Ryder Cup Tournament Info

Ohio Ryder Cup Rule Sheet
Sunday, June 26th 2022

Tee Assignments
Champ Flight - Black Tees
A Flight- Gold Tees
B Flight-
Combo Gold Tees (Par 4’s)/ Blue Tees ( Par 5’s and 3’s)
C Flight- Blue Tees
D Flight- Blue Tees

Stableford Scoring System for all rounds!
• 8 points for Double Eagle
• 5 points for Eagle
• 3 points for Birdie
• 2 points for Par
• 1 point for Bogey
• 0 points for Double Bogey
• -1 points for Triple Bogey

Format for all nines
• Scramble first nine
• Alternate Shot second nine (Players must use same ball from tee to green per hole)
Lunch break and scoring after first 18
• Best ball last nine

Please Keep Pace with the group in front of you!!! USGA RULES ARE IN EFFECT

• If a question about rules comes up during play, play two balls and write down the score for each ball. A rules determination will be made by the tour directors and the head pro.
• NO DROP AREAS ARE TO BE USED, accept for ground under repair areas.
• Flags sticks can be removed!
• Playing the ball down everywhere
• All flights will use Triple Bogey Max

Ohio Ryder Cup @ Urbana Country Club

 Sunday, June 26th 2022

Tee Times and Pairings

Tee Box Assignments

Champ Flight- Black Tees

A Flight- Gold Tees

B Flight- Combo Gold Tee's(Par 4's)/Blue Tee's(Par 5's and 3's)

C and D Flight- Blue Tees

Please arrive no later than 7:30 AM for team meetings at 8:00 AM

9:00 AM

Tyler Hutson

Stan Ley

Butch Novak

Tim Jenkins

9:10 AM

Rich Campbell

Shay Brooks

Joe Goldschmidt

Matt Sander

9:20 AM

Eric Coven

Dax Bramwell

Tom Burlison

Frank Lumbatis

9:30 AM

Kevin Dick

Kory Hemm

Jeff Basinger

Brad Maxwell

9:40 AM

Miguel Tinajero

Jeff Zipay

Peter Detty

Tanner Anderson

9:50 AM

Steve Riley

Jim Rihaly

David Yeager

Chris Louth

10:00 AM

Brian Lane

Bob Ward

Jeffery Weisbarth

Mark Stegmeier

10:10 AM

Brad Bailey

Chris Pigg

Matt Nero

Dwight Blair

10:20 AM

Don Hubbard

David Donelly

Jayme Hooshangi

Kirti Jackson

Tee Pairings will remain the same throughout the 27 holes. After the first 18 players will recieve a box lunch (sandwhich, chips, and drink). After lunch tee times will resume roughly 2 PM in same order.

Urbana Country Club

     In 1922, the three generation legacy of the world famous Dye golf course design began in Urbana, Ohio when “Pink” Dye, father of the world famous designer, Pete Dye, built a nine-hole golf course in Champaign Country. In 1993, Pete’s son, P.B. Dye, finished the job his grandfather started by adding a second nine holes. Today, the Urbana Country Club is home to one of the finest and most beautiful rolling hill, 18-hole golf courses in the State of Ohio.

Mandatory Team Meeting, Tournament Format & Scoring

Players please report to the course by 7:30 am. There will be a mandatory team meeting prior to starting the day at 8:00 am.

Day's Agenda

  • 9 Hole Scramble
  • 9 Hole Alternate Shot
  • Box Lunch after 18 
  • 9 Hole Singles

We will be scoring our matches using the Stableford Scoring Method. Points for scoring are as follows:

  • 8 points for Double Eagle
  • 5 points for Eagle
  • 3 points for Birdie
  • 2 points for Par
  • 1 point for Bogey
  • 0 points for Double Bogey
  • -1 points for Triple Bogey

Posted: 6/24/2022 12:17:58 PM