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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


I am writing to inform you of some changes to our magazine frequency and format for 2021. Our plan is to publish four issues in 2021 including our annual Golfweek’s Best in April and Ultimate Guide in December. In addition to these two issues, we will publish a new issue called Get Equipped in February that will highlight everything new in the game for 2021 including equipment, gear, places to visit and more. The second new issue is titled Golf Life in July and will feature in-depth stories and interviews with the movers, shakers and personalities that drive the business and sport of golf. We are excited about the new schedule and plan to bring the same style of expert, in-depth journalism that you expect from Golfweek..


I hope that you also enjoying as well as our weekly digital newsletter products including: Monday Rewind, Get Equipped, Get Primed, Golf Life and Get Better. You can sign up for these here.


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 



Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek





As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2022 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


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Tour Partners:





Total Paid Members*: 100

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your name to show after payment.

ID Golfer Flight
4816  Allison, Curtis  (A) 
42551  Ard, Jeffery   (C) 
35447  Baccari, Tom  (Champ) 
34428  Baggett, Donald  (D) 
48886  Baggett, Mark  (Champ) 
45352  Ballew, Allen  (B) 
30596  Beckman, Calvin  (D) 
36798  Biggs, David  (B) 
38210  Bland, Andrew  (B) 
49190  Blinn, Tim  (A) 
29913  Bottorff, Earl  (B) 
34081  Brendle, Jeffery  (B) 
45821  Burrell, Michael  (B) 
46700  Cahill, Adam  (Champ) 
36361  Calvert, Bill  (D) 
30037  Carroll, Graham  (C) 
48266  Coker, Reed  (C) 
48788  Coker, Zac  (C) 
12857  Collins, Chris  (Champ) 
19294  Collins, Joe  (D) 
43440  Compton, Ricky  (C) 
45290  Curry, Jack  (A) 
48395  Dargenio, Fred  (B) 
35565  Davis, John  (D) 
37227  Davis, Skylar  (A) 
48274  Dobbins, Corey  (A) 
38490  Draucker, Keith   (D) 
45691  Fatkin, Jerry  (B) 
39209  Fay, Norm  (B) 
45993  Ferrell, Greg  (B) 
20918  Fesperman, Ray  (D) 
45274  Fisher, Chad  (B) 
45626  Fleming, Josh  (A) 
31325  Floyd, Eric  (C) 
45567  Fortuna, Tony  (B) 
42584  Gainey, James  (D) 
41765  Gainey, Justin  (B) 
42275  Gainey, Wayne  (D) 
13217  Ganus, David  (A) 
37933  Gibbs, Bobby  (A) 
37915  Gibbs, Justin  (B) 
33721  Grainger, Shane  (C) 
47570  Grimshaw, Paul  (D) 
30739  Guariglia, Joey  (B) 
47286  Harrison, Laura  (C) 
44808  Hess, Trevor  (D) 
32394  Hunt, Beth  (B) 
45071  Kalil, Joseph  (A) 
46482  Kavanaugh, Ken  (Champ) 
41013  Kelly, Richard  (B) 
36657  Kennedy, Scott  (A) 
46952  King, Travis  (A) 
47241  Kinsella, Chris  (B) 
47776  Kruger, Kevin  (D) 
41487  Lane, Chuck  (C) 
8280  Lewis, Brian  (Champ) 
42814  Long, Brandon  (C) 
40758  Love, TJ  (D) 
34764  Malone, Wes  (A) 
48733  Mariner, Jeffrey  (C) 
41488  Martin, Shelley  (D) 
39687  McGee, Darlene  (D) 
13282  McGirt, Jeff  (B) 
48251  Medlin, Jon  (C) 
12017  Montgomery, Rich  (Champ) 
30885  Moore, Josh  (A) 
46862  Moore, Pat  (D) 
36338  Moose, Jack  (D) 
46701  Moose, Jen  (D) 
22767  Nickels, Jeff  (Champ) 
10411  Pate, Doug  (B) 
41014  Pennington, Gregory  (A) 
33580  Pereira, Jack  (B) 
9445  Pfeiffer, Phil  (Champ) 
38424  Powell, Travis  (A) 
28442  Pridgen, Ron  (C) 
25879  Ramsey, Patrick  (C) 
38835  Richards, Donna  (C) 
38836  Richards, Tom  (B) 
45289  Roach, Tim  (A) 
33466  Roberts, Connor  (B) 
47730  Roberts, Jeff  (Champ) 
16500  Sheads, Don  (A) 
46592  Slater, Kyle  (Champ) 
48989  Smith, Branden  (Champ) 
47778  Smith, Duffy  (D) 
45893  Smith, JoLynn  (C) 
13790  Starrett, Jimmy  (B) 
16558  Sudol, Jack  (B) 
48880  Sugg, Jason  (Champ) 
19213  Sutton, Mike  (C) 
42413  Sweeney, Curtis  (A) 
40762  Thorpe, Robbie   (D) 
45068  Thurow, Nick  (D) 
30997  Tole, Patrick  (B) 
36774  Tyner, Ricky  (D) 
19052  Walton, Jimmy  (D) 
34105  Williams, Mike  (B) 
47287  Wolf, John  (A) 
46779  Zimmerman, Eric  (Champ) 



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