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Pace of Play Policy


The Golfweek Amateur Tour - Denver is committed to allowing our players to enjoy a round of golf in a reasonable amount of time. Pace of play is one of the biggest issues in all of golf and as your tour directors our main priority is pace of play. Just like last season, we will be marshalling during every tournament to ensure a reasonable pace of play.

We are very proud that we were able to average 4 and 1/2 hours per round last year which was a better pace than most other tours nationally. We would like to thank all of our players for helping us achieve that. We have found that our pace of play efforts have encouraged Denver's finest courses to welcome us.

Our pace of play policy is very simple - KEEP UP WITH THE GROUP IN FRONT OF YOU!

Remember your correct position on the course is immediately behind the group in front of you, not immediately in front of the group behind you.

How do you know if you are out of position?

  • If you cannot see the group in front of you, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION
  • If you reach the teeing ground of a par 3 & the group ahead of you has cleared the next tee, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION
  • If you reach the teeing ground of a par 4 & the putting green is clear, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION
  • If you reach the teeing ground of a par 5 & the group ahead of you is on that putting green, YOU ARE OUT OF POSITION

A few things we do to help pace of play:


Local Rule

Unmarked Heather & Native Areas will be played as a Lateral Hazard

If you hit into unmarked heather or native areas you DO NOT need to hit a provisional ball. If you cannot find your ball simply drop at the nearest point of entry, where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, within 2 club lengths no closer to the hole.

If you find your ball in unmarked heather or native areas you must play the ball and you may ground your club.

White stakes signifying out of bounds will still be played as a penalty and require a provisional.

Triple Bogey is the maximum score on any hole for all flights.

It's as simple as that. Remember our #1 goal is for everyone to have fun and play well.

However if we find groups falling behind they will be warned once. If there is no improvement, the entire group may be penalized one stroke. If it still does not improve, the group may be asked to move into position and take triple bogey max.

Both of us thank you all so much for being a part of the Golfweek Amateur Tour - Denver.

We would appreciate any feedback you may have in regards to pace of play and any suggestions in general.

We are looking forward to a great season!!

Your faithful Tour Directors - Tom Urso & Pete Hawkins

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