Major Championship Challenge


  $25 one time buy in:  Prior to first regional
(Does not include Branson Regional)

  • 2 Flights:  Champ-A-B and C-D flights.  

  • We will pay out _ depending on number of players.

  • Rules:  We will add whatever points you earn from our 4 local majors (ONLY) together to determine the winners.

  • If your flight has more than 10 players you will get all your points.

  • If your flight has 6-10 players then you will get 80% of your points.

  • If your flight has less than 5 players you will get 60% of your points earned.

  • Winner is  the player with the most points earned in the 4 majors on our tour.


Click here for Champ-A-B Leaders

Click here for C-D Leaders

Posted: 11/10/2023 7:38:42 AM