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Joseph Jones, Adam Davis, Steve Kublik, Heidi Rittenhouse and Chad Oates

2019 Dixie Classic Recap

Contributed by Sean Naylor

This year’s Dixie Classic Regional was played at The National (Bluff Cove). A total of 116 players from 21 different tours participated in the weekend event. 

In the Championship Flight, Steve Kubik from the Augusta Tour earned the victory with 81-72-153. Wally Love from the Charlotte Tour placed second with a score of 77-83-160. Eric King from the Kentucky Tour finished third with 82-81-263. 

In the A Flight, Adam Davis from the Augusta Tour took the top spot with a score of 78-81-159. Lonail Locklear from the Eastern NC Tour and Tommy Sedman from the East Tennessee Tour finished in a two-way tie for second with 165. Chet Dye from the Augusta Tour shot a 166, good for fourth place. 

In the B Flight, Heidi Rittenhouse from the Eastern NC Tour edged Norman Picker from the Augusta Tour by two strokes for the top spot. Rittenhouse carded 82-85-167 while Picker finished with 81-88-169. Steven Sapp from the Augusta Tour took third place with a 173. Tied for fourth were Mike Anderson from the Augusta Tour and Bill Russell from the Upstate Tour, both with a 174. One stroke behind them were Allen Hagen from the Charlotte Tour and Chris Winkler from the Augusta Tour.

In the C Flight, Joseph Jones from the Columbia Tour finished one stroke better than Ted Turner, Jr. from the Augusta Tour to earn the win. Jones carded an 85-91-176 while Turner tallied a 92-85-177. Joe Brown from the Atlanta Tour finished with 89-92-181, good for third place. The fourth-place finisher, Chris Moulton from the Augusta Tour shot a combined 183 and edged out both Mike Martin from the Charlotte Tour and Brian Petty from the Augusta Tour by two strokes.

In the D Flight, Chad Oates from the Atlanta Tour took the top spot with a score of 96-96-192. Four players finished in a tie for second with cards of 197. They included: Nathan Wilson from the Augusta Tour, Gregory Reynolds from the Atlanta Tour, Doug Bailey also from the Augusta Tour and Benji Raines from the Upstate Tour. 

Champ & A Flight Skins (Saturday)

#1 Walter Brown

#3 Michael Lovett

#4 Walter Brown

#10 Chaz Perry

#11 Adam Davis

#16 Larry Gragg

#18 George Domit

B Flight Skins (Saturday)

#1 Pete Smith

#2 Chris Winkler

#7 Charles Mathis

#13 JA Arnold

#16 Heidi Rittenhouse

#17 Ronald Johnson

C Flight Skins (Saturday)

#4 Zack Choice

#13 Junior Tunnell

#15 Brian Petty

D Flight Skins (Saturday)

#1 Shaggy Brown

#3 Dave Phillips

#4 John Greider

#13 Nathan Wilson

Super Skins (Saturday)

#2 Chris Winkler

#3 Michael Lovett

#7 Charles Mathis

#10 Chaz Perry

#17 Ronald Johnson

#18 George Domit

Closest to the Pin (Saturday)

#4 – Steve Bisson – 4 feet 4 inches

#7 – Charles Mathis – 1 foot 7 inches

#12 – Tony Mangieri – 4 feet 4 inches

#16 – Jimmy Sullivan – 4 feet 11 inches

SU2C Raffle (Saturday)

1st Place – Chris Winkler ($460)

2nd Place – JA Arnold (Yeti Rambler)

Champ/A Flight Skins (Sunday)

#4 Corey Thomas

#6 Wally Love

#10 Mark Ballew

#12 Winston Robinson

#16 Larry Gragg

#17 Scott Kennedy

B Flight Skins (Sunday)

#1 Allen Hagen

#2 Michael Miklos

#17 Kevin Thomas

#18 Larry Calinda

C Flight Skins (Sunday)

#3 David England

#4 Jimmy Sullivan

#5 Lyn Rhode

#10 Chris Moulton

#15 Joseph Jones

#16 Chris Carter

D Flight Skins (Sunday)

#1 Nathan Wilson

#13 Nathan Wilson

#14 Danny Sullivan

Super Skins (Sunday)

#2 Michael Miklos

#5 Lyn Rhode

#12 Winston Robinson

#13 Nathan Wilson

#14 Danny Sullivan

#18 Larry Calinda

Closest to the Pin (Sunday)

#4 – Joe Smolira – 10 feet 2 inches

#7 – Steve Bisson – 19 feet 6 inches

#12 – Wally Love – 29 feet 10 inches

#16 – Herb Holley – 5 feet 3 inches

SU2C Raffle (Sunday)

1st Place – Ticket #5111043 ($340)

2nd Place – Jimmy Sullivan (Yeti)



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