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To all Golfweek Amateur Tour Members,


On behalf of the entire Golfweek organization, I want to thank you for your membership of the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  We are incredibly proud of our relationship with what we feel is the best option for organized amateur competition for folks like you and me. 


As you know, one of the current benefits of your Golfweek Amateur Tour membership is a subscription to Golfweek Magazine.  Over the past few years, we have made continuing adjustments to the frequency of our printed magazine to better align with how advertisers value our print and online offerings and in the best interests of our long-term business.  Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our advertisers and our overall business, we have had to make even more reductions to the frequency of our printed magazine for the remainder of the year in order to keep our talented writers and support team in place.  We appreciate your understanding.


At the same time, we have invested heavily into www.golfweek.com to make it the best place for avid golfers and golf fans to get their golf news.  I encourage you to bookmark the site and to subscribe to our daily newsletters.  Here is the link: https://golfweek.com/newsletter/


Thank you again for being a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member. 


Best regards,

Patrick Leahy
VP of Revenue - USA TODAY Golf
Publisher – Golfweek




As a Golfweek Amateur Tour Member, you will receive membership into a -USGA compliant club through USHandicap.com and issued an official USGA index.

Within 45 days of joining the tour and filling out the 2020 registration, each member will receive an email from USHandicap with instructions on how to sign into your account. You will not be able to access your Silver membership until you receive the confirmation email. Nothing will be mailed, everything will be done via email address.

See FAQ's here for more information.


Join The Golfweek Amateur Tour and get a free subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine!

Every member of the Golfweek Amateur Tour receives a free one year subscription to GOLFWEEK Magazine. That includes both digital and print editions.

To start your subscription, you must fill out the tour application when paying your membership fees. Click here to join the Tour. .

Once your first issue has been mailed, you will receive an email from Golfweek with a link to the current digital edition.For more information on digital access, please review the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS here.

NOTE: Please allow 4-6 weeks for your subscription to be activated. Digital subscriptions will only be activated when there is a print issue.

See below for the 2020 Golfweek Print Schedule:


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Total Paid Members*: 123

Please note, it may take up to 24 hours for your name to show after payment.

ID Golfer Flight
38093  Adams, Al  (D) 
37925  Allgire, Rod  (A) 
33596  Baker, Paul  (D) 
35024  Barker, Steve  (B) 
41393  Batt, Paul  (D) 
8772  Berkner, Scott  (A) 
41669  Bianchi, Brad  (D) 
36770  Bogart, Peter  (B) 
39645  Bolen, Paul  (B) 
11490  Bryant, Joe  (Champ) 
41836  Burford, Doug  (B) 
41735  Carey, Mark  (A) 
36681  Carlisle, Travis  (C) 
25360  Cassady, Ed  (C) 
42839  Cave, Francis  (B) 
8771  Clark, Ray  (C) 
38893  Combs, Joe  (A) 
41108  Combs, Ryan  (B) 
29707  Cook, David  (A) 
22285  Coolican, Noel  (C) 
39452  Crawford, Payton  (B) 
22206  Davies, Richard  (B) 
28702  Dees, Randy  (A) 
7054  Densmore, Brent  (A) 
22703  Dion, Michel  (A) 
30561  Dobbins, John  (A) 
41931  Duckworth, Josh  (D) 
40848  Dunbar, Dean  (A) 
42880  Dunbar, Napoleon  (C) 
37574  Ecker, Louis  (D) 
40753  Edwards, Scott  (Champ) 
36824  Edwards, Thomas  (B) 
39208  Emerson, James  (Champ) 
44106  Emery, Vinnie  (Champ) 
38856  Engler, Bob  (Champ) 
42450  Evans, Barry  (Champ) 
39934  Evans, Steve  (Champ) 
36794  Fennel, Wes  (Champ) 
43722  Fiedler, Chad  (B) 
22575  Fields, Steven  (A) 
22420  Foster, Larry  (B) 
3474  French, Steve  (Champ) 
35988  Garey, Jake  (Champ) 
41740  Garrigan, Ryan   (Champ) 
27827  Geller, Susan  (Champ) 
32996  Getsinger, Charles  (A) 
42199  Given, Jordan  (B) 
42606  Griswold, Grant  (Champ) 
42607  Griswold, Greg  (D) 
38237  Guy, Paul  (B) 
25704  Holland, Jack  (A) 
44529  Hubler, Jeffrey  (D) 
16822  Hudock, Doug  (B) 
42430  Hutchinson, George  (B) 
42798  James, AJ  (C) 
42486  Jeter, Steven  (B) 
40554  Johnson, Elliott  (Champ) 
41849  Kalnbach, Jeremy  (Champ) 
38967  Keisler, Joshua  (B) 
44422  Kelley, Robbie  (Champ) 
11838  Klauda, Radek  (B) 
38812  Klein, Carl  (B) 
22278  Lanning, Terry  (Champ) 
27765  Laughlin, Boyd  (B) 
26338  Lawson, Joe  (D) 
40560  Leak, John  (Champ) 
39754  Lee, Michael   (B) 
43533  Legare, Al  (D) 
30731  Legare, Chris   (Champ) 
36124  Lewis, Sam  (B) 
24455  Lopez, Andres  (Champ) 
41670  Maclaurin, Bob  (Champ) 
41437  Madsen, Pat  (D) 
2436  Manning, Jamie  (Champ) 
41856  Marsh, Chris  (B) 
9852  Masterson, Aaron  (D) 
12319  Masterson, Zake  (Champ) 
36147  McClellan, Bernie  (C) 
McCormac, Dennis  (Champ) 
34624  McKee, Shawn  (C) 
36534  McVey, Joe  (A) 
36047  Meenach, Terry  (C) 
24245  Milboer, Mark  (C) 
23374  Mora, JC  (B) 
41402  Mosley, Beau  (A) 
26490  Nemes, Matthew  (C) 
30774  Novack, Chris  (A) 
42621  Oliver, Will  (Champ) 
2435  Pascale, Gerry  (Champ) 
38701  Peart, Jesse  (C) 
40800  Phillips, Anthony   (Champ) 
36249  Phillips, Jordan  (A) 
15053  Phillips, Thomas  (A) 
39973  Priester, Brian  (A) 
37955  Proffitt, Matthew  (Champ) 
42039  Putkonen, Kyle   (Champ) 
36487  Ramey, Curtis  (A) 
2402  Richter, Terry  (Champ) 
44368  Robinson, Doug  (A) 
25611  Robinson, John  (B) 
24931  Sams, Tom  (A) 
2420  Saylor, Todd  (B) 
43507  Shelley, Justin  (A) 
42785  Shenosky, Ted  (B) 
30901  Sherry, Paul  (A) 
35171  Showalter, Kris  (Champ) 
41647  Smith, Drew  (Champ) 
8893  Sparks, Randy  (Champ) 
41802  Strati, Ken  (B) 
20573  Theriault, Ken  (B) 
32457  Tincher, Lee  (C) 
37844  Tompkins, John  (B) 
31248  Turner III, Ted  (A) 
2586  Turner, Bryant  (A) 
44419  Turner, John  (B) 
35914  Turner, Ted Jr.  (A) 
41701  Vaux, Roberts   (B) 
41621  Waltman, Greg  (A) 
41884  Wendell, Tom  (D) 
42068  Whiting, Dale  (B) 
10463  Wong, Jeff  (Champ) 
37719  Young, Elgin  (C) 
37965  Zylstra, Jordan  (Champ) 



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