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Tournament Results - Bide A Wee GC - JUNE 4th

110 Golfers from multiple tours teed off on a wonderful Sunday Morning at Bide A Wee Golf Course in Portsmouth, VA for the Greenbrier Lighting at Hilltop Classic. Thanks to Chris Tuttle for sponsoring today's tournament. Below are the Day Monies from the tournament.
BIDE A WEE - Closest to the Pins - $89 Each
#4 - Rob Thoma
#7 - Matthew Foreman "Ace"
#12 - Kevin Martin
#16 - Thomas Dobrick

Tidewater, VA - $851*
*Sam Triplett had an "Ace" at Stonehouse GC, he is currently on the books for 2023.
*Franklin Harrison had an "Ace" at Albemarle Plantation, he is currently on the books for 2023.
*Matthew Foreman has an "Ace" at Bide A Wee, he is currently on the books for 2023.
6863 YARDS
In the Champ Flight, Dennis Nelson (75), from Tidewater bested the flight of 9 players beating the closest player Matthew Spruill (76), Tidewater Tour by 1 stroke, and Mike Hartselle (78), Tidewater Tour finished 3rd. Rounding out the Top-5 was Steve Sartore (80) from Tidewater, VA and Jeff Hawkins (82) from Tidewater, VA.
6579 YARDS
In the A-Flight, Jon Coullier (71), Tidewater Tour bested the flight of 30 players beating the closest player Warnie Conley (76) Tidewater, VA and Ryan Staples (77) of Tidewater, VA. Jimmy Lewis of Tidewater took Fourth place (78), followed by Thomas Dobrick (79) from Tidewater.
6579 YARDS
In the B-Flight, John Doyle (81), Tidewater Tour bested the flight of 37 players beating the closest players Allen Wright (81), Tidewater, VA and Joe Benson (81) Tidewater, VA in a Sudden Death Playoff that went 6 Holes. Jeremy Huff (82), Tidewater finished 4th, and Jermaine Frazier Tidewater, VA (84) finished in 5th place in the money.

Matthew Foreman made the 3rd Tour Hole In One in 2023!
6238 YARDS
In the C-Flight, Richard Callaghan (83), Tidewater Tour bested the flight of 20 players beating the closest player Jim Brock (84), Tidewater by 1 stroke, with Chris Smith (87), Tidewater finishing 3rd, Nick Schapowal (88) Tidewater took fourth, and Mike Grant Tidewater, VA (88) finished in 5th place in the money.
5904 YARDS
In the D-Flight, Chris Toone (87), Richmond Tour bested the flight of 16 players beating the closest player Hal Lare (91), Tidewater by 4 strokes, with Jon Martin (93), Tidewater finishing 3rd, Jamall Garrett (94) Tidewater took fourth, and Robert Dreelin Tidewater, VA (95) finished in 5th place in the money.
NEXT UP is the Tidewater Masters at Williamsburg National
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