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SEPTEMBER 17 - 20, 2020

The Sea Pines Resort is hosting the second annual Lighthouse Invitational, four-day golf tournament this fall, offering the ultimate golfing experience with play on all three of its championship courses and exclusive privileges and amenities, including an opening night reception and putting contest at the famed Harbour Town Golf Links. Click below for more info.




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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
220 215 5

Flight Playing
(Champ) 24
(A) 56
(B) 51
(C) 53
(D) 31

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid Tour Paid Tournament
30861 Baysden, Daryl  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
28819 Brinson, Skip  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
9287 Crooks, John  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
39591 Dale, Chris  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
10194 Dauler, Tod  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
43223 Ellis, Jack  (Champ)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
40914 Hayes, Brian  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
10216 Jenner, Bill  (Champ)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
33208 Jones, Curtis  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes No
11921 Jones, Ivan  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
30731 Legare, Chris   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
35063 Maland, Eric  (Champ)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
2436 Manning, Jamie  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
38567 Masotti, John  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes No
44327 O’Brien, Patrick  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
9445 Pfeiffer, Phil  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
40800 Phillips, Anthony   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
44326 Popp, Jimmy  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
30998 Roberts, Brooks  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes No
44374 Rostron, Carter  (Champ)  Washington, DC Metro  No No
38984 Shelton, Tripp  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes No
38082 Strader, Wes  (Champ)  Eastern NC  Yes No
10967 Williams, Park  (Champ)  Central Carolina  Yes No
31123 Wright, Mark  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
30012 Adams, Kyle  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
21065 Allen, Ross  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
34307 Baca, Dave  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
15408 Berry, Bill  (A)  Central Carolina  No Yes
42824 Booth, Bobby  (A)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
28186 Brown, Westfield  (A)  Columbia, SC  Yes No
25307 Combs, J  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
43395 Cooper, Zeke  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes No
22263 Dixon, Fred  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
42522 Dixon, Lee  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
42156 Dixon, Scott  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
17614 Dougherty, Harry  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes No
8961 Ducker, Mark  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
35742 Edwards, Michael  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
43776 Frisch, Matthew  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
3013 Gause, Jace  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
28870 Geske, Michael  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
32996 Getsinger, Charles  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes No
17918 Giovanni, JT  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes No
34030 Gonsalves, Mike  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
25382 Hackler, Warren  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
27150 Holt, Randy  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
29309 Holt, Shannon  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
2980 Huff, Biff  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
20997 Hur, Alex  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
9247 Ide, Scott  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
17017 Jones, Jordan  (A)  Birmingham, AL  Yes No
43089 Kaufman, Pete  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
27109 Kenneck, Sean  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
35757 Kuenzer, Darryl  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
41983 Lyles, Kevin  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
19135 Marinelli, Steve  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
27486 McMillan, Mac  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
36789 Montoya, Pedro  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
38833 Neumann, Brad  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
4409 Neverve, Robin  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
18746 Newsome, Terry  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes No
23021 Pearce, Dan  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes No
14197 Peery, Hollis  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
42298 Pethel, Logan  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes No
38424 Powell, Travis  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
33463 Pritt, Donnie  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
35637 Rennox, Warren  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes No
10178 Reynolds, Rob  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
38601 Rittenhouse, Heidi  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes No
43942 Ritzman, Steve  (A)  Kansas  Yes Yes
31339 Robinson, Tim  (A)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
37926 Sedano, Juan   (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
16500 Sheads, Don  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
42842 Strawn, Noel   (A)  Eastern NC  Yes No
2986 Sumption, Tim  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
10189 Ton, Cuong  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
36934 Vick, Todd  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
2984 Walters, Steve  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
16702 Wanner, Dan  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
27146 Watkins, Jason  (A)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
14729 Abernathy, Jerry  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes No
14613 Adams, Jimmy  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
39696 Allen, Scott  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
29961 Baquer, Bryan  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes No
31005 Barrow, Gary  (B)  Kentucky  Yes Yes
10751 Beckett, Kenneth  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
19465 Biggs, John  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
38210 Bland, Andrew  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  No Yes
36747 Eagerton, Glenn  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
29631 Fisher, Duane  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
39839 Fore, Brad  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
41765 Gainey, Justin  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
34697 Garris, Jason  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes No
42053 Green, Jesse  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
29307 Greene, Brad  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
30739 Guariglia, Joey  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
9436 Hagen, Allen  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
37495 Halsey, Brandon  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes No
15415 Hawkins, Michael  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes No
28418 Hawkins, Seth   (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
31982 Huge, Chris  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
32394 Hunt, Beth  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
43468 James, Buster  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
28517 Jones, Joseph  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
41013 Kelly, Richard  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
13303 Klauss, William  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
31811 Lea, Flip  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes No
2415 Lee, Joe  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
2457 Lee, Larry  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
36124 Lewis, Sam  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
42652 Long, Mitchell   (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
27976 Marley, Derek  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
11867 Martin, Michael  (B)  Augusta, GA  No No
17316 Martin, Mike  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
38341 Martinez, Rod  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes No
36891 Menna, Michael   (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
25436 Ogunmadewa, Olu  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
30978 Owens, Derwin  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes No
33580 Pereira, Jack  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
27760 Peyton, Crys  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
8904 Ravenel, James  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
38836 Richards, Tom  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
9140 Rinaldi, John  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
31105 Rosier, Jeff  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
25760 Saager, John  (B)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
38225 Shepard, Larry  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
25898 Stackhouse, Imee  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
2586 Turner, Bryant  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
40357 Ward, Randy  (B)  Michigan West  Yes Yes
10966 White, Ken  (B)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
39942 Williams, Roy  (B)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
36913 Barfield, Robin  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
25809 Briggs, James  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
27933 Brown, Franklin  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
38779 Bullard, Christian  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
43093 Callahan, Brenden  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
36205 Cash, Daniel  (C)  Atlanta, GA  Yes No
8771 Clark, Ray  (C)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
42432 Cooper, Johnnie  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
4142 Daniels, Steve  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
35565 Davis, John  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
37500 Deleone, Mike  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes No
42426 DePalma, John  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
31355 Douglas, Cooter  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
24471 Grayson, Adam  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
27960 Horne, Trevor  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
29010 Jacobs, James  (C)  Nashville, TN  Yes Yes
22492 James, Charlie  (C)  Orlando, FL  Yes No
18728 James, Tony  (C)  Augusta, GA  Yes No
26756 Johnson, Cleve  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
34072 Johnson, Julie  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
41512 Keaton, Justin  (C)  Kentucky  Yes Yes
39763 King, Jack  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
41487 Lane, Chuck  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
38908 Lee, AJ  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
42814 Long, Brandon  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
23141 Martin, Michael  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes No
42390 Martin, Tyler  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
17104 Metzger, Sean   (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
24481 Moore, Michael  (C)  Upstate SC  No No
38681 Mullikin, Jimmy   (C)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
26490 Nemes, Matthew  (C)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
30240 Overfield, Jack  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
11926 Page, John  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
36961 Penfield, Larry  (C)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
42350 Podczervinski, Josh  (C)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
43331 Rabon, Jonathan   (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
25879 Ramsey, Patrick  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
37887 Reese, Christopher   (C)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
39244 Reynolds, Alan  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
38835 Richards, Donna  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
34091 Sams, Darin  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
11577 Simon, Brett  (C)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
26240 Stackhouse, Don  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
43288 Starowicz, Scott  (C)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
38830 Sullivan, Danny  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes No
19213 Sutton, Mike  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
42864 Tavel, Sean  (C)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes No
9117 Thompson, Vince  (C)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
40762 Thorpe, Robbie   (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
32031 Villarreal, Brian  (C)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
4249 Wilkes, Landon  (C)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
17741 Williams, Brad  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
18592 Williams, Dwight  (C)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
23178 Allison, Bill  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
42551 Ard, Jeffery   (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
30948 Barrow, Susan  (D)  Kentucky  Yes Yes
30596 Beckman, Calvin  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
16261 Carr, Randy  (D)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
28947 Cefalo, Michael  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
25742 Chase, Aaron  (D)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
29036 Coleman, Chris  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
5098 Corbitt, Issac Ray  (D)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
14911 Doyle, Shawn  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
38490 Draucker, Keith   (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
42468 Dreelin, Dennis  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
42584 Gainey, James  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes No
42275 Gainey, Wayne  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
28569 Hansley, Ken  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
42431 Haun, James  (D)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
42321 Hicks, Pandolla  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
18867 Hughes, Kelvin  (D)  Augusta, GA  Yes No
42433 King, Chris  (D)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
15320 King, Mike  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes No
27884 Krick, Charles  (D)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
43204 Kwon, Steve  (D)  Charlotte, NC  Yes No
41488 Martin, Shelley  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
39687 McGee, Darlene  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
2998 Miller, Michael  (D)  Charleston, SC  Yes No
36338 Moose, Jack  (D)  Central Carolina  Yes Yes
26388 Phillips, David  (D)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
40725 Price, Bill  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
31022 Ross, Randy  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
19052 Walton, Jimmy  (D)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
21645 Webb, Chris  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes No



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