2024 Player of the Year

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2024 Milwaukee Player of the Year Contest

How it works: Points will be awarded for Milwaukee Player who WINS an event on any other Golfweek Tour.

(MILWAUKEE EVENTS ONLY unless a 2-day MAJOR or a Cosponsored event with Chicago.)


Points are awarded as follows based on how many are in a flight:

Win=1 point 1 in field

Second place Milwaukee Finisher (MGWAT Event Won by a Non-Milwaukee Member)

Win=3 points 2-4 in field

1 point/2-4 in field






Win=5 points 5-9 in field

2 points/5-9 in field






Win=7 points 10+ in field

3 points/10+ in field







DOUBLE POINTS for a Two-Day event! 


Points for winning an event outside Milwaukee (Must have at least 5 in flight):

Single Day=5 points, Two Day=8 points, Regional win=10


This Year’s winner will receive Player of the Year Trophy and a $100 Gift card to the PGA Tour Superstore!


Previous Winners:






2023 Player of the Year Final Standings

Ed Monroe 55 points

Matt Lyons 30 points

Scott Quimby 25 points

Mark Foss 24 points

Ryan Arnold 16 points

Dan Stevenson 14 points

Ollie Sadiq 14 points

Ollie Sadiq 14 points

Dan George 8 points

Eric Arnold 8 points

Parris Weidenbach 8 points

John Sadler 7 points

Todd Kurtz 6 points

Patrick Huff 5 points

Robert Glembocki 5 points

Mike Miller 5 points

Preston Wery 5 points

Todd Privat 5 points

Jacob Cobb 5 points

Steve Christensen 3 points

Kurt Smith 2 points

Posted: 2/5/2024 4:12:45 PM