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What an exhilarating start to the 2024 Season as 60 players engaged in fierce competition across five distinct flights! The tournament featured an impressive prize pool and skins game prizes, with over $3,000 awarded to the skilled competitors.
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we appreciate you hosting our Kickoff Event once again
Tournament Results

Champ Flight - The opening act of the event showcased a competitive field with 7 players. At the turn one player have the lead but most of the field right on his tail. The final stretch would be what put the final touches in determining the champion. Ultimately, HB Kim clinched the title with a -6 (66) score, making this another victory in his Golfweek journey.


A Flight - Following closely, the A Flight featured familiar faces and a compelling competition. 8 players entered the turn with 3 strokes between them, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion. In the end, Drake Wehrs emerged victorious with a +10 (82) score, celebrating his first tour win! Claiming the second spot was Brandon Nichols, finishing with a +11 (83).


B Flight - As customary, the B Flight offered a relentless battle until the end. 11 players navigated through the initial round with 5 strokes as the gap. The outcome hinged on a strong performance in the final 5 holes, leading Orlando Almeida to claim the championship with a +7 (79) score, marking his 3rd victory on Tour. Securing the second place was Chris Rocha, with a +11 (83). Taking third was J.C. Ovalles with a +12 (84).


C Flight - The C Flight boasted an unpredictable field where any player could emerge victorious. At the turn, 6 players contended with 7 strokes separating them. The decisive factor in the victory unfolded in the final 3 holes, with Jimmy Enriquez claiming the championship at +12 (84) and securing his second tour win. Meanwhile, Ken Copeland and Roy Littleton would tie with a +16 (88), With Ken taking second and Roy taking third after the tiebreakers.


D Flight - Concluding the event with the final flight, the tournament witnessed a closely contested race throughout. 7 players approached the turn with 5 strokes as the difference. The battle intensified in the concluding 4 holes, almost a 4 player playoff, culminating in John Vasquez capturing the championship with a +22 (94) score, marking this his fourth victoy. Thomas Christianson secured the second place with a +23 (95).

Congratulations to all our flight winners this weekend at the
2023 Kickoff Classic. 


Side Game Winners

Champ & A Flight Skins

HB Kim - 5

Brandon Nichols - 2

Grant Taylor - 1

Jeremy Gonzales - 1


B Flight Skins

Manuel Bustamante - 3

Gaudencio Pavia - 2

Jared Lanham - 1

Rocky Rodriguez - 1


C Flight Skins

Michael Wood - 1

Joe Gonzales - 1

Ken Copeland - 1

Ron Brantley - 1


D Flight Skins

Jonathan Barcena - 2

Thomas Christianson - 2

John Pietrolaj - 1

German Macias - 1

Joe Espinoza - 1

Ozzy Vasquez - 1

Billy Valdez - 1

Super Skins Skins 

HB Kim - 2

Manuel Bustamante - 1

Gaudencio Pavia - 1


Par 3 Challenge 

Champ & A Flight

Jim Burkett


B Flight

Amit Lopes



C Flight

Roy Littleton &

Ken Copeland



D Flight

Thomas Christianson


Posted: 2/20/2022 4:42:17 PM