50 Yards Longer

A FREE 30 Minute spec check at 50yardslonger to all Golf week members. This appointment is normally $50 but if you use the code Golfweek then the price nets to zero. Sessions can be booked online at www.50yardslonger.com - click book now.

This appointment can be used to check the specs of your current equipment and make sure it fits you well and is the best equipment for your game. We can look at overall bag set up, loft and lie checks of equipment, getting the players yardages of all the clubs in the bag etc. In a nut shell it is an opportunity to have a top 100 club fitter give the bag a look over and offer assistance for the season ahead. We find this fitting one of our most valuable we offer.

50yardslonger is a Professional Golf Club Fitting company recognized by Golf Digest as a Top 100 facility to get fit for Golf equipment in America. 50yardslonger is based at the amazing indoor facility called SwingFitGolfClub in Blue Ash and is an awesome place to work on your game all year round. SwingFitgolgclub features 8 trackman bays, puttview putting green, golf instruction and professional club fitting.

Posted: 3/4/2023 6:23:24 PM