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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


I am writing to inform you of some changes to our magazine frequency and format for 2021. Our plan is to publish four issues in 2021 including our annual Golfweek’s Best in April and Ultimate Guide in December. In addition to these two issues, we will publish a new issue called Get Equipped in February that will highlight everything new in the game for 2021 including equipment, gear, places to visit and more. The second new issue is titled Golf Life in July and will feature in-depth stories and interviews with the movers, shakers and personalities that drive the business and sport of golf. We are excited about the new schedule and plan to bring the same style of expert, in-depth journalism that you expect from Golfweek..


I hope that you also enjoying www.golfweek.usatoday.com as well as our weekly digital newsletter products including: Monday Rewind, Get Equipped, Get Primed, Golf Life and Get Better. You can sign up for these here.


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 



Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek





As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through USHandicap.com and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2022 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

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Total Spots Total Playing Openings Left
128 128 0

Flight Playing
(Champ) 18
(A) 25
(B) 44
(C) 19
(D) 22

Who's Playing
ID Player Flight Home Tour Paid Tour Paid Tournament
3100 Aughtry, Jim  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
23024 Belcher, Kris  (Champ)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
10006 Cantu, Derrick  (Champ)  Louisiana North  Yes Yes
16598 Hodges, Randy  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
3097 Jaspers, Joe  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
40554 Johnson, Elliott  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
41754 Lamb, Chris  (Champ)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
37803 Lee, Adam  (Champ)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
30731 Legare, Chris   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
24455 Lopez, Andres  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
2436 Manning, Jamie  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
29436 Miller, Trevor   (Champ)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
9445 Pfeiffer, Phil  (Champ)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
40800 Phillips, Anthony   (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
18737 Ramsey, James  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
4026 Sigmon, Jacob  (Champ)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
8893 Sparks, Randy  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
10463 Wong, Jeff  (Champ)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
26611 Badgley, James  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
40753 Edwards, Scott  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
13826 Franklin, Chris  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
13313 Griggs, Mike  (A)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
36555 Hardee, Lucas  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
34612 Hasen, Don  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
46209 Hicks, Keith  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
28124 Holzapfel, Joseph  (A)  New York  Yes Yes
49349 Hoover, Heather  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
32394 Hunt, Beth  (A)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
9247 Ide, Scott  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
27109 Kenneck, Sean  (A)  Charleston, SC  Yes Yes
11838 Klauda, Radek  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
27406 Lombardozzi, Chris  (A)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
48475 Lyles, Jon  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
36534 McVey, Joe  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
3980 Murrow, Andy  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
14411 Neidermeyer, Eric  (A)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
22352 Nolan, Ryan  (A)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
30774 Novack, Chris  (A)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
33463 Pritt, Donnie  (A)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
49359 Showalter, Ken  (A)  Dallas- Fort Worth, TX  Yes Yes
49184 Smith, Mike   (A)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
45613 Weathers, Dean  (A)  Indianapolis, IN  Yes Yes
42268 Wireman, Travis  (A)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
49375 Abler, Tony  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
38985 Allmendinger, AJ  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
9319 Ammons, Scott  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
41480 Bechta, Alex  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
48186 Boykin, Bobbie  (B)  Washington, DC Metro  Yes Yes
49164 Brannock, Alex   (B)  Nashville, TN  Yes Yes
41836 Burford, Doug  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
42839 Cave, Francis  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  No Yes
28413 Cozart, Brien  (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
32964 Ericksen, Michael  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
26081 Flynn, Beau  (B)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
20049 Foreman, Matthew  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
32996 Getsinger, Charles  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
15211 Glab, Bill  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
39382 Goode, Chip  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
49410 Grainger, Brian  (B)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
35110 Grant, Andi  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
41759 Gravitt, Blake   (B)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
30535 Harden, Brian  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
26059 Heise, Jon  (B)  Chicago, IL  Yes Yes
49412 Henley, Curtis  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
49413 Hoover, Howard  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
2178 Joyner, Lyle  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
21694 Kattwinkel, Scott  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
27765 Laughlin, Boyd  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
19726 Lederer, John  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
37203 Loehr, Bernie  (B)  Central North Carolina  Yes Yes
28916 Marshall, Jeff  (B)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
22487 Martyn, Kevin  (B)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
46626 Maxwell, Brad  (B)  Cleveland/ Akron  Yes Yes
38208 Mayeux, Trey  (B)  Louisiana North  Yes Yes
42026 Pace, Jamie  (B)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
41705 Parker, Tim  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes Yes
21742 Picker, Norman  (B)  Augusta, GA  Yes Yes
13847 Quinones, Carlos  (B)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
16189 Rapplean, Joshua  (B)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
35997 Robinson, Dave  (B)  Michigan West  Yes Yes
25611 Robinson, John  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
3299 Salik, Mike  (B)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
15290 Santee, Bob  (B)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
14230 Shealy, Scott  (B)  Columbia, SC  Yes Yes
30901 Sherry, Paul  (B)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
30997 Tole, Patrick  (B)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
31792 Young, Michael  (B)  Arkansas  Yes Yes
14728 Allen, Scott  (C)  Dallas- Fort Worth, TX  Yes Yes
28377 Bland, Kennedy  (C)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
8771 Clark, Ray  (C)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
37445 Franklin, Alex  (C)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
30585 Grant, Mike  (C)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
46450 Herzog, Ian  (C)  Cincinnati/Dayton  Yes Yes
36473 Hoerr, Raymond  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
32130 Johnides, David  (C)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
39296 Lamb, Scott  (C)  Indiana-Western KY  Yes Yes
38797 Langford, Mark  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
44908 McDonald, Barry  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
45195 O'Neill, Jim  (C)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
39548 Patel, Sam  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
41290 Pierce, Dan  (C)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
11859 Reichert, Kurt  (C)  Michigan East  Yes Yes
25579 Seibert, Eric  (C)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
42882 Sheppard, Steve  (C)  Michigan West  Yes Yes
24621 Sherron, Jason  (C)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
19213 Sutton, Mike  (C)  Myrtle Beach-Wilmington  Yes Yes
42524 Anderson, Audrey  (D)  Nashville, TN  Yes Yes
39085 Barth, Jonah  (D)  Jacksonville, FL  Yes Yes
34331 Berry, Chris  (D)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
42468 Dreelin, Dennis  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes
16157 Dreelin, Robert  (D)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
47400 Gombala, Jeff  (D)  Philadelphia, PA Metro  Yes Yes
24471 Grayson, Adam  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
31709 Green, Mitch  (D)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
28569 Hansley, Ken  (D)  Eastern NC  Yes Yes
36243 Holzapfel, Gary  (D)  New York  Yes Yes
24715 Johnson, Vince  (D)  Charlotte, NC  Yes Yes
43533 Legare, Al  (D)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
40054 Manning, Brandon  (D)  Dallas- Fort Worth, TX  Yes Yes
28343 Minton, Greg  (D)  Upstate SC  Yes Yes
42335 Perry, Trace  (D)  Nashville, TN  Yes Yes
43107 Risner, Don  (D)  California  Yes Yes
22413 Schimdt, David  (D)  Augusta, GA  Yes Yes
45722 Spittle, Will  (D)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
18404 Start, Steve  (D)  Orlando, FL  Yes Yes
29357 Stone, Mark  (D)  Hilton Head-Savannah  Yes Yes
16594 Triplett, Charlie  (D)  Tidewater, VA  Yes Yes
21645 Webb, Chris  (D)  Atlanta, GA  Yes Yes



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