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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
132 132 0

Flight Playing
(Champ) 19
(A) 32
(B) 44
(C) 21
(D) 16

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid
17448 Barrows, Hayden  (Champ)  Kentucky  Yes
34045 Barton, Lee  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
33633 Cordova, Tony  (Champ)  Orlando, FL  Yes
33743 Dickey, Jeff  (Champ)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
30703 Goulet, Michael  (Champ)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
20400 Greenberg, Gary  (Champ)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes
10690 Jeltema, Brian  (Champ)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
17017 Jones, Jordan  (Champ)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
14836 Kandilian III, William  (Champ)  Michigan East  Yes
30731 Legare, Chris   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes
3192 Malone, Jeff  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
14069 McCook, Ryan  (Champ)  Augusta, GA  Yes
2 McCormac, Dennis  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes
35724 Merrill, Randy  (Champ)  Las Vegas, NV  Yes
33193 Morell, Graham  (Champ)  Arkansas  Yes
34505 Rowe, Bryce  (Champ)  Kansas  Yes
27568 Sanders, Lee  (Champ)  Arkansas  Yes
26687 Starsky, Ben  (Champ)  Arkansas  Yes
10680 Tuttle, Chris  (Champ)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
34307 Baca, Dave  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
22395 Bain, Kenny  (A)  Nashville, TN  Yes
28934 Brendel, John  (A)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
29365 Carpenter, Garret  (A)  Michigan East  Yes
20909 Clark, Tim  (A)  Phoenix, AZ  Yes
17152 Dores, Jason  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
28415 DuBose, David  (A)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
14192 Gillan, Jamy  (A)  Michigan West  Yes
28568 Graunke, Jeff  (A)  North Central Florida  Yes
25382 Hackler, Warren  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
29890 Hanson, David  (A)  Louisiana North  Yes
34612 Hasen, Don  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
18167 Hemmert, Michael  (A)  Michigan East  Yes
24845 Hovis, Steven  (A)  Nashville, TN  Yes
9247 Ide, Scott  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
22458 James, Jonathan  (A)  Orlando, FL  Yes
2178 Joyner, Lyle  (A)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
31319 Kenyon, Joe  (A)  Phoenix, AZ  Yes
11354 LeVeque, David  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes
12872 Likes, Jeff  (A)  Michigan West  Yes
29436 Miller, Trevor   (A)  Michigan East  Yes
23508 Moore, Steve   (A)  Michigan East  Yes
26726 Powell, Frank   (A)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
8333 Powell, Glenn  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes
35844 Presha, Purvis  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
33463 Pritt, Donnie  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
3293 Rawlinson, Darren  (A)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
18307 Reeder, Rex  (A)  Columbus, OH  Yes
34187 Robinson, Robbie  (A)  Tampa, FL  Yes
28493 Tame, Randy  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes
16702 Wanner, Dan  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes
28543 Willis, Joe  (A)  Michigan East  Yes
28395 Ambrose, Dale  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
9248 Barron, Dean  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
22869 Bertoldo, Mike  (B)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
12632 Booher, Danny  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes
30834 Bussard, Gene  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
15148 Clark, Jay  (B)  Kentucky  Yes
15099 Darius, JR  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
19412 DeTorres, Bill  (B)  Orlando, FL  Yes
35374 Diercks, Tyler  (B)  Indianapolis, IN  Yes
26015 Dietz, Bill  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
28300 DuBose, Alan  (B)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
12639 Fair, Jason  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
28567 Gafford, Hayden  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
30917 Gammill, Tres  (B)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
3013 Gause, Jace  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes
15211 Glab, Bill  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
4780 Graves, Wes  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes
20534 Haeger, Spencer  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
30535 Harden, Brian  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
5524 Harris, Terence  (B)  Nashville, TN  Yes
31909 Hawkins, Glen  (B)  Indiana-Western KY  Yes
29152 Hill, Garrick  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
32394 Hunt, Beth  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
21694 Kattwinkel, Scott  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
32753 Kulasekar, Santhosh  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
34795 Mariner, Rich  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes
30346 Marra, Mike  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
22700 McCormack, Matt  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes
9928 Moore, Michael  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
16595 Neikirk, Kipp  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes
30978 Owens, Derwin  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
14056 Pigg, John  (B)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
29910 Pinkney, Jonathan  (B)  Orlando, FL  Yes
33889 Randall, Travis  (B)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
11397 Redmond, Sean  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
3299 Salik, Mike  (B)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
33050 Sheppard, Al  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
30901 Sherry, Paul  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes
32427 Sizemore, Donny  (B)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
29808 Smith, Keith  (B)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
2986 Sumption, Tim  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes
21683 Wheeler, Richard  (B)  Michigan West  Yes
20330 Wilson, David  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
25392 Young, Chris  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
28057 Adams, Neil  (C)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
17447 Barrows, Joe  (C)  Kentucky  Yes
12255 Bodenbach, Shayne  (C)  Michigan East  Yes
27740 Cates, Tony  (C)  Dallas- Fort Worth, TX  Yes
34498 Caulder, Gregg  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
3601 Griffin, Freddie  (C)  Louisiana South  Yes
33763 Johnson, Tristan  (C)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
28914 Kelsey, John  (C)  Nashville, TN  Yes
14048 McCook, Wendell  (C)  Augusta, GA  Yes
19396 McCraw, Brian  (C)  Los Angeles, CA  Yes
27760 Peyton, Crys  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes
33647 Pound, Glenn  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes
20537 Powell, George  (C)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
31578 Ratliff, Jeremy  (C)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
25085 Sauvola, Merle  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes
15230 Scruggs, Richard  (C)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
31070 Stenzel, Gary  (C)  North Central Florida  Yes
20500 Tomalia, Josh  (C)  Michigan East  Yes
35914 Turner, Ted Jr.  (C)  Augusta, GA  Yes
33762 Ward, Brook  (C)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
24589 Watkins, Bart  (C)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
33596 Baker, Paul  (D)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes
5493 Benintende, Victor  (D)  Tampa, FL  Yes
22426 Craighead, Jim  (D)  Nashville, TN  Yes
4142 Daniels, Steve  (D)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
32580 Dooley, Colin  (D)  St. Louis, MO  Yes
34422 Estes, Rick  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
35617 Flanigan, Mike  (D)  Charleston, SC  Yes
18935 Friedmann, Chad  (D)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes
34200 Gillentine, Rodney  (D)  Memphis/ North Mississippi  Yes
28569 Hansley, Ken  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
33690 Johnson, Allen  (D)  Mississippi Gulf Coast  Yes
21230 Lara, Hector  (D)  Phoenix, AZ  Yes
13937 Mallett, Ed  (D)  Chicago, IL  Yes
14154 Mlodgenski, Bill  (D)  Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN  Yes
34202 Taylor, Kenny  (D)  Nashville, TN  Yes
32087 Tillinger, Eddie   (D)  Houston, TX  Yes



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