2021 National Tour Championship




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Champ Flight Pairings Round Two

9am Shotgun Start

Atlantic Dunes (SeaPines Resort)

Anderson, Grady 46902 1A
Fennel, Wes 36794 1A
Meade, Kyle 42049 1A
Merrill, Randy 35724 1A
Wong, Jeff 10463 1B
Connelly, Eddie 38527 1B
Frank, Chad 10548 1B
Jaspers, Joe 3097 1B
Barnes, Jay 19681 2
Clary, Jody 4009 2
Hill, B.J. 15393 2
Holt, Corbin 44790 2
Caffee, Mark 28190 3
Pfeiffer, Phil 9445 3
Ellis, Jack 43223 3
Jones, Mark 42642 3
Bradham, Michael 39462 4A
O'Quinn, Josh 38283 4A
Pippin, Stephen 26896 4A
Lamb, Chris 41754 4A
Smillie, Cameron 43836 4B
Wijaya, Hendra 37259 4B
Dailey, James 37160 4B
Fulmer, T.A. 43202 4B
Campbell, Rich 17648 5
Cantu, Derrick 10006 5
Strader, Wes 38082 5
Kittleson, Scott 18913 5
Nelson, Dennis 11259 6A
Levingston, David 31813 6A
Manning, Jamie 2436 6A
Moffett, Kyle 28613 6A
Pak, Kevin 48459 6B
Pease, Neal 44456 6B
Pestka, Chris 48542 6B
Sugg, Jason 48880 6B
Aughtry, Jim 3100 7
Cherry, Andrew 40500 7
Williamson, Ken 47959 7
Hoffman, Alex 35112 7
Pascale, Gerry 2435 8
Haselton, Hall 23005 8
Lopez, Andres 24455 8
McCook, Ryan 14069 8
Vauls, Dorian 46630 9A
Crawford, David 40743 9A
Durrett, Will 37162 9A
Moritz, Jeff 29971 9A
Buse, Andrew 44037 9B
Roberts, Scott 37865 9B
Tomlinson, Craig 3305 9B
Gusa, Jacob 28370 9B
Payne, Jeremy 23121 10A
Cobb, Mike 39380 10A
Kubik, Steve 9101 10A
Miller, Tory 12900 10A
Calahan, Nathan 47553 10B
Zimmerman, Eric 46779 10B
Curtis, Ted 47556 10B
Fenstermaker, Phillip 47466 10B
Pontiff, Ron 45240 11
Thompson, Art 45681 11
Ziccardi, Tyler 46028 11
Krueger, Robert 48676 11
Schmidt, David 3101 12A
Sigmon, Jacob 4026 12A
Hammons, Jim 10554 12A
Hamner, Jacob 43761 12A
Bell, John 40819 12B
Booth, Bobby 42824 12B
Sparks, Randy 8893 12B
Ghandour, Bilal 29618 12B
Escalante, Christian 45007 13
Konkle, Mitchel 46443 13
Lang, Justin 44621 13
Masterson, Zake 12319 13
Sorrells, Trey 43877 14A
Hamilton, James 9815 14A
Hodges, Randy 16598 14A
Jeltema, Brian 10690 14A
Barnes, Jake 45575 14B
Smith, Josh 10246 14B
Hagen, Mason 19081 14B
Miller, Jack 44976 14B
Banchoff, Nik 15215 15
Beard, Jared 17002 15
Schaal, Warren 48168 15
Foehse, Matthew 26007 15
Bryant, Joe 11490 16
Cain, Derrick 43786 16
Peterson, Brandon 41238 16
Pulnik, Tim 38006 16
Adams, Lamar 44916 17A
Blanchard, Chad 34312 17A
Dennis, Ryan 44360 17A
Miller, Randy 40825 17A
Ottarson, Spencer 40086 17B
Dillon, Tom 10499 17B
Jackson, AJ 29916 17B
Cicatiello, Gary 48129 18A
Pustay, Mark 36481 18A
Smith, Ryan 26187 18A
Atkinson, Greg 35996 18B
Boyd, Greg 45379 18B
Bush, David 22409 18B










Thanks for joining us at The 2021 National Tour Championship!




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