What is the Golfweek Amateur Tour?

Established in 1995, the purpose of the Tour is to provide amateurs of all ages, sexes, and handicaps the opportunity to compete in stroke-play golf tournaments on a regular basis in their local area. The Tour concludes with a National Tour Championship in which top players in each flight test their skills against other amateurs from around the country. Through this competition, the Golfweek Tour promotes the sport of golf by providing an atmosphere of friendly, fair, and well managed competition for amateur golfers in the pursuit of excellence.

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How much does it cost to join the Tour?

The Golfweek Amateur Tour annual membership card on between $80.00 and $120 per year, depending on your location.

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What is the cost of the tournaments?

The cost of each tournament varies throughout the country, currently ranging from $65 to $250, depending on the local market. The entry fee for each tournament includes green fees, cart, and range balls. A portion of the entry fee establishes the purse.

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What can I win?

Trophies are awarded to the first place winner of each flight. A purse is established from the entry fees, and depending on the size of the flight, prizes are awarded to the top finishers in each flight. These prizes, determined locally, may be gift certificates or gift cards. Additionally, there are voluntary skins games, closest to the pin, etc.

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What is the format of the tournaments?

The players are flighted by handicap, then play a gross stoke-play format within their flight.

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What are the handicap parameters for each flight?

Championship Flight


A Flight


B Flight


C Flight


D Flight

19 and above

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What if I don't have a current handicap?

The Local Director of the Tour will access your level of play based on your most recent scores, which courses you have played and the tees you used. Once you’re placed into a flight, your tournament scores and handicap index are posted on the national web page

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How is the integrity of the handicaps and flights maintained?

The Tour will establish a tour handicap index based solely on your scores posted in the Golfweek tournaments. If your tour index improves during the season, you will be promoted to the next higher flight if your index falls within the parameters of higher flight. If your index falls within the parameters of a lower flight, you will only be moved to the lower flight if you request it.

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When and where are the tournaments played?

All the tournaments are played on the weekends, with most being played on Saturday. Tee times vary but are posted on the website. The tournaments are played at local courses listed on our website in the individual tour schedules.

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How many tournaments do I have to play in?

Play in as many or as few as you would like. Of course, the more you play, the more points you can accumulate toward qualifying for the National Tour Championship.

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How do I qualify for the National Tour Championship?

Players that finish in the top five (5) of the Local Tour’s points standings race in the A, B, C, and D Flight or players that won their flight in one of the Regional Series events (as listed on pages 18 – 19) qualify for the 2022 National Championship. Players in the Championship Flight that finish in the top 15 of the Local Tour’s points standings race qualify (regardless of tour size).

In addition, the designated number of players from each flight per tour according to the grid below also qualify for the National Championship. The number of players in the A, B, C, and D flights listed on the chart below are based upon Local Tour’s points standings as of July 31st.

0 - 14
15 - 40
41 - 60


All qualified players must be a current Golfweek Amateur Tour member and must have competed and returned valid scores for at least five (5) tournament rounds during the 2022 season. (Each day of a twoday event counts as a separate round). The five (5) round minimum requirement applies to all players, including those that qualified as a Regional Flight Winner.

The National Championship is held in Hilton Head, SC, and draws over 1000 players from around the country.

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If I join my local Tour can I play in events in other cities?

Yes, that is one of the great benefits of joining the Tour. It allows you to register and play in any tournament in the country.

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Is there a deadline to join the Tour?

No. You can join the Tour anytime during the season. The sooner you join, the more points you start accumulating towards the points race.

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Why should I join the Golfweek Amateur Tour?

If you enjoy weekend golf at some of the finest local courses, if you enjoy competitive stroke-play golf, if you want to improve your game by playing under tournament conditions like the pros, and if you like the feeling of winning, collecting prizes and trophies, join the tour and enjoy all of these benefits. All tournaments are played by USGA rules and handicaps are tracked on each player to ensure the integrity of each flight.

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