Hilton Head History
2021 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

2020 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

Due to COVID, there were no team pictures taken for 2020.
The players from Arkansas who played were:
Champ A B C D
Lee Sanders Alex Hoffman Ronnie Anthony Mike Ballard Loren Clemens
Dustin Cole Jerry Homishak Barry Brown Jeff Corder Rodney Guillentine

Bruce Upton James Colgrove Vic Werner Ira Watkins

Mark Lewis LR Gardner Jerry Crabtree Larry Burrow

Drew Barber Keith Greenfield Leisa Watkins

Brian Buchanan David Long Robert Luter

Sean Fenton Paxton Lane Paul Golden

Mike Myers Ronnie Henderson

Kirby Rogers Mike Jared
     Jay Williams  Keith Vess  

2019 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

2018 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

2017 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

Edwin Watts 2-man Challenge

2016 Hilton Head Arkansas Team

Standing (L-R) Al Jones, Jerry Crabtree, Ira Watkins, Kirby Rogers, Jon Nutt, Mark Brailey, Leisa Watkins, Lee Sanders, Jeff Myers, Tim Robbins, William Davis, Brian Buchanan, Vic Werner, Tim Smith, Jerry Homishak
Kneeling (L-R) L.R. Gardner, Jay Williams, John Swenson, Mike Skeen, Rick Cherry
Missing ???? 

Mike Skeen
B Flight National Champion

And how the rest of us finished!

Champ Flight:  75 players

Lee Sanders--  33rd


A Flight:  135 players

Dwayne Shock-- 6th
Roy Blancaflor-- 39th
Mark Brailey--- 62nd
Brian Buchanan--- 120th 

B Flight:  197 players


Jerry Homishak---3rd
Kirby Rogers--  31st
Jon Nutt-- 45th
LR Gardner--  55th
Tim Robbins--  77th 

C Flight:  128 players

Vic Werner-- 5th
Jerry Crabtree-- 14th
Jay Williams--57th
John Swenson-- 64th
William Davis-- 101 

D Flight:  108 players

Jeff Myers-- 2nd..Lost in a playoff on the 1st hole...

Al Jones-- 7th
Tim Smith-- 16th
Leisa Watkins-- 17th
Mark Murphy-- 43rd
Ira Watkins-- 47th


Edwin Watts Challenge: paid top 5 in each flight

Mark Brailey and Dwayne Shock- 5th in the A flight
LR Gardner and Mike Skeen- 3rd in the B flight
Jerry Homishak and LR Gardner- 4th in B Flight
Vic Werner and Jerry Crabtree--2nd in the C flight
Al Jones and Tim Smith--4th in the D flight

2015 Hilton Head Team Arkansas

Standing (L-R) Vic Werner, ???, Hunter Leichner, Brian Buchanan, L.R. Gardner, Andrew Floyd, Ira Watkins, Tim Smith, Ted Rand, Jerry Crabtree, William Davis
Kneeling (L-R) Jerry Homishak, Keith Goolsby, Mike Skeen, Chris Huff, Chandler Cain, Leisa Watkins, Stephen Burk, Mike Jared 
Missing ???

Congratulations to Hunter Leichner!
Champ Flight Winner
GolfWeek Amateur Tour
2015 National Tour Championship

To see an interview with Hunter, highlights of the Champ and A Flights
and interviews with other winners and other information
about the National Tour Finals, choose a link below!

Interviews and Highlights (30 minutes)

Highlights Only (7 minutes)

And Congratulations to Keith Greenfield and L.R. Gardner! 
First Place Edwin Watts 2 Man Challenge - B Flight

Thanks to everyone who made the trip to Hilton Head. We had two Top 10 finishes (Keith Greenfield - B Flight)
and Al Jones (D Flight). As a team we finished 7th place overall! Great job!
In only 4 years on the tour, we now have a National Champ flight and a B Flight winner.

2014 Hilton Head Team Arkansas

National Tour Finals - Hilton Head Island

Congratulations to everyone
who played in the 2014 National Tour Finals!

A Special Congratulations to Brandon Maple who finished FIRST in the B Flight!

2013 Hilton Head Team Arkansas

Team Arkansas 2013
Back Row (L-R) Keith Greenfield, Jason Lyons, Mike Petersen, Rob Luter, Vic Werner, Dave Joyce
Front Row (L-R) William Davis, Jr., Chris Huff, Chandler Cain, Chad Branyan, Jerry Homishak
Missing - Brad Cain, Jason Stallman, Brad Rickett, James Kandlbinder

Edwin Watts 2-Man Challenge

Last year, Rob Luter and Keith Greenfield came in 2nd in the B Flight and Jerry Homishak and Chandler Cain came in 6th. Jason Lyons and Chris Huff were 16th in the Champ flight.

In 2013, the Arkansas Tour sent 15 players to the National Finals. In the team competition (Top 2 scores from each flight), we finished 25th out of 30 teams. 

On an individual basis, we have lots of room to improve, but we did have a couple of Top 20 finishes. Chandler Cain (A Flight) finished 15th out of 206 and Rob Luter (B Flight) finished 16th out of 239. Following are all of our finishers and the number of player in their flight.

Champ Flight (100 players)

Chris Huff - 64th
Jason Lyons - 69th

A Flight (206 players)

Chandler Cain - 15th
Jerry Homishak - 91st
James Kandlbinder - 122nd

B Flight (239 players)

Rob Luter - 16th
Keith Greenfield - 72nd
Brad Cain - 161st
Mike Petersen - 200th
Chad Branyan - 204th

C Flight (157 players

Vic Werner - 104th
Brad Rickett - 110th
Jason Stallman - 123rd

D Flight (110 players)

Dave Joyce - 89th
William Davis, Jr. - 104th

2012 Hilton Head Team Arkansas


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