddie   (D)  Houston, TX  Yes



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