DC Metro 2024 Par 4 Challenge


DC Metro Golfweek Amateur Tour

Par 4 Money Hole Challenge

Introducing the Par 4 Money Hole Challenge! New for 2024!


  • One Par 4 will be selected before the event starts. That hole will be used for the Par 4 Money Hole Challenge.
  • The player's score on that Par 4 will go into a running total for the year.
  • There will be two flight:  Flight 1:  (Champ & A) ; Flight 2: (B, C, & D).  
  • The buy-in will be $25 per player who wants to participate.
  • A minimum of 10 rounds must be played to be eligible for the Challenge.
  • You will take the BEST 10 SCORES for the season. The more events your play, the better the chances!
  • (Change): Players may buy-in any time, before the Oak Creek, but you must have a minimum of 10 rounds on the Local Tour to be eligible at the end of the season.
  • Once you buy in, that starts the rounds that can be used.
  • The best 10 scores will be used to calculate the total by the end of the year.
  • Prize payouts for each flight will be determined after The Links at Gettysburg tournament. 


Current Standings:

Champ-A-B Flights

C-D Flight Status

Posted: 2/19/2024 8:24:30 AM