2024 Schedule as we have it so far is posted. Still waiting for a few courses to confirm dates and/or pricing to complete. The dates should stay as posted with TBD courses.

Many of the courses we may be limited to the number of players listed. So once we start TOUR Registration and get PAY button up on courses, we would suggest you sign up and pay for the Tour Stop you want to play. It is really hard to predict how many players we will have in South FL this year and we did not want to over commit ourselves to the golf course with too high of player counts. Some of them we MIGHT be able to add more players but some will be hardline number.

Tour Registration for early bird should open on BLACK FRIDAY!!!

This is the South Florida's Golfweek golf tour Charity of Choice. All of our 50-50 raffles and other raffles throughout the year will go to Nana's House. Thank you for all your participation at our events.



Ray Rodriguez Group