Registering for Events:

  • Register for as many events as you plan to play and do so as early as possible. This lets us know how many spots we need and enables us to adjust our player count in advance (when possible).

  • Guarantee your spot with a payment. We do operate on a first-come, first-served basis which means that once we reach the maximum number of paid players (as listed on the Who's Playing List) we start our waiting list. If there are more players listed than we have listed for available spots, please check to see how many people have paid for the event - only paid players are guaranteed tee times. Based upon our numbers, we expect to sell out most events!

  • Watch the Who's Playing List. Registration remains open until the stated deadline OR whenever the field is completed with the maximum number of paid players - whichever occurs first. Each tournament has a Who's Playing List which may be accessed from the schedule tab on the website.

  • Adhere to deadlines. Cancellations and withdrawals may be made prior to the published deadlines and must be made via email ( Deadlines are based upon course requirements for our final numbers. Refunds/credits will not be honored after the deadline (unless a replacement player from the same flight is secured).

  • Pay for events online via the Pay by Credit Card tab of the website or have agreement with me for CashApp, Venmo or PayPal (Friends and Family only)  If payment is not received by the deadline, the player will be removed from the Who's Playing List and our numbers will be adjusted accordingly.  

  • Keep in mind - upon registering for an event you will receive an automated email stating you have been registered and payment must be made to secure your spot. This is automatically generated. The process of adding players to the Who's Playing List and marking players as paid on the list are done manually. Please allow 48 hours for your name to appear. Feel free to reach out after 48 hours to check on the status of a registration/payment that does not show on the website. Registrations/payments made over the weekend may be delayed if a tournament is being played that weekend.

  COVID 19 Updates:

  • As of the start of the 2022 season, all courses are implementing two players per cart for tournaments. There are no guarantees players will be issued individual carts as it will depend upon cart availability at each course. Individual cart requests may result in an additional fee for the player requesting his/her own cart. Updates will be provided, when and if this policy changes.

  • As of the start of the 2022 season, spectators will not be permitted on the course at any event (unless the course allows it). Updates will be provided, when and if this policy changes.

  • Please be mindful that the increased demand for golf and COVID restrictions from the 2021 season has resulted in high usage of carts. As a result, many courses are experiencing increased wear/tear, decreased battery life and limited cart availability.

  Side Games for Events:

  • All side games for the 2022 season will be paid out following the tournament or I will send via Venmo, CashApp or PayPal (friends and Family) within 24 hours.  

  • Skins can be paid day of at the tournament by Cash, Venmo, CashApp or PayPal but I want to try and get these done online when possible prior to the tournament to make it easier at check in.  Especially if I am solo.  

Pairings for Events:

  • Pairings will be posted on the Tee Times/Pairings page of the website on Friday evenings for a one-day event and as soon as possible for the second day of a two-day event.

  • Pairings are generally based upon flights in order to keep fields close together during the round. Accommodations will be made when possible to enable guests to play with the person bringing them and/or special requests. All requests must be made on the Tuesday the week of the event via email (

  • Always check the pairings the night before the event and the morning of the event to ensure you are current with any last minute changes!

  Rules and Tee Boxes for Events:

  • Please familiarize yourself with the 2022 Tour Manual available online and via the link below. There have been changes to several rules for this season and it is up to each individual player to review the Golfweek Amateur Tour rules.

  • Rules sheets for events will also be available on the Tee Times/Pairings page of the website on Friday evenings the week of the event.

  • Tee boxes are listed on the Tee Times/Pairings page of the website for each event and are generally available the week prior to the tournament. Please understand that last minute changes may be made when necessary due to course conditions/recommendations.


  Tournament Check In for Events:

  • Please allow sufficient time to check in within the stated guidelines on the rules sheet for each event while allowing time for your personal warm-up and pre-game routines.

  • All players must personally check in prior to an event (including the second day of a two-day tournament).

  • Please be sure to pick up and read all documents/materials provided the day of a tournament.


 Scoring and Pace of Play for Events:

  • Each group is required to have one person completing the paper scorecard and one person completing the online scorecard. Players are expected to fulfill both duties when asked during a tournament. Please come prepared.

  • Every player is responsible for verifying his/her hole-by-hole score on both the paper scorecard and the online scorecard. Please refer to the 2022 Tour Manual for details.

  • Every player is responsible for the pace of play for their group and should be aware of their position on the course as well as with the information provided via the online system - please refer to the 2022 Tour Manual for details.

  • Read the Pace of Play Tips via the link below.

  • I will NOT let one or two golfers continue to break this rule, golf courses will NOT allow us back. By all means do your routine but there is a 40 second time limit for a reason and we would have 20 minute holes if the whole group did the same. It's just not acceptable and EVERY player is responsible for this.   


 Issues During an Event:

  • When in doubt of a rule, play two balls and get a ruling when you return to the clubhouse. If possible, take a picture of the situation to assist in determining a ruling.

  • If an emergency develops on the course, please contact David King 913-706- 4187 or the on-site tournament assistant, Nichole 913-687-0311 at the course.


 Prizes/Event Recaps after an Event:

  • All prizes will be paid out with Golfweek Amateur Tour Visa Gift Cards or Worldwide Gift Cards.

  • Gift Cards are ready to go if they are won at a Kansas hosted event. 

  • Recaps of local Kansas events are generally posted on Facebook following the tournament and will be accessible via a link on our homepage.

Posted: 2/9/2022 10:16:51 PM