Charlottes' next event:

@ The Country Club of Salisbury 

Saturday, March 2nd 1:00pm Shotgun start

Please bring any old clubs you no longer need and our sponsor will purchase them from you or provide you with a donation receipt!  

Field is limited because of carts. Anyone wishing to walk please let me know and I can assign 2 walkers per group.

Mens Tees:

Champ Flight: Black Tees (6757 Yds)

A Flight: Blue Tees (6601 Yds)

B/C/D Flights: White Tees (6293 Yds)


Womens Tees

Red Tees (4820 Yds)


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OUR WINNERS FROM THE Hickory Tavern Classic at Carolina Lakes!

Over $3300 in prize money and over $2000 in cash games awarded!





James Prosperi - 2; David Cauthen; Dan Boeving; Scott Ide; Chris Edmands; Buddy Wynn; Matt Lees


50/50 Winner: Sam Patel $200


New for 2024:


  • New enhanced Tournament payouts:  60-80 players $300 Guarantee 1st place prize money, 81-100 players $400, and 101+ players $500 guaranteed 1st place!
  • Enhanced Flight skins ($20 buy-in for each tournament)
  • Each Flight will have a 2024 champion and payouts to 4th place. (1st place: Trophy, paid 2025 membership and 3 tournaments paid*), (2nd place: 3 tournaments paid*), (3rd place: 2 tounaments paid*), (4th place: 1 tournament paid*). *One day Charlotte events only
  • CTP will now be "polies". Polies are if you hit within a flagstick on any par 3 (appx 7'), you will split the prize money. (Example: A total of 5 people hit within the flagstick on any the par 3's, $500 in the pot, each player wins $100)

  • Several tournaments will host a breakfast or lunch prior to, or after the tournament ends (More details to come).

  • Facebook info page "Charlotte GolfWeek Amateur Tour" will have updates/info on all upcoming tournaments.  Please like and follow!
  • We will still have many ways to pay on the website...Google Pay, Cashapp and Venmo along with PayPal (a small fee will apply)
  • Skins and polies will be paid at the course or by Venmo within 48 hours.  If you do not have the app set up, I can send you a link to install the app.
  • In order to speed up play, groups will be warned and penalized if they fall further than 1 hole behind. To help speed up play, please play ready golf and limit your ball searches to 3 minutes (Per USGA Rule)
  • Please make special requests such as playing partners BEFORE tee times are posted by sending an email to
  • For those that are new to the tour, let me outline a few of the nuances to the Charlotte events.  

  • Most Charlotte events are SHOTGUN starts, meaning everyone will leave the clubhouse at the same time and head out to their starting holes where play will begin.

Your Tour Membership package will be emailed to you before your first local tournament you play in you will be able to choose from items in the online store ($50 credit).  

    We utilize Live Scoring in all events. Not only can you track your progress against the field during the event, but so can your family and friends, no matter where they are.

Side Cash Games. 

These are all optional.

  • Flight Skins Games ($20 entry) Each flight will have a seperate pot.

  • If there are less than 10 players playing at an event in the division, 2 divisions may be combined. 

  • Super Skins Game ($10 Entry)  All Flights combined


  • Polies: (All Flights combined) ($5 entry) Example 100 entries at $5 a piece = $500 in prize fund. 5 people hit within the flagpole (appx 7') they split the total purse, $100 each.

Playing - Other Tour Events.  
The ability to play on any AGT tour event across the country is a great benefit.  If you play an outside event, points will automatically be added to your total for up to 4 events. Please refer to pages 17-18 of the Tour Manual for complete details on playing outside events. A single day event can only be replaced with another single day event and a 2 day major can only replaced with a local 2 day major (Regional events are not acceptable as replacements for local 2 day events). Additionally, points will be rewarded for up to 3 Regional events.

Thank you to our 2024 Tour Sponsors:



Scott Ide 704-425-6810



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