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With perfect weather and great course conditions, our West Texas Showdown turned out to be a great event.  

Congratulations to all our champions. 

Thank you to the staff at 
we greatly appreciate you hosting our event once again. 
Tournament Results

Champ Flight - After nine holes played our leader would have a five stroke lead, but no lead is safe with our Champ Flight. Once all was said and done the leader would finish strong and take his second victory of the season. Abdul Mercado would end the showdown with a +10 (82) on the day. 


A Flight - At the turn we would have a solo leader with the field only 3 stroke behind him. One player would get into the zone and finish the last nine holes at even par and overtaking the lead. Brandon Nichols would finish the day with a +9 (81) and claim his FIRST VICTORY ON TOUR. 


B Flight - After 9 holes played, our leader would have the entire flight right behind him and within 5 strokes. Anything could happen in the back nine, and that is what happened. With some solid back nines we would see 2 players battle from behind and pass our leader, eventually taking the victory. Kenny Crowe would finally break his second place streak and claim his FIRST VICTORY ON TOUR with a +8 (80). Chris Rocha would take second with a +11 (83)


C Flight - After the turn we would see a solo leader with a handful of player right behind him. It would be a battle through the last nine holes, with the Showdown being decided on the last couple of holes. Following up her Regional win in California, Stephanie Cieslik would take the victory with a +16 (88) on the day and the second of the season. New Member Rafael Hernandez would take second with a +19 (91) and the back nine total tiebreaker. 


D Flight - Like always anything can happen in this flight and our leader knew this with most of the field right behind him. We almost had a three player playoff, but once the dust settled our front nine leader would take the victory. Tom Gonzales would end with a +23 (95) and claim his FIRST VICTORY ON TOUR. Thomas Christianson would take second with a +25 (97), also needing  the back nine total tiebreaker. 

Congratulations to all our flight winners this weekend at the
West Texas Showdown. 

Side Game Winners

Champ & A Flight Skins
Abdul Mercado - 1

B Flight Skins    
Kenny Crowe - 1
Jordan Morrow - 1

C Flight Skins  
Martin Gonzales - 1
Stephanie Cieslik - 1

D Flight Skins  
Tom Gonzales - 4
Jonathan Barcena - 1
Andy Zapien - 1
Super Skins Skins   
Tom Gonzales - 2
Jordan Morrow - 1
Abdul Mercado - 1
Martin Gonzales - 1
Stephanie Cieslik - 1
Javier Anzures - 1

Closets to the Pins
Hole #2 (East 2)
Kenny Crowe
4ft  8in

Hole #8 (East 8)
Gaudencio Pavia
10ft  4in

Hole #11 (West 2) 
(SUTC 50 / 50)

Jordan Morrow
10ft  0in

Hole #17 (West 7)
Chris Rocha
33ft  8in
Posted: 3/21/2022 3:50:05 PM