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2022 Sunset Hills CC Tournament Highlights

Champion Flight Winner – Luke Bohm


Luke Bohm decided to make the trek down to St. louis from the Chicago tour.  With the wind ripping and the golf course receiving 3 inches of rain the day before it made for a difficult day to say the least.  Luke came out strong making 5 pars on the front side, with three of those coming in a row.  Putting up an exceptional 39 on the front, which put him tied up with Rodney Ramsay.  After starting out bogey, bogey, Rodney carded three straight pars, twice on the front to keep pace with Luke.   Onto the back side when the wind started to gust, Luke rose to the occasion. He started off the back with a bogey and then went onto par 6 straight holes to shoot a 38 and a total of 77 to lock up his 2nd win of 2022 and 4th career win on the Golfweek Amateur Tour. Rodney came home with a 45 on the backside shooting an 84 to finish second. Great win today, Luke.



A Flight Winner – Todd Wilson


Todd Wilson playing in his third career tournament on the Golfweek Amateur Tour was ready to take on the big winds and fast greens at Sunset Hills Country Club. Starting off, Todd carded a triple bogey on one but then quickly got it back on track making back to back pars. He added a couple more pars to finish his front side with a 43, one stroke off the lead.  Also, in his first year on the tour, new member Ryan Marchbanks was going to do his best to hold off Mr. Wilson.  Ryan lit up the front with 5 pars, 3 of those coming in a row at 7,8, and 9.  Taking a 42 and the momentum of the par streak to the backside with the lead.  On the back Ryan was scrambling saving bogeys and pars to try and hang on.  He made it into the clubhouse shooting 44 on the back for a total of 86.  That wasn’t going to cut it though.  Today was Todd Wilsons day.  Playing solid on the back, going back and forth with Marchbanks all afternoon Todd played the four par threes at an impressive +1 for the day. With the distance of the par 3’s and the conditions, that’s just impressive Todd.  Adding three pars down the stretch to shoot a 42 on the backside and a total of 85 to edge out Ryan for Todd’s First career win on the tour. I bet your sons are super pumped for you. Way to swing it Todd.



B Flight Winner – Chris Canfield


Second year player, Chris Canfield came out today with birdie on his mind and he filled it up.  Doing his best to navigate the winds and the blind shots he carded 3 pars and a birdie on the front, finishing just one stroke back of the leader shooting a 43 on the front.  Brian Odell, in his first year with the tour put the pressure on today battling back and forth with Chris.  Brian hung around on the front making 3 pars and sprinkled in some bogeys also to stay within striking distance carding a 45, just 3 strokes off the lead.  Onto the back Brian stayed with it, playing solid golf making some good pars down the stretch and with the double on 18 it just opened the door enough for Chris Canfield to slide by.  He did this by making 4 pars coming down the stretch, but it was the clutch back to back birdies at 16, and 17 that brought home his 1st win of the year and career win number three on the tour.  That’s how it’s done, Chris.



C Flight Winner – Jeff Schmidt


Jeff Schmidt came out for his first tournament of the year and didn’t leave disappointed.  He came out and played bogey golf on the front till he reached hole 5, that’s where he turned it on and made three straight pars on a tough set of holes with major wind gusts.  Jeff took a 44 and two stroke lead to the backside.  First year player and winner of the season opener at Forest Park, Rei Nakamura was out looking for win number two on the year.  Rei had a couple of pars and played some solid bogey golf on the first nine finishing 4 strokes off the lead with a 48.  Rei put it together on the back making 4 solid pars.  Two of which came on the tough par threes.  Rei finished up the back with a flight leading 45, for a total of 93.  That was just not enough to catch the veteran Jeff Schmidt.  Jeff made two pars on the back side and played the four-par threes at +2, finishing strong with 3 bogeys on the final three holes to edge Rei Nakamura by two strokes to win his 3rd career Golfweek event.  That’s one heck of a way to start the season.  Good Stuff, Jeffrey.



D Flight Winner – Justin Finley


Todays tournament in the D flight was the battle of the brothers.  Both new to the tour, Brothers Justin and Roddy Finley were going back and forth all day fighting for the number one spot.  It was big brother Roddy who had two pars and some great bogey saves on the front to shoot a solid 49 and take a 2 stroke lead to the back.  Justin was hustling to get up and down and stay within striking distance of his brother making a par on the front along with some stellar bogey saves as well. Justin finished out the front with a 52, just three strokes off the lead.  Roddy took the lead and momentum onto the back and played some really good golf down the stretch, making a par and a couple bogeys. Making our way to the end, he had a double bogey on 17 that opened the door for Justin.  Justin tore up the back and fought the winds to make three pars and four bogeys to shoot a 43 and a total of 95 to win his first career tournament on the Golfweek Amateur Tour.  That’s awesome, Justin. How cool to get to battle with your brother playing the greatest game on earth.

Posted: 4/15/2022 8:20:51 PM