2 Man Scramble

2 Man Shootout Rule Sheet
Sunday, April 10th 2022
**9:30 AM Shotgun**

(Golfweek and Seniors Tee's Combined)
Champ Flight - Black Tee's (Par 4's)/ Blue Tee's (3's & 5's)
 A Flight - Blue Tee's
B Flight - Blue Tee's (Par 4's)/ White Tee's (3's & 5's)
C Flight - White Tee's
D Flight - White Tee's
Lady D Flight - Gold Tee's

The tournament format is a "modified" scramble. Both players on the team will tee off from their assigned tee box
Once both players have tee'd off, players will choose one tee shot and scramble from there.


For this event use the livescore from the Golfweeks website

1st Flight use Cincinnati/ Dayton Livescore
2nd Flight use Columbus Liverscore
3rd Flight use Cleveland/ Akron Livesocre

* Only the player in the left column will be in Live Scoring system for the team score.*

• Login User ID= Your email address
• Password= password

            Please Keep Pace with the group in front of you!!!


- We will be playing the ball up and within a club length of best ball.

- Improve your lie NOT YOUR POSITION.

- All bunkers will be played as ground under repair.

- All local rules for plenty areas apply.

- We do not use drop areas so play USGA rules for plenty drops.

- All local rules are in effect see course scorecard.

Tournament and Cash game payouts will be paid after all scores are entered and Trophy/Awards are presented at the course

1st Flight Bracket 
   1st- $400  2nd- $250  3rd- $150

Player 1  Paid  Player1 Tee  Player2
Player 2   Paid Team
 Starting Hole
 1 Kevin Tefft           Yes Blue Black/
Cade Kline Yes 16 02B
 2 Tyler Miller Yes Blue Blue Jake Davis Yes 16 07
 3 Tyler Hutson Yes Blue Black/ Blue Josh Middleton Yes 9 01
 4 Brian Pero Yes Blue Blue/ White Adam Weber Yes 17 02B
 5 Ken Sloan Yes Blue/ White Blue John Harvey Yes  19 03
 6 Kenny Cobb Yes Blue/ White Black/ Blue Dorian Vauls Yes  15 04
 7 Kory Hemm Yes  Blue Blue/ White NIck Hite Yes 15 02A
 8 Ryan Bell Yes Blue/ White Black/ Blue Mason Saxon Yes 13 02A
 9 Steve Riley Yes Blue/ White Blue Jeff Basinger  Yes 17 05
 10 Dustin Hutson Yes Black/ Blue Blue Quinton Simpson  No 7 01
 11 Andrew Stanfier Yes Black/ Blue Blue/ White Andy Disbennett Yes 18 04
 12 Jim Hubbard Yes Blue Blue/ White Todd Rutherford Yes 15 03
 13 John Dicker Yes Blue Blue/ White Matthew Sato Yes 15 05
 14 Brian Spieles Yes Black/ Blue Blue Jessy Short Yes 18 06
 15 Phil Sheldon No Blue Black/ Blue Justin Horn No 5 06
 16 David Herbenick Yes Black/ Blue Blue Andre Barkley Yes 7 07

2nd Flight Bracket   1st- $400  2nd- $300  3rd- $200 

Player 1  Paid  Player1 Tee  Player2 Tee Player 2   Paid Team
 Starting Hole
 1 Jermey Brown Yes Blue/ White Blue/ White Tom Jordan Yes 22 15A
 2 Steven Foster Yes Blue/ White Blue/ White Mark Tyler Yes 23 09A
 3 Kevin Dick Yes Blue White Derrick Thompson Yes 26 10
 4 Warren Hodges Yes Blue/ White Blue/White Justin McClain Yes 23 11
 5 Eric Combs Yes White Blue Ed Thompson Yes 25 09A
 6 Michael Anderson Yes Blue/ White White Brad Jordan Yes 25 14
 7 Josh Coffin Yes Blue/ White Blue/ White Chris Mckee Yes 24  09B
 8 Tanner Anderson Yes White Blue/ White Nathan Tawney  Yes 25 09B
 9 Justin O'Brien Yes Blue White Tony Prater Yes 28 13
 10 Rich Ryan Yes White Blue/ White Brad Anderson Yes 29 15A
 11 Petter Detty Yes Blue/ White White Robert Ward Yes  24 11
 12 Scott Grossarth Yes White Blue Sam Bakos Yes 25 12A
 13 Ed Smith  Yes White Blue/ White Tim Smith Yes 30 12A
 14 Adian Javed Yes  Blue  White Shad Javed Yes 23 12B
 15 Jason Adkins Yes White Blue Erik Ayers No  27 12B
 16 Travis Turner No Blue/ White Blue/ White Jeff Cole No 25 14
 17 Brian Lane Yes White  Blue/ White Dave Jacobs  Yes 28 10
 18 Corey Cummings Yes Blue/ White  Blue/ White Tommy Tamaksa  No 22 13

3rd Flight Bracket     1st- $300  2nd- $200  3rd- $100

Player 1  Paid  Player1 Tee  Player2 Tee Player 2  Paid Team Index   Starting Hole
 1 Don Hubbard  Yes White White Byran Jackson Yes 38 18B
 2 Mike Stradling   Yes White White Todd Anderson   Yes 36 18B
 3 Adam Hitsman Yes White White Thomas Hargis Yes 56 17B
 4 Jeremy Walpole Yes White White Will Walcutt Yes 38 17B
 5 Butch Novak Yes White White Stan Ley Yes  35 18A
 6 Noah Taylor Yes White Gold Jennifer Stillwell Yes 56 17A
 7 Jake Day Yes White White Charles Day Yes 46 17A
 8 Todd Courtney Yes White White Brian Lee Yes 32 18A
 9 Jake Balogh Yes Blue Blue/ White Paul DiPietrantonio  Yes 39 15B
 10 Tim Bunker Yes White White Chris Riegel Yes 38 16
 11 Gordon Hawkins Yes White White Jason Clark Yes  36 16
 12 Austin Tielke Yes White White Brandon Brydges Yes 38 15B

Posted: 4/9/2022 9:56:48 AM