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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
120 87 33

Flight Playing
(Champ) 12
(A) 19
(B) 18
(C) 23
(D) 15

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid
32944 Bostic, Tony  (Champ)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
34471 Brown, Tony  (Champ)  Kentucky  Yes
37116 Constantino, Daniel  (Champ)  Upstate SC  Yes
5290 Earnest, Josh  (Champ)  Kentucky  Yes
29248 Harris, Chris  (Champ)  Kentucky  Yes
31708 Holliday, Kelly  (Champ)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
34288 Johnson, Brandon  (Champ)  Columbus, OH  Yes
36657 Kennedy, Scott  (Champ)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
2474 Maier, Jeffrey  (Champ)  Columbus, OH  Yes
20463 Pongrace, David  (Champ)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
30998 Roberts, Brooks  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
5755 Stewart, Craig  (Champ)  Columbus, OH  Yes
34307 Baca, Dave  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
25629 Beresh, James  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
24327 Bryant, Jimmy  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
18670 Burlison, Tom  (A)  Columbus, OH  Yes
3343 Dickenson, Kasey  (A)  Kentucky  Yes
17614 Dougherty, Harry  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
21405 Fernbach, General  (A)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
36522 Gaither, Dan  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes
20180 Garland, Mike  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
25382 Hackler, Warren  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
12324 Herpolsheimer, Brad  (A)  Columbus, OH  Yes
23488 Hyjek, Al  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes
28194 Kauffman, James  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
6762 Martinez, Chris  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
30734 Rand, Les  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
31339 Robinson, Tim  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
29656 Sharp, Curtis  (A)  Salt Lake City, UT  Yes
21229 Shoulders, Dana  (A)  Columbus, OH  Yes
36934 Vick, Todd  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
31005 Barrow, Gary  (B)  Kentucky  Yes
3309 Boyer, Stan  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
16655 Calhoun, Josh  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes
30678 Carreon, Fredy  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
30870 Cragen, Bart  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
13826 Franklin, Chris  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes
20534 Haeger, Spencer  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
36906 Lutes, John  (B)  Columbus, OH  Yes
25815 Maynard, Garrett  (B)  Columbus, OH  Yes
33580 Pereira, Jack  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
31297 Quarles, Mitch  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes
37226 Ruch, Jim  (B)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
10932 Russell, Bill  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes
15290 Santee, Bob  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes
25898 Stackhouse, Imee  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
16522 Tallman, Robert  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
30990 Upright, Don  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
30937 Zander, Stephen  (B)  Michigan East  Yes
36045 Bogardus, Bo  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
34277 Branch, Garry  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
25371 Cain, Scott  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes
35078 DeCroock, Darren  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes
37621 Dunn, Steve  (C)  Columbus, OH  Yes
6193 Ferraris, Vic  (C)  Kentucky  Yes
36241 Fischer, Michael  (C)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
18247 Franklin, Cephas  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
28517 Jones, Joseph  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes
23578 Jones, Steve  (C)  Kentucky  Yes
34121 Lane, Brian  (C)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
6792 McBride, Buddy  (C)  Columbus, OH  Yes
20753 Noel, Bill  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
37453 Norwood, Rod  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
24275 Novak, Butch  (C)  Columbus, OH  Yes
3912 Rhode, Lyn  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes
11840 Russell, Bob  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes
27028 Sanchez, Nelson  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
24248 Sawyer, Thompson  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
37593 Spurlock, Christopher  (C)  Kentucky  Yes
26240 Stackhouse, Don  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
36780 Waldespuhl, Kris  (C)  Cincinnati, OH  Yes
4249 Wilkes, Landon  (C)  Central Carolina  Yes
17744 Alexander, Sal  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
36913 Barfield, Robin  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
25809 Briggs, James  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
27933 Brown, Franklin  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
34076 Casazza, Mike  (D)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes
35565 Davis, John  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
14911 Doyle, Shawn  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
34422 Estes, Rick  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
27638 Hollis, Joe  (D)  Kentucky  Yes
36110 Holly, Rick  (D)  Columbus, OH  Yes
19196 Miller, Mike  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
14989 Moore, Lisa  (D)  Kentucky  Yes
36096 Oates, Chad  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes
26388 Phillips, David  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes
25871 Wilson, Ray  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes



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