Guest Policy

Each member is allowed to invite (and be paired with) a guest during any local 1-Day or 2-Day* tournament.

We hope that you choose to invite potential new members to play with you throughout the season. We also welcome your guests that are in town for the weekend and want to play golf in an AGT event.  

*Guest participation in 2-Day tournaments is at the discretion of the Local Tour Director, please check in advance with Tour Director.


Guest Guidelines:

  • All guests must complete a Join the Tour form for the current season and submit handicap information prior to the tournament in the same manner as new members.


  • All guests must register and pay for the tournament following the same procedures as members.


  • Guests are not eligible to participate in a regional tournament (listed on the official Golfweek Amateur Tour homepage).


  • A player may only participate in ONE tournament as a guest; membership must be purchased prior to playing in a second AGT event.   


  • Guests may participate in the optional cash side games offered at an event, however: 
    • Guests are not eligible to win prizes or earn points in the standings for placing unless they join the Tour before the tournament is finalized and prizes are awarded.
    • A guest may decide to join the Tour at the conclusion of their round by simply informing the Tour Director and immediately paying the membership fee at the course (this on-site membership process - completed online - enables the Local Tour Director to correctly submit the results to the National Office).
    • Guests who participate and do not join in this manner will not be permitted to earn points for the event should they join later in the season.
  • The AGT Point Standings will only reflect paid Tour members (for example, if a guest finishes a tournament in third-place but does not join, the fourth-place paid Tour member would receive third-place points and prizes)




Posted: 1/29/2024 4:37:05 PM