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2019 Membership now only

2019 Membership includes the following:

- Access to all Golfweek Tournaments Nationwide 
- Practice Round Discounts at our courses 
- USGA Handicap via US Handicap
 - 2019 Tour Hat
- 2019 Tour Bag Tag
- 1 year subscription to Golfweek Magazine
- USGA Rules Book
- USGA Quick Reference Guide to the Rules
-Magnet with Tour Schedule
-$10 gift card to Golfballs.com
- Louisiana South Tour towel
- ADDED FOR 2019: Golfweek Am Tour LA South logoed shirt (not included in mid-season special)

Now that all single day events have been made up, all player's points are being reviewed and submitted to Nationals for updating.  All points will be updated before the Final Major.

Starting on 6/22, Membership fee will be lowered to $90 for the remainder of the year.
Referral Bonus: From June 22-August 1st, if you recruit a new member, send an email to lasouth@amateurgolftour.net and you will be sent a $20 gift certificate once confirmd the new member's paid membership.

September 14-15 Diamondhead CC on MGC Tour which you will receive the normal % of points based on size of flight

If you have any questions, you may text me or email me and I will discuss your individual circumstances. 

Season Final Major
Farm d'Allie Golf Club
Carencro, LA
September 21-22, 2019
Tee Times starting at 8:00am
Image result for farm d'allie golf club lafayette la


There will be a Skins Game on Friday, September 20th.  Tee times are from 1:00pm to 2:40pm.  The cost of the round is $40 (tax included) whichtakes care of green fee and cart.  The cost of the Skins Game is $20 with $15 allocated to Skins and $5 allocataed to closest to the hole on all the Par 3's.  If interested, please email lasouth@amateurgolftour.net with the tee time you prefer.

          1:00pm                     1:10pm           1:20pm           1:30pm          
Dewey Thevis (B)

Murphy Walton (A)

Jeromy Stansbury (A)

1:40pm 1:50pm 2:00pm 2:10pm

2:20pm 2:30pm 2:40pm
Todd Kidder (A)
Britt Guillory (A)

Mike Carey (A)

Jimmy Lawrence (A)

Scott Moss (B)


2019 Tournament Schedule with Dates and Courses

February 23:
Tourn of Champions (Invitation Only) at Money Hill Golf & CC 

March 16-17: Regional Major at Old Waverly GC and Mossy Oak GC (West Point, MS)

March 30:
 The Wetlands GC (Lafayette)
April 13: Tamahka Trails GC (Marksville)
May 4-5: Spring Major at Atchafalaya GC (Patterson)
June 1: The Oaks GC (Pass Christian, MS) Co-Tourn with Mississippi Tour 
June 15-16: Regional Major at Dancing Rabbit (Philadelphia, MS)
June 29:
National GC of Louisiana (Westlake)EVENT CANCELED
July 13: Ellendale CC (Houma) EVENT CANCELED
July 27-28: Summer Major at Koasati Pines GC (Kinder)
August 10:
National GC of Louisiana (Westlake) RESCHEDULED FROM JUNE
August 17: Bayou Oaks at City Park (New Orleans) Co-Tourn with Mississippi Tour
September 7:
Beaver Creek GC (Zachary)
September 21-22: Final Major at Farm d'Allie GC (Carencro) 


October 14-16: 6th Annual Heritage Cup (Hilton Head)
October 18-20: Golfweek National Championship (Hilton Head)

2019 Westlake Classic at National GC of LA

Congratuations to the following Flight Winners:
CHAMP Flight: Billy Loftin (70)
A Flight: Paul Reaux (76)
B Flight: Sydney Grider (81)
C Flight: Leroy George (82)
D Flight: Dylan Warner (94)

for full results, go to: www.amateurgolftour.net/livescore
and select: Louisiana South Tour

2019 Summer Major at Koasati Pines GC

Congratuations to the following Flight Winners:
CHAMP Flight: John Willis
A Flight: Matthew Taylor
B Flight: Jake Goyen (Houston Tour)
C Flight: Cliff Hood
D Flight: Dylan Warner

2019 Highlights

Robert Gilbert Memorial Classic at the Wetlands GC

2019 Louisiana South Tour Members

as of 03/21/19     

Arcement, Curt  Berwick, Jayde  Aaron, Billy  Adams, Al  Alleman, George 
Berard, Matt  Boudreaux, Jason  Badeaux, Charles  Adcox, Larry  Alleman, Ron 
Bertaut, Chris  Bourg, Todd  Belaire, Ryan  Alexander, James  Ayala, Patricio 
Chauvin, Kyle  Carey, Mike  Bennett, Eric  Benoit, Robbie  Bush, Van 
Coker, Trey  Cloud, Eric  Berniard, Geoff  Bergeron, Brett  Deville, Stefan 
Donaldson, Chris  Daughenbaugh, Jake  Biro, Glenn  Bond, Kevin  Dupin, Ted 
Frioux, Ross  Davis, TJ  Bonaventure, Blaine  Bridgewater, Brandon  Everard, Bob 
Griffin, David  Duncan, Mickey  Bourque, Sammy  Burns, Kelly  Granger, Kenny 
Hamilton, James  Glenn, Roger  Broussard, Colby   Cooper, Phil  Heinrich, Brandon 
Hollan, Kris  Guillory, Britt  Broussard, Tracy  Cormier, Richard  Levy, Jim 
Kapp, Mike  Guillory, John  Brown, Brandon  Credeur, Bryan  Mitchell, Jody 
Lawrence, Jimmy  Jukkola, Karl  Chapman, Jake  Davidson, Tommy  Oalmann, Jeremiah  
Loftin, Billy  Kidder, Todd  Childers, Rich  Ditch, John   Rouly, Lawson 
Malveaux, Kirk  Lange, Andy  Choate, Robie  Dunn, Sean  Saucier, Darrel 
Manuel, Tanner  Reaux, Paul  Cook, Lee  Eddy, Bob  Thorn, Greg 
Martin, David  Rusk, Tim  Domangue, Anthony  Foster, Larry  Wilkinson, Jimmy 
Meadows, Mike  Soileau, Cody  Everett, Don  Fusilier, Mike   
Smith, Sam  Stansbury, Jeromy   Faul, Rick  Gaudin, Avery   
Trinchard, Billy  Taylor, Matthew  Gaudin, Tommy  George, Leroy   
Vidrine, Ben  Trahan, Samuel  Gay, Roy  Gillespie, Matt   
  Walton, Murphy  Grider, Sydney  Hollier, Brennan   
    Hafford, Josh  Howell, Joe   
    Herry, Don  Joiner, Ernie   
    Koury, Greg  Kyle, William   
    Litchfield, Jason  Landry, Joey   
    Louque, Joe  LeMaire, Nolan   
    Melancon, Mike  Marceaux, Tim    
    Mickey, John  Marshall, Mike   
    Rhoney, Chase   Martin, Hank   
    Savoy, Kain   Metz, Mark   
    Shaffer, Burnell  Montz, Will   
    Sternhell, Colin Moore, Harold    
    Sullivan, Ryan   Moreau, Jody   
    Tassin, JP  Pea, Marvin   
    Taylor, Chase  Pesson, Mike  
    Taylor, Lennard  Politz, Stephen   
    Thevis, Dewey Powell, Charles   
    Vaughn, Grant   Revels, James   
    Vidrine, Jamie Stephens, Shane   
    Virdure Jr, Leonard   Whittington, Clarence   
    Wilcox, Michael     
    Wu, Justin     
    Wu, Nathan     

 2012194 Total Members4th Largest Tour
 2013223 Total Members4th Largest Tour
 2014212 Total Members4th Largest Tour
 2015215 Total Members3rd Largest Tour
 2016242 Total Members3rd Largest Tour
 2017 217 Total Members 4th Largest Tour
 2018 201 Total Members 5th Largest Tour


CHAMP FLIGHT: Ben Hargis with 4350 points

A FLIGHT: Mike Carey with 3428 points

B FLIGHT: Colin Sternhell with 3049 points

C FLIGHT: Tommy Gaudin with 2749 points

D FLIGHT: Sean Dunn with 3525 points

5th Annual Heritage Cup
Team Louisiana

Kris Hollan
Billy Aaron
Geoff Berniard
Carl Cole 
Ron Alleman
Jimmy Lawrence
Ronnie Averett
Brandon Brown
Avery Gaudin
Sean Dunn
Mike Kapp
Mike Carey
Freddie Griffin 
Tommy Gaudin
Kenny Granger
Tory Miller 
Britt Guillory
Derwin Pitre
Jody Moreau  
Eric Pelletier

Jason Katchur
Poppe Porche 
David Solieau

Paul Reaux
Darin Stewart
Clarence Whittington

 Jeromy Stansbury
 JP Tassin   

Colin Sternhell
  Michael Wilcox  



2018 - Michigan wins (MI 33  LA 27)
2017 - Louisiana wins (LA 40 1/2  MI 23 1/2)
2016 - Louisiana wins (LA 30 1/2  MI 29 1/2)
2015 - Michigan wins (MI  LA)
2014 - Louisiana wins (LA 35   MI 24)

Golfweek National Championship


Hilton Head, SC

October 19-21, 2018  

A total of 46 players represented Louisiana South at Nationals
(largest group we have sent to Nationals!!!) 


  players in flight  players in flight  players in flight  players in flight players in flight

The Tournament of Champions

You have to win to get in!!

The Tournament of Champions was created as a special event for any Louisiana South Tour player that captured a victory in a Louisiana South Tour event in the previous year.  Any Louisiana South player that wins a Louisiana South Major will qualify for the Tournament of Champions for the next two years.  The Tournament of Champions includes the players playing a round of golf with opportunity to win gift certificates and after the round, they (and their significant other) will take part in a Champion's Dinner.  The following players are eligible for playing in the 2019 Tournament of Champions to be held in March 2020:

Ben Hargis* (18/19)
Jimmy Lawrence* (18/19)
Colin Sternhell* (18/19)
Poppe Porche* (18/19)
Jim Dumas* (18/19)
Trey Coker* (18/19)
Sam Smith* (18/19)
Jamie Vidrine (19)
James Revels* (18/19)
Stefan Deville* (18/19)
  Mike Meadows (19)
Mpho Mmopi* (18/19)
Kain Savoy* (19/20) Kevin Bond* (19/20) Mike Fusilier* (19/20)
Corey Halsell (19)   Sam Trahan (19) Chase Rhoney (19)  Matt Gillespie* (19/20) Jeremiah Oalmann (19)
Hank Shaheen* (19/20) DJ Jackson* (19/20) Brandon Brown* (19/20) Cliff Hood* (19/20) Dylan Warner* (19/20)
Mike Kapp (19) Matthew Taylor* (19/20) Sydney Grider (19) Leroy Geaorge (19)
David Griffin* (19/20) Paul Reaux (19) Austin Davies (19)  
David Levingston* (19/20) Tim Rusk (19)  

John Willis* (19/20)

 Billy Loftin (19)      
 Updated thru: Bayou Oaks GC      
*2yr exemption for Major win        
Assist Directors:
Mike Carey
Jimmy Lawrence

2016 Scoring Challenge

Sponsored by Cabin and Pond LLC

(Visit us at cabinandpond.com)


Champ Flight: James "T-Boy" Hamilton
A Flight: Mike Carey
B Flight: Jason Katchur
C Flight: Ernie Joiner
D Flight: Lawson Rouly

The winner in each flight won a $50 Golfballs.com gift certificate

Thanks to all that participated!!!

REFERRAL PROGRAM (will be revised for 2017 season)
  • Level 1: If a member refers a brand new member to the tour, the member will receive a sleeve of Pro V1 or Pro V1x
  • Level 2: If a member refers 3 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a $25 Golfballs.com gift certificate as well as the sleeves of balls in Level 1
  • Level 3: If a member refers 5 or more new members to the tour, the member will receive a paid entry fee to a single-day Louisiana South Tournament as well as Level 1 and Level 2 gifts
  • To the person who refers the most new members (minimum of 5) throughout the season: that member will receive a paid entry fee to the Local Final in September as well as the other three level gifts  

*The new member must put the current members name in the "referred by" column in the Player Profile, pay the membership fee and play in at least one tournament.


 Britt Guillory (Tour Director)
Mike Carey (Assistant) and Jimmy Lawrence (Assistant)


I would like to tell you a little about myself and my team of Assistant Directors.  My name is Britt Guillory and I have been playing on the tour since 2004.  I have been the Assistant Director under Eric Simmons (The Commish) from 2006 to 2011.  In 2012, I accepted the Tour DIrector role and 2019 will be my eighth year as Tour Director.  I have two Assistant Directors on my team, Mike Carey and Jimmy Lawrence.  Mike Carey has been a player on the tour since 2004 and he has been an Assistant Director for the past 13 years.  Mike has played in both the Champ Flight and the “A” Flight.  Jimmy Lawrence has played on the tour since 2012.  Jimmy started in the "B" Flight but has played in the Champ Flight and “A” Flight.






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