Pace of Play 2021



We have decided to implement a pace of play clock that many Golfweek tours around the country have already adopted.

Once the group in front of you has put the pin in on the 18th hole your group has 20 minutes to put the pin in and complete your round or each player in your group will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty.

We want you to enjoy your round but for the sake of everyone’s enjoyment we need you to please stay in position. The courses on our schedule expect us to play a round of golf in 4:30, and that means we need to play Ready Golf. Ready Golf is simply defined as HIT WHEN READY.

If you reach your ball and are ready to hit, when other members of your group are not yet prepared, then go ahead and hit. Keep in mind that in stroke play competition there are no penalties under the Rules of Golf for playing out of turn.

Additional Pace of Play Rules/Guidelines

You have only 3 minutes to look for your ball.

If you cannot find it use the local native area rule.

Unmarked Heather & Native Areas will be played as a Lateral Hazard

If you hit into unmarked heather or native areas, you DO NOT need to hit a provisional ball. If you cannot find your ball simply drop at the nearest point of entry, where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, within 2 club lengths no closer to the hole and will be assessed a one stroke penalty. If you find your ball you must play it.

White stakes signifying out of bounds will still be played as a penalty and require a provisional. Always hit a provisional if you think you may be out of bounds to avoid returning to the tee.

1. Players can card a maximum of triple bogey on any one hole. After that the player must pick up for the hole. There is no limit to the number of triple bogey that can be carded in a round.

2. Rangers and Tour Directors will monitor pace of play throughout the round.

3. All group members are expected to recognize the group is slow and take action to speed the group up.

4. Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the Tour for the sake of all other players.

Our pace of play policy is very simple - 

Remember your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you.

How do you know if you are out of position?

1. If you cannot see the group in front of you, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION.

2. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 3 & the group ahead of you has cleared the next tee, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION

3. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 4 & the putting green is clear, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION

4. If you reach the teeing ground of a par 5 & the group ahead of you is on that putting green, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION

Posted: 2/7/2022 6:41:12 PM