Cancellation Policy / No Show Policy

Registration for events is normally open until seven days before the event. There may be times when this will change, so check emails for exact info. Every player is required to register online for the event. All payments are to be made during registration process unless authorized by the director. 

NO SHOWS - Any player who registers for an event and is a no show will be responsible for the event fee in full before being eligible to play in another event. We have to turn in the player list to the course and that is what they charge us for on tournament day!

CANCELLATIONS - We understand things come up last minute and have no problem if you have to cancel playing. All cancellations must be done by phone call or email by registration deadline. Cancellations after registration deadline may result in fees owed for money already allocated for prize funds or if the course charges.

Posted: 3/8/2022 7:11:14 PM