Sand-Baggers & Scoring out of flight
Scoring out of flight

Scoring out of flight

Tour flighting is based on a performance index system that groups together players of roughly similar skill level. The probability of an A or B Flight player scoring four strokes below his/her Tour Index is approximately 130 to 1. The same is true for a C or D Flight player scoring five strokes below his/her Tour Index. 

To maintain the integrity of each flight, the Golfweek Amateur Tour Index Committee (comprised of the Tour President and five Local Tour Directors) will review instances where members return a score that indicates their actual playing performance exceeds that of their current flight. If this occurs the Local Tour Director will contact the Committee prior to awarding flight prizes. The committee will then: 


  • Evaluate the playing record of the individual (including but not limited to the number of rounds on Tour for established players versus rookies with few rounds, etc.) 
  • Determine whether the player will be disqualified from the event (during 2-Day tournaments, the Committee will not make a final decision until after both rounds have been completed) 
  • Share the final decision with the player and his/her Local Tour Director

In the event, the committee determines that the player should be disqualified, please kindly accept the decision and stop making any scene at the event. These decisions are hard to make and sometimes I have to make hard decision as a tour director on behalf of other tour members. This process is important to maintain the integrity of our tour and more importantly to maintain the integrity of the game of golf that we all love to play.

As a result, you will see following happening, but not limited:


  • Tournament fee will not be refunded
  • You will be moved up to a flight or two flights depending on the new HCP



Posted: 4/14/2023 9:25:03 AM