We are excited to announce for the 2022 season, YOU CAN SELECT YOUR OWN MEMBERSHIP KIT ITEMS! Each member will receive a coupon for the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop.

To ensure that members get the most for their money, we have a special “Members Only” Pro Shop with carefully curated items offered at a deep discount. Inventory is limited but we will add new products as the season progresses. However, your coupon can also be used in any category in the Golfweek Amateur Tour Pro Shop!

Watch your emails around the time your local season starts for your special coupon code and the link to the “Members Only” Pro Shop. We will try to get your order out immediately, but due to anticipated volume, please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

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Please note that we can no longer offer the US Handicap subscription as part of our membership kit.
The USGA has discontinued the direct licensing program and effectively immediately, all handicap accounts must be obtained exclusively through local state golf associations.

If you have a current US Handicap subscription from the 2021 season, your account may remain active until your current subscription expires. Once expired, you will then be able to contact your state golf association and provide them with your USHandicap Number to get your account renewed. Our understanding is that you will not lose any of your scoring history.

For those of you that have already signed up for a USHandicap subscription for the 2022, we will be reaching out to you individually to restore your credit.



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PositionIDNameHome TourScorePointsEarningsBirdiesEaglesEvent Index
Championship Flight (0-3.9 Handicap)
151157Frank, DavidAtlanta, GA700030-2.8
244790Holt, Corbin Alabama7800003.7
344714Weathers, MikeAlabama8000005.4
"A" Flight (4.0-8.9 Handicap)
149037Van Gundy, TonyNashville, TN7500202.3
250574Anderson, MattAlabama7600303.2
350672Black, JasonNashville, TN7800304.8
346971Kimble, MichaelNashville, TN7800004.8
550635Heath, JamesKentucky8000306.5
643460Mancini, AnthonyNashville, TN8100117.3
750815White, PatAlabama8300009
851593Luna, NicholasAlabama8400009.8
849549Phurrough, ChuckAlabama8400109.8
1048198Slack, TonyNashville, TN85002010.6
1145266Siddiqi, SameerAtlanta, GA86000011.5
1250174Bass, MarcAlabama88001013.1
1344784Barber, Foy Alabama95000018.9
1450887Walsingham, MarkNashville, TN99000022.3
"B" Flight (9.0-13.9 Handicap)
145977Lindsey, Matthew Nashville, TN7900107.1
226793Allen, RonNashville, TN8200009.6
239631Irwin, PatrickNashville, TN8200109.6
450677Salter, TomNashville, TN83000010.5
446084Watson, DavidNashville, TN83001010.5
632808Glass, JerrodNashville, TN85002012.1
628278Sheron, DavidNashville, TN85000012.1
842746Potter, KipAlabama86001013
838353Root, MichaelAlabama86002013
847459Tidwell, TimNashville, TN86002013
1141150Arrighi, Jordan Alabama87001013.8
1136813Lovelace, ChetAlabama87000013.8
115547Oropeza, ArmandoNashville, TN87001013.8
1449815Roberts, HoganNashville, TN88000014.7
1541781Bland, SeanAlabama89001015.5
1549123Jones, BrianNashville, TN89001015.5
1542429Jones, ThomasNashville, TN89001015.5
1525362Parker, ScottAlabama89000015.5
1915379Kelley, JimmyNashville, TN90000016.4
2046863Cluver, RossNashville, TN92000018.1
2047180Isbell, BrianAlabama92000018.1
2248034Goodman, JustinAlabama93001018.9
2229808Smith, KeithNashville, TN93000018.9
2423287Penn, MikeAlabama94001019.8
2551605Epperson, CaseyAlabama96001021.5
2649093Ellison, Joseph Nashville, TN97002022.3
2751014Aldridge, JustinNashville, TN100000024.9
"C" Flight (14.0-18.9 Handicap)
150783Henderson, AlexNashville, TN82002011.1
250586Dotson, JeffNashville, TN84001012.9
347211McCaa, DonnyAlabama86000014.6
350512Page, CaseyAlabama86000014.6
531894Aila, ToniAlabama87000015.1
531662Smith, David CNashville, TN87000015.5
750367Lavin, JakeNashville, TN88000016.3
826873McKemie, RobbyAlabama90000018.1
925637Shelton, JeffNashville, TN91002018.9
950979Swanson, SunNashville, TN91000018.7
1144812Finnerson, AndrewNashville, TN92000019.8
1146008Wall, KennyNashville, TN92001019.8
1315467Crawford, ChrisAlabama93000020.7
1342987Reaves, BobbyAlabama93001020.7
1337818Sawrey, JackMississippi93000020.7
1649856Davis, JonathonAlabama95001022.4
1628513Hudson, JanaAlabama95000022.2
1640781Woods, ChrisNashville, TN95000022.4
1950419Dylewski, GenoAlabama96000023.3
1941919Noel, JeffAlabama96000023.3
212250King, DerekNashville, TN97000024.2
2122903Sanders, DonaldAlabama97000024.2
2331378Owens, JeffNashville, TN100001026.8
2447620Davis, KeithAlabama101000027.6
"D" Flight (19.0 and Greater Handicap)
137959Smith, BruceNashville, TN88002017.1
25271Chappell, RickyNashville, TN89000018
250301Dorris, JohnNashville, TN89000018
447619Thornton, RobAlabama91000019.7
515325Morris, JasonAlabama93001021.5
648257Kinsella, PaulAlabama94000022.3
650035Pipkin, BlakeAlabama94000022.3
842524Anderson, AudreyNashville, TN95000022.2
93167Rutherford, JimNashville, TN98000025.8
1028059Arrighi, BobbyAlabama99000026.7
1150036Cook, Jordan Alabama101001028.5
1131807Howard, DeanAlabama101000028.5
1350978King, TerryNashville, TN102000029.3
1448258Mayne, SpencerAlabama103000030.2
1534216Hayes, GregAlabama104000031.1
1650559Earlywine, TommyNashville, TN109000035.5
1632382Todd, AnitaNashville, TN109000034.8
1824418Penn, ShelieenAlabama110000035.7