Highland Golf and Country Club
GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour of Indianapolis

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 Tournament Details
    Event / Course: Highland Golf and Country Club
    Entry Fee: $115.00
    Dates & Start Times: Monday - September 12th, 2022
  12:00PM - Tee Times
    Points for Event: Standard Points
    Course Website: Highland Golf and Country Club Website
    Event Payment Due By: Wednesday - September 7th, 2022

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 Additional Event Info
Highland Golf and Country Club is first and foremost a golf club. During the course of its 90+ year history, the enjoyment of the game of golf has been at the heart of what Highland is. The membership is blessed with the legacy of a golf course designed by Willie Park Jr. and Bill Diddel that perpetuates this enjoyment of the game for each generation.

Part of this gift that Mr. Park and Mr. Diddel left Highland is a golf course that is fun for a very broad cross-section of skill levels. Designing a brutally hard golf course is a trivial exercise. The secret to great design is to build a golf course that is fun to play for all types of players yet presents a challenge to players of all skill levels. Highland has such a golf course. It is a golf course where many children have first learned the game, yet it is a test sufficient enough that it has twice hosted the Indiana Amateur. The wide variety of swings one can observe on the first tee speaks volumes to how many people consider Highland a great place for the game.

The Golf Committee and Green Committee are both committed to perpetuating this legacy of having fun playing the game of golf. Everything from the structure of the member events, to the organization of the junior golf program, to the daily setup of the golf course is oriented around one goal: enjoying this great game.

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Posted: 9/8/2022 9:10:38 PM