How Our Tournaments Work

How to Become a Member

You need to both register and pay for membership to be a St. Louis Golfweek Amateur Tour member and compete in tournaments to win prizes and trophies. 

  1. Register for membership 

To do this, click on the “Register for Membership” button on the St. Louis Tour homepage and follow the instructions on that page.

Or just click here

  1. Pay for membership

After registering for membership, you will be automatically redirected to the payment page. If you need to access this page at a later time, click on the “Pay for Membership” button on the St. Louis Tour homepage then click “buy now.”

Or just click here

How to Register for Tournaments

The full St. Louis Tour local tournament schedule is shown on the St. Louis Tour homepage. Use the “register” link to register yourself into the tournament. Next, use the “pay” link to pay for the tournament and secure your spot.

To register for out of town tournaments, go to the tour homepage of the city you want to play in. Once on the homepage, navigate to the “Pay by Credit Card” link on the left side panel. From here you will see this city's tournaments with registration and payment links.

Tournament payment deadlines are 8 days prior to the tournament date. You must pay by this date to secure your spot. A final head count is given to the golf club on this day. We are responsible for paying for all golfers at this time, because of this we cannot offer any refunds for any reason after this point. Thank you for your understanding with this.

If you have any questions about becoming a member, registering for tournaments or making payments, please contact the St. Louis Tour Director.

Tyler Cardwell



When you are new to the tour, we need to establish a handicap for you in our system. After your first 3 tournaments on the tour you will automatically establish a tour index. The Tour Index Policy is intended to group players into flights of comparable potential ability to promote fair competition within the flight. The AGT index formula will closely mirror the published USGA handicap method.


Until you establish an AGT index and to make sure we are starting you in the correct flight, we ask that you submit your handicap if you have one available. If you do not have one, please submit up to 5 course scores and what tees you played from and the course slope/rating.


It's very important to start in the correct flight because once you establish an AGT index, the system will determine what flight you should be in. If your AGT index indicates that you should be in a higher flight, you will automatically move into that flight. The system does this to make the tour as fair and competitive as possible. If you move flights mid-season you will only be able to carry over 75% of your points.

(For more info about flights and flight movement, please see the tour manual)

Side Games

We compete for side/cash games at each event, if you choose.

Flight Skins - $10 

Super Skins - $10

Closest to the pin - $10

Flight Assignments 

Championship Flight: 0-3.9 Handicap

A Flight: 4.0-8.9 Handicap

B Flight: 9.0-13.9 Handicap

C Flight: 14.0-18.9 Handicap

D Flight: 19.0 and higher Handicap


Championship Flight: 6700 yards and up

A Flight: 6500-6800 yards

B Flight: 6400-6600 yards

C Flight: 6200-6500 yards

D Flight: 6000-6300 yards


The winner of each flight will win a trophy and a visa gift card. Prize amounts are based on the number of players in your flight.

If there is only 1 person in a flight, you will win a trophy and $25.

Prize payouts are as follows (per flight):

2-9 players pays 1st place

10-15 players pays 1st & 2nd places

16+ player pays 1st, 2nd and 3rd places

*If a tournament has a sponsor, prize pools are subject to change.


For more information, check out our FAQ page.


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Posted: 3/13/2022 12:10:58 PM