2023 Phil Robinson Memorial @ Reynolds Lake Oconee

The Phil Robinson Memorial at Reynolds Lake Oconee hosted a sell-out field of 140 members from 30 Local Tours across the country. It was a bittersweet two-day event  in Greensboro, Georgia for all involved as the tournament honored the longtime director of the Augusta Tour who passed away in February 2022. Robinson was a mentor, leader, and friend to many across the Golfweek Amateur Tour, and the event served as an opportunity to remember the man he was and the impact he made with everyone he met. Brenda Robinson (Phil's wife) was in attendance and recieved a flag flown over the Pentagon in Phil's name as recognition of his service to our country. Chancellar Martin (Phil's granddaughter and now Tour Director for Augusta) also participated in the opening ceremony. Fellow long time Tour Director, John Livoti (Columbia, SC) was also recognized as the original organizer of the Reynolds tournament. All in attendance expressed their appreciation and gratitude for Robinson's and Livoti's leadership.

It was only fitting that the Championship Flight winner hailed from Robinson's Tour as Brian Quackenbush earned the top spot with a total score of 140 (73/67) for the fourth year in a row at this event. Lance Lacombe, a Jacksonville Tour member, finished just one stroke behind Quackenbush (74/67) for second. Corbin Holt, of the Alabama Tour, evened out during the two days with a 144 (71/73). 

The A Flight winner, Doug Cristina, a Mississippi Tour member, shot a 77 on day one and 75 on day two (152). Zak Messer, from the Nashville Tour, placed second (155) while Ronnie Averett, also from the Mississippi Tour, took third (158). Two players tied for fourth with total scores of 160: Hilton Head-Savannah Tour member Kyle Dotson, and Satesh Potluri, of the Michigan East Tour. 

Nashville Tour member Matt Love came out on top in the B Flight with a two-day card of 163 (83/80). Matthew Fiedler and Won Mun matched each other all weekend as the Atlanta Tour players shot 85 on Saturday and 81 Sunday, tying for second (166). Kirby Rogers, an Arkansas Tour member, took fourth with a 169 (83/86). 

David Eslinger, of the Arkansas Tour, sat atop the C Flight leaderboard when all was said and done, and tallied a 173 (90/83). It was a traffic jam for second as five players — yes, five — all shot 175 throughout the two days: Aaron Lorenze, of the Tidewater Tour; Upstate Tour member Charles Mathis; and three Atlanta Tour members Michael Webb, John Lewis, and Derek Gilley.

The D Flight champion was Rick Rackley, of the Atlanta Tour. He shot a 92 on Saturday and an 85 Sunday, for a low score of 177. Arkansas Tour member Yul Eslinger placed second (182) while two players tied for third (185): Po Lehman, of the Tampa Tour, and Tidewater Tour member Will Spittle. Chris Doty, a player on the Jacksonville Tour, rounded out the top-5 with a 186.

Closest to the Pin Winners:

  • Santesh Potluri - Cove #3 (Champ/A Flight on Saturday) - 6 feet 1 inch
  • Virginia Gilton - Cove #7 (Champ/A Flight on Saturday) - 4 feet 5 inches
  • Jerome Monroe - Ridge #5 (B/D Flight on Saturday) - 13 feet 4 inches
  • Kevin Ross - Ridge #3 (B/D Flight on Saturday) - 4 feet 2 inches
  • Charlie James - Bluff #4 (C Flight on Saturda) - 15 feet
  • Bob Kope - Bluff #7 (C Flight on Saturday) - 39 feet 8 inches
  • Gairy Austin - The Oconee #5 (Sunday) - 3 feet 9 inches
  • Don Hubbard - The Oconee #8 (Sunday) - 2 feet 5 inches
  • Edward Mallett - The Oconee #13 (Sunday) - 2 feet 8 inches
  • Doug Dietzman - The Oconee #15 (Sunday) 2 feet 11 inches

50/50 Stand Up To Cancer Winners:

  • Kelvin Hughes (Saturday)
  • Ben Watson (Sunday)

Skins Winners (Saturday):

  • Brian Quackenbush (Champ/A) #1
  • Doug Cristina (Champ/A) #4
  • Lance Lacombe (Champ/A) #9
  • Corbin Holt (Champ/A) #11
  • Scott Edwards (Champ/A) #18
  • Ron Allen (B Flight) #12
  • Jay Simons (B Flight) #17
  • Jason Krich (B Flight) #18
  • Greg Smith (C Flight) #1
  • Jeff Helbig (C Flight) #2
  • Jay Williams (C Flight) #3
  • Derek Giley (C Flight) #10
  • Jimmy Mathis (C Flight) #12
  • Tim Jenkins (C Flight) #14
  • Jeff Helbig (C Flight) #15
  • Ken Ross (D Flight) #3
  • Don Hubbard (D Flight) #14
  • Steve Packard (D Flight) #16

Skins Winners (Sunday):

  • Brian Quackenbush (Champ/A) #1
  • Gerry Pascale (Champ/A) #2
  • Howard Fister (Champ/A) #6
  • Lance Lacombe (Champ/A) #7
  • Robert Side (Champ/A) #10
  • Doug Cristina (Champ/A) #16
  • Jimmy Kelley (B Flight) #4
  • Derwin Owens (B Flight) #9
  • Jason Krich (B Flight) #10
  • Sean Redmond (B Flight) #14
  • John Page (C Flight) #3
  • Ray Clark (C Flight) #5
  • John Cullom (C Flight) #8
  • Tom Fitzsimmons (C Flight) #9
  • Tim Jenkins (C Flight) #10
  • David Eslinger (C Flight) #13
  • Greg Rybarczyk (C Flight) #14
  • James Hendrix (D Flight) #15

Posted: 2/25/2023 11:32:27 PM