Prizes & Payouts
2022 Prizes & Payouts

Minneapolis St. Paul Golfweek

 Amateur Golf Tour 2022 Payouts

 All $ winnings will be paid out in VISA GIFT CARDS (spends like cash)

Each Flight Has its own Prize Pool for each Event.

 Championship Flight -    A Flight     - B Flight-     C Flight-     D Flight. 

$20 dollars from each players entry fee will be entered into that players Flight prize pool that means... 

 5 players =$100  10Players=$200  20Players=$400   30Players=$600...

 More Players = More $$$

 Tell Your Golf Buddies To join with you!

Maximum Payout for an individual is $750.00 in order to adhere to USGA Rules of Amateur Status.

All First place flight winners will receive a crystal trophy and Prize money!

Minneapolis St. Paul Tour will pay in the following structure.

For flights with 5 or less players we will be paying 1st place finishers only.

1st and 2nd place finishers of flights of 10 or more players.

For Flights with 11 or more players will be paying 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place finishers.

At each tournament, a portion of the tournament fee will be placed into the flight player prize pool.  

The amount of the portion differs for each tournament and is determined by the number of participants in each flight. 

The more players the more money in the prize pool 

Prize pools may vary on the day of the tournament from announced prizes due to late entries and withdrawals.  

The GWAT adheres to the USGA Rules of Amateur Status in such that no single prize shall exceed $750.00.

Cash prizes will not be given, and all prizes will be in the form of Visa Gift Cards. 

Posted: 2/9/2022 4:12:22 PM