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2013 - Signature Hole Challenge

 How It Works                                                                       
For those of you that are familiar with the Kodak Challenge that the PGA Tour Players play, this is the Michigan GOLFWEEK Amateur Tour version of that game.

Everyone that is a member of the tour will automatically be entered into this game. $10 from everyone's Tour Membership Fee will be added to the prize pool for this game. The more members that we have on the tour, the larger the prize pool will be! At the end of the year, the prize pool will be divided evenly amount the 5 flights to figure out the prize pool available for each flight.

Throughout the year, every course that we play has a signature hole. The score that you get during your tournament round for that hole will be your score for the game. You must have a minimum of 7 scores to be eligible. We will then take your best 7 scores in relation to par and that will be your overall score. This is not based on total score but is based on relation to par. The best 3 scores from each flight at the end of the year in relation to par will win their share of the prize pool for that flight.

The prize pool will be split as follows...
- 1st Place: 50% of the Pool for their Flight
- 2nd Place: 30% of the Pool for their Flight
- 3rd Place: 20% of the Pool for their Flight

Please see the example below...
- 100 Paid Members at the end of the year for the tour
- $1,000 in total Prize Pool (100 Members x $10 Each)
- $200 Prize Pool for Each Flight ($1,000 Divided by 5 Flights)
- 1st Place = $100 (50% of $200)
- 2nd Place = $60 (30% of $200)
- 3rd Place = $40 (20% of $200)

 Additional Information                                                        
In the event that there is a tie for any of the places that pay out, the prize money will be added together and then split evenly amoung the players that tied.

For Example...
If there is a tie for 1st Place between 2 players, then the 1st Place and 2nd Place prize money will be added together and then split evenly amongst the 2 players. The next best score will then receive the 3rd Place Prize. Using the example above, $100 and $60 would be added together for a total of $160 and then split by 2. Each of the 2 players that tied for first would then receive $80 and then the next best score would receive the $40 prize.

If there happens to be a 3 way tie for 1st place, then the $200 would be split evenly amongst the 3 players where each would receive $67.

 Holes Counted                                                                      


 Current Results                                                                    

Click Here to view the Signature Hole Challenge Standings

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