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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


I am writing to inform you of some changes to our magazine frequency and format for 2021. Our plan is to publish four issues in 2021 including our annual Golfweek’s Best in April and Ultimate Guide in December. In addition to these two issues, we will publish a new issue called Get Equipped in February that will highlight everything new in the game for 2021 including equipment, gear, places to visit and more. The second new issue is titled Golf Life in July and will feature in-depth stories and interviews with the movers, shakers and personalities that drive the business and sport of golf. We are excited about the new schedule and plan to bring the same style of expert, in-depth journalism that you expect from Golfweek..


I hope that you also enjoying www.golfweek.usatoday.com as well as our weekly digital newsletter products including: Monday Rewind, Get Equipped, Get Primed, Golf Life and Get Better. You can sign up for these here.


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 



Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek




As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through USHandicap.com and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2020 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


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Tour Partners:





Total Paid Members*: 105

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your name to show after payment.

ID Golfer Flight
45771  Abrego, Rick  (C) 
45506  Albers, Corey  (B) 
46870  Anderson, Brian  (C) 
43002  Arellano, Jose  (A) 
47483  Bader, Matt  (B) 
45504  Bakkum, Michael  (B) 
42236  Bangs, Matt  (A) 
43271  Barlow, Thomas  (A) 
42319  Bautista, Tony  (C) 
25512  Beeson, Jason  (C) 
46992  Blakney, Kevin  (B) 
42008  Blighton, Stu  (B) 
45096  Bristol, Gavin  (Champ) 
45986  Bronson, Marvin  (D) 
43410  Carey, Daniel   (C) 
46305  Carter, Scott  (A) 
46547  Castro, Robert  (A) 
46703  Ciobanu, Benjamin   (B) 
46991  Ciullo, Bill  (D) 
46068  Clay, Nick  (C) 
46654  Clisby, Chris  (C) 
45098  Cohen, Marty  (D) 
45964  Connor, Michael  (C) 
46264  Cox, Chris  (B) 
47742  Croucher, Randy  (B) 
47556  Curtis, Ted  (Champ) 
47657  Curtis, Tyler  (A) 
48252  Davenport, Cody  (A) 
46872  Dempsey, Mike  (C) 
46655  Derheim, Jason  (D) 
44655  Englant, Greg  (B) 
23369  Faas, Jordan  (C) 
44792  Farrington, Edward  (Champ) 
42348  Ferguson, Jim  (D) 
45219  Garcia, Antoine  (A) 
44538  Garner, Bryce  (A) 
46063  Gassaway, Derek  (A) 
46360  Gentner, Theodore  (B) 
47590  Gonzalez, Ricardo  (C) 
46065  Gransbery, Shawn  (D) 
47658  Gray, David  (A) 
46181  Grove, Sam   (A) 
46307  Harrison, Eric   (D) 
47401  Hauge, James  (Champ) 
46107  Head, Matthew  (D) 
47743  Henson, Jeremy  (B) 
43988  Hermosillo, Germ  (D) 
46432  Hillerich, Jon  (A) 
47686  Hughes, Adam  (D) 
45188  Irish, Ryan  (A) 
46394  Juhala, LJ  (A) 
47018  Kennedy, Scott  (C) 
45712  Kienlen, Jordan  (C) 
43899  Kjensler, Brian  (D) 
46262  Kuch, Tony  (B) 
44481  Lance, James  (A) 
46490  Lang, Jud  (B) 
43820  Lee, Bobby  (B) 
43463  Lee, Edward  (A) 
42566  Leonard, Carl  (Champ) 
48135  Mackay, Bret  (A) 
45296  Madding, John  (B) 
42402  Markman, Brian  (C) 
46183  Markson, Rob  (D) 
44121  Mason, Robby  (A) 
47896  McDonald, Scot  (C) 
46261  Mechow, Andrew  (B) 
43700  Mintken, Todd  (C) 
44663  Moncur, Lance  (C) 
47573  Myers, Travis   (A) 
46954  Newton, Jim  (A) 
45418  Newton, Rich  (C) 
47289  Noreen, Jim  (A) 
26025  Oda, Naruhisa  (B) 
46067  Pak, Chol  (C) 
47121  Pena, Syd  (C) 
46306  Qualls, David  (D) 
48119  Ralls, Dave  (B) 
44430  Ramey, Paul  (B) 
44236  Reid, Dave  (A) 
43437  Rodgers, Geoff  (Champ) 
46182  Rust, Jamie  (C) 
46119  Sandman, Jeff  (D) 
47614  Sim, Jordan  (A) 
43522  Sims, Edward  (A) 
47624  Skipper, Zach  (C) 
46871  Spearin, Scott  (A) 
46653  Stanfield, Mike  (C) 
46990  Suitor, Brian  (C) 
47613  Sullivan, Waiken  (A) 
46652  Swearer, BJ  (A) 
43499  Terry, Chris   (Champ) 
44575  Thimjon, Andrew  (Champ) 
41344  Thoda, Stotz  (A) 
44889  Thurmond, Walter  (B) 
47919  Tiwater, Eli  (B) 
45203  Vandevert, Jamie  (Champ) 
48253  Waible, Chuck  (B) 
45505  Warncke, Alex  (A) 
46120  Whitney, Raynel  (D) 
46081  Wiley, Randy  (C) 
46378  Williams, Bob  (D) 
43379  Williams, Griff  (A) 
44349  Williams, Guy  (D) 
47035  Ziegler, Steve  (A) 



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