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Sunday, October 17th: Final Round of the Tour Championship

Champ Flight, Atlantic Dunes 
#7 Thompson, Art
#15 Crawford, David
#17 Anderson, Grady
A Flight, Hampton Hall 
#9 Wright, Allen
#12 Kovacs, Brent
#13 Podzimek, Rich
A Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Dunes) 
#1 Cloud, Eric
#2 Phillips, Thomas
#5 Middleton, Tim
#6 Reinoehl, JODY
#7 Bohnsack, Eric
#9 Marshall, Brandan
#10 Klenck, Mark
#11 Lotuaco, Raymond
#14 English, Jim
B Flight, Robert Trent Jones 
#1 Robinson, John
B Flight, Dolphin Head CC 
#6 Salvo, Christopher
#8 Peyton, Crys
#13 Biggs, David
#18 Whiteside, Lawrence
C Flight, Oyster Reef 
#1 Allen, Scott
#2 LaFave, Bryan
#4 Myers, Mike
#12 Adams, Dan
#18 Cline, David
C Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Hall) 
#3 Pharr, Tony
#7 Parker, Scott
#9 Johnson, Cory
#13 Taylor, Yelly
#18 Yun, Chris
D Flight, CC of Hiltin Head 
#1 Crossfield, Les
#5 Fava, David
#9 Stewart, Mike
#14 Sims, Jeff 
#18 Johnston, David
D Flight, Bear Creek 
#2 Nichols, Wesley
#5 Carr, Robert 
#8 Ungaretta, Kevin
#11 Carr, Noah
#15 Crank, Kim
#18 Legare, Al

Saturday, October 16th: Round Two of the Tour Championship

Champ Flight, Atlantic Dunes 
Eagle on 9, Jay Barnes
Birdie on 13, Jody Clary
A1 Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Dunes) 
Birdie on 5, Mark Klenck
Birdie on 14,  Chris Novak
A2 Flight, Hampton Hall 
Birdie on 18, Scott Edwards
B1 Flight, Dolphin Head CC 
Birdie on 12, Christoper Salvo
B2 Flight, Robert Trent Jones 
Eagle on 2, John Taylor
Birdie on 16, Dan Morgan
Birdie on 18, Francis Cave
C1 Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Hall) 
Birdie on 6, Daniel Kennelly
Birdie on 9, Donna Brown
Birdie on 10, Brandon Bley
Birdie on 18, Les Brown
C2 Flight, Oyster Reef 
Birdie on 1, Shawn Vena
Birdie on 5, Chris Berry
Birdie on 10, Jay Freeman
Birdie on 17, Tommy Gaudin
Birdie on 18, Austin Mims
D1 Flight, Bear Creek 
Birdie on 4, Harold Heath
Birdie on 6, David Schimdt
Birdie on 7, Robby McKemie
Birdie on 9, Dallas Shackleford
Birdie on 10, Robert Benavides
Birdie on 11, Anthony Bellapigna
Birdie on 14, Dean Howard
Birdie on 16, Mike Lowry
D2 Flight, CC of Hilton Head
#1 Cody Payton
#5 Nathan Santamaria
#6 Ray Wiggins
#14 Cody Peyton


Friday, October 15th: Round One of the National Championship

Champ Flight, Atlantic Dunes 
#4 Eagle, Chad Frank
#9 Eagle Scott Kittleson
#13 Birdie Ryan McCook
A Flight, Hampton Hall
#16 Eagle Rich Podzimek 
A Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Dunes)
#17 Birdie Virginia Gilton
B Flight, Robert Trent Jones
#9 Eagle Jake McKie
B Flight, Dolphin Head CC
#15 Birdie Larry Penfield
C Flight, Oyster Reef
#4 Birdie Mike Horn
#6 Birdie Stephen Singleton
C Flight, Arthur Hills (P. Hall)
#7 Birdie Jay Freeman
#12 Birdie Mark Langford
#14 Tony Pharr
#18 Jeremy Richardson
D Flight, CC of Hiltin Head
#4 Birdie Harold Heath
#6 Birdie Will Allen
#14 Birdie Cleve Johnson
D Flight, Bear Creek 
No Skins, $1900 carries forward.



Thursday, October 14th: The TaylorMade Skins Game Winners

#13 Eagle Jake McKie $1600

#18 Eagle Joe Kenyon $1600



Thanks for joining us at The 2021 National Tour Championship!




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