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Scores are listed by flight and strokes for the round.

Position Name Score Points Birdies Eagles AGT Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
1 Hargis, Ben
2 Coker, Trey
3 Levingston, David
4 Hollan, Kris
5 Kapp, Mike
6 Miller, Tory
7 Mouret, Mike
8 Neal, Bob
9 Brown, Sean
10 Scott, Steele
10 Trinchard, Billy
12 Manuel, Tanner
13 DuBois, Jacob
14 Garner, Robert
15 Mayea, Charlie
15 Swinney, Storm
15 Blanchard, Chad
18 Jackson, DJ
19 Bertaut, Chris
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
1 Lawrence, Jimmy
2 Kelly, Daniel
3 Taylor, Matthew
3 Averett, Ronnie
3 Veal, Ed
6 Carey, Mike
6 Mmopi, Mpho
8 Reaux, Paul
9 Carter, Keith
10 Lange, Andy
11 Massey, Michael
11 Guillory, Britt
13 Rusk, Timothy
13 Fontenot, Jared
15 Hafford, Josh
16 Gillan, Jamy
17 Rhoney, Chase
17 Glenn, Roger
19 Guillory, John
20 Banks, T.J.
21 Cloud, Eric
22 Aaron, Billy
23 McDaniel, James
24 Litchfield, Jason
25 Jeffrey, Mark
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
1 Sternhell, Colin
2 Boasso, Herb
2 Tassin, Jonathan
4 Taylor, Chase
4 Romano, Steve
6 Bourque, Sammy
7 Wilcox, Michael
8 VanBenschoten, Shayne
8 Taylor, Lennard
8 Herry, Don
11 Berniard, Geoff
11 Fry, Nathan
13 Davis, Chester
14 Porche, Poppe
14 Biro, Glenn
14 Mickey, John
17 Hawkins, Michael
17 Savoy, Kain
19 Broussard, Jody
19 Brown, Brandon
21 Martin Jr, Chip
21 Pitre, Derwin
21 Melancon, Mike
24 Broussard, Tracy
25 Gautreaux, Dan
25 Grider, Sydney
27 Tatman, James
27 Katchur, Jason
29 Hansen, Billy
29 Griffin, Freddie
31 Cortez, DJ
31 Thevis, Dewey
33 Stewart, Darin
34 Koury, Greg
35 Virdure Jr, Leonard
36 Domangue, Anthony
37 Stansbury Jr, Gary
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
1 Stockstill, Jonathan
2 George, Leroy
3 Jordan, Bilal
4 Whittington, Clarence
5 Davidson, Tommy
6 Gaudin, Avery
7 Bridgewater, Brandon
7 Kyle, William
9 Montz, Will
10 Gaudin, Tommy
10 Moreau, Jody
12 Melton, Chris
12 Stephens, Shane
14 Joiner, Ernie
14 Marceaux, Tim
16 Howell, Joe
17 Declouet, Dell
18 Daigle, Drew
19 Marshall, Mike
20 Cole, Carl
21 Revels, James
22 Adams, Al
23 Deville, Stefan
23 Powell, Charles
25 Bond, Kevin
26 Pelletier, Eric
"D" Flight (19.0 & Over Handicap)
1 Duncan, Nick
2 Dunn, Sean
3 Soileau, David
4 Gilbert, Robert
5 Carter, Shawn
6 Kapp, Ty
7 Granger, Kenny
7 Louque, Kenny
9 Bush, Van
9 Rouly, Lawson
11 Thorn, Greg
12 Alleman, Ron
13 Oalmann, Jeremiah
14 Brown, Blayne





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