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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
61 61 0

Flight Playing
(Champ) 8
(A) 13
(B) 16
(C) 12
(D) 12

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid
28323 Allen, Jeff  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
26368 Bradshaw, Mike  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
28819 Brinson, Skip  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
34497 Brown, David  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
34453 Cloninger, Trent  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
32578 Dean, Phillip  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
33813 Delveaux, Jared  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes
12469 Dowless, Mike  (Champ)  Eastern NC  No
30861 Baysden, Daryl  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
32035 Davis, Sid  (A)  Eastern NC  No
17614 Dougherty, Harry  (A)  Eastern NC  No
30873 Foy, Buddy  (A)  Eastern NC  No
9947 Green, Daren  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
26117 Johnson, Richard  (A)  Eastern NC  No
19640 Mitchell, Michael  (A)  Tidewater, VA  Yes
16867 Palacios, Marc  (A)  Eastern NC  No
33463 Pritt, Donnie  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes
9945 Sheahan, Bob  (A)  Eastern NC  No
33210 Wang, Brian  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
8810 Wooten, George  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes
15057 Yergeau, Jay  (A)  Eastern NC  No
8813 Brown, Beau  (B)  Eastern NC  No
30870 Cragen, Bart  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
27869 Davis, Scott  (B)  Eastern NC  No
28262 Hencker, Eli  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
9931 Henris, Dan  (B)  Eastern NC  No
32323 Horne, Matt  (B)  Eastern NC  No
27960 Horne, Trevor  (B)  Eastern NC  No
33574 Jolly, Mac  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
28063 Jones, TJ  (B)  Eastern NC  No
20269 Lech, Henry  (B)  Eastern NC  No
22753 Repola, Shane  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No
31638 Roberson, Michael  (B)  Birmingham, AL  Yes
15071 Sears, Johnny  (B)  Eastern NC  No
14269 Sheahan, Elvis  (B)  Eastern NC  No
31415 Vandam, Matt  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes
31577 Waters, Randy  (B)  Eastern NC  No
33852 Bentley, Mike  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
11947 Bullock, Thomas  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
34498 Caulder, Gregg  (C)  Eastern NC  No
17519 Evans, Travis  (C)  Eastern NC  No
30244 Johnson, JB  (C)  Eastern NC  No
33003 Saballos, Lee  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes
27028 Sanchez, Nelson  (C)  Eastern NC  No
25707 Shackleford, Dallas  (C)  Eastern NC  No
31116 Simmons, Norman  (C)  Eastern NC  No
26288 Smith, Tim  (C)  Eastern NC  No
33255 Syner, Matt  (C)  Eastern NC  No
31618 Warren, Bob  (C)  Eastern NC  No
33575 Anthony , Antonio  (D)  Eastern NC  No
28403 Campbell, Mike  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
28947 Cefalo, Michael  (D)  Eastern NC  No
24471 Grayson, Adam  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
28569 Hansley, Ken  (D)  Eastern NC  No
16565 Lee, Richard  (D)  Eastern NC  No
33948 Lehman, Gregg  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
34195 Moore, Lamar  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
11064 Paul, Joe  (D)  Eastern NC  No
34295 Rogers, Trey  (D)  Eastern NC  No
33756 Smith, Carl  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes
33078 Spalding, Dan  (D)  Eastern NC  No



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